Are aliens demons?

With the growth of the UFO phenomenon, alternative religions, new ways of thinking of humanity, and the failure to fulfill the prophecies of some religions, the despair hit some religious and sects like terraplanism. So, the new justification is to attack the UFO phenomenon as being demonic things and that contacts with aliens are actually manifestations of the Devil.

But, are they right? What does allanism say about aliens?

Allans beliefs believe in the creation of God in the entire universe, or universes, and in various dimensions, both physical and spiritual, so having various forms of life in the universe is a real possibility.

To limit God to just this planet is to believe in a weak god that does not match the greatness and unlimited creativity of our Consciousness. The universe is immense, it makes no sense, the Eternal having created life only here on earth.

There is also clear evidence of aliens in our history with technology, beliefs and the construction of primitive peoples, and even manipulation in our DNA that is hidden from the public. We even have an alternative science that studies this called Forbidden Archeology.

But, why would they hide it?

The answer is quite simple, knowing that there are advanced beings that can destroy the whole earth or dominate the whole world in just 10 minutes, makes the powerful ones in this world tremble in fear, and they do not want to cause panic or even lose authority over its citizens.

Outside of knowing that all their weapons and technology are useless in the face of alien power and technology.

Religious people also do not want to lose their sheeps, as they know that knowledge about aliens would be the end of their beliefs, after all who would want to know about preaching, in a fascinating world of aliens, surely humanity would want to follow what the aliens believe and not traditional religions that have failed to bring peace and happiness to humanity.

But, it is necessary to have reservations.

Our religion knows that there are supernatural entities out there, and in fact some aliens may indeed be demons or hostile beings.

But, it is easy to identify. False aliens who actually act like demons, usually do not have physical bodies, their representations are always naked and in general they communicate in dreams or telepathic messages.

Note that many visions of aliens today are this way, especially aliens who communicate with mediums. The messages are very shallow and generic, like "seek peace", "beware of nuclear bombs". So, these false aliens may indeed be the demons.

Another issue is that aliens from allanism are none of these current aliens. Our mythology tells us that they left long after they perfected humanity, some were extinguished and a few who are living close to the earth decided not to interfere in the path of humanity anymore. Because they are too busy taking care of their own civilization and have no interest in getting involved with human problems anymore.

But, if so, how can allanism be a religion of alien origin?

Our religion has two origins, one due to the revelations of Eternal Consciousness, and another due to the discovery of part of the knowledge of some of these beings. And quite differently from the false ones contacted, we had access to a high philosophy and culture that can actually make a difference for humanity.

Instead of naive messages, messages from our religion do have real solutions for politics, religion, wealth generation and culture, as well as curing humanity's existential problems. But, we have not been given any technology, perhaps because we are not yet ready and could be confiscated and used for evil due to the corrupt systems in which we live.


There are aliens and there are demons. The latter as interdimensional beings that can pass as demons to the unwary who do not know how to differentiate a spirit from an alien being. Demons have no physical body, nor do they have technology. Aliens are living beings and use technology.

The UFO phenomena are, as the name says, unidentified flying objects, and they do not seem to be the same aliens of our religion, the aliens of our religion would never experiment ourselves without our permission, therefore they are human ships or unknown and hostile aliens.

So, it is better to wait to find out if some of our lost brothers have returned or if they are enemies or an unknown race. We must also observe whether they are able to use our sacred language that was left to us by the ancient allis, until then there is little care. May All~ bless us always,

Aisi ~



Some people have already said that "true religion is one that makes you a better human being, that makes a human being more compassionate to others." And philosophically, I also agree, and even have a text advocating that each one develop in their own beliefs, to avoid religious conflicts.

But, there is a catch, a sincere believer will surely come to a good place and the true God, regardless of beliefs, but some beliefs will take a long time and through a lot of suffering, it's like going from US to Europe, you can go from First-class aircraft, or you can go canoeing in the hot, danger-filled sun, and you can still get caught and exploited by false masters and bad entities, if you can get that way.

Because of this, we have created this list so that you can understand at a glance if what you follow is really true.

1. If the god you follow needs or has needed a sacrifice, food, he is not the true God.

A truly omnipotent God needs nothing, whether he has demanded food, blood, money, or anything else, he is or was a material being who has not detached himself from matter yet, that is, he is just an entity, a seno.*

Wait, my god is omnipotent, above all, now let me give him some food here, or sacrifice an animal because he likes it. Does that make sense to an omnipotent god?

2. If this god of yours says that there are more special, sacred places than others, it may be a land, a temple, etc. It is not true.

It is something that many people do not know but the spiritual world is organized, for example the entities have places that can act others, they are jurisdictions, and they obey hierarchies, each has a city, street, state and even countries and continents, and one cannot simply invade the space of the other, except in this condition, an American decided to worship an entity of ancient Mesopotamia, in this case as this human being decided to invoke this entity, so it has power and is authorized, actually attracted to life. , to this person's house going with him to almost everywhere he goes ..

This is the origin of Geographic Idolatry *. Some entities are thus strengthened by attracting people to worship them in their jurisdictions, so there is the entity of such country, such sea, such mountain.

The true God has no limits, is not God from anywhere in particular, he is omnipresent and loves all peoples, there is no chosen people, those who live in partisanship are entities, they are demons.

But there is a catch, whoever is with God can walk anywhere, tour the earth, even enter hell if need be, and no entity touches or influences him, because whoever actually has a Diplomatic Spiritual Passport Golden Plus (laughs) No demon can resist, has no spell, no evil eye. Consciousness is the ultimate power, the supreme authority of all existence.

3. If your god puts you in a trance, if you receive any kind of spirit or spirits, lose consciousness or have your body possessed by some entity, that God is not true.

The first thing you have to understand is that God has no human bodies. If the Almighty came down on you, you would be fulminated on the spot, it's a light and unimaginable power, imagine if you would survive with a sun inside you. If that happened, and if you lived, you can be sure that you would be erased from within, your personality would never exist, but what we have is the divine light, a divine consciousness that guides us to Consciousness.

It gives us courage, reason, truth, but never, I repeat, will never own your body, make you lose consciousness, change your voice or something. Who needs the human body, and incorporates in people, is the low entities or spirits who want to feel the sensation of being alive again.

And no, no high spirit takes anyone's body, because a high spirit is engaged in another dimension evolving or together with the Eternal. All who receive spirits, suggestions, voices are from low spirits who are here on earth and entities, the so-called senos and none of them are good.

4. If your god is bizarre or has macabre things, he is not the true God.

Here is referring to strange rituals, macabre temples, shouting clowns etc. The true God would never bring bizarre, ridiculous, disgusting or macabre things into your life, for example dead animal rituals, human bodies, simulate or practice cannibalism, hideous images or things with skulls and human bones. But once, these are animalistic things of demonic entities.

The true God is a god of light, beauty, beautiful things, life.

5. If your god demands clothes and a look that makes you ugly or ridiculous, he is not the true God.

Our God is the Creator of beauty, light, precious things. When you look at the natural landscapes or even a beautiful athletic body like the ancient statues of great sculpture geniuses or wonderful paintings, you realize how much God admires beauty, pure art.

But I see people wearing visuals, haircuts, ugly, weird and ridiculous clothes to please some god, you can be sure it's a mocking entity. The true God doesn't ugly you, on the contrary, whoever finds him becomes discover your true beauty, forget the patterns, the noble will discover the serenity of your divine beauty.

6. If your god allows idolatry he is not the true God.

Here it concerns all worship of an image, painting, place, object, person and even ritual. The true God would never accept idolatry, first because it is impossible to represent Him in an image, an image limits Him, would make Him an object and God is infinite. It cannot be reduced to the human world.

But those who like idols are the entities, are the symbols of their reigns, as well as the geographical issue, many entities come close to their representations to suck the energy of their devotees. It is important to remember that sculpture is not condemned, which is a beautiful art, but prostration and worship of any image. God cannot be limited to an object.

7. If your god has intermediate spirits to act on his behalf, he is not the true god.

The true God is omnipotent, omniscient, he is not a human being who needs employees to do something for him. But are there no angels, gods, beings in the eternal dimensions?

Yes there are, but they are each in their own processes, designs and even their own evolution, none of them are here on earth with humans, our God is indeed omnipotent, who believe in others are people who do not understand the greatness of God and think he can't handle it alone.

If your God needs emissaries, servants, he is not unlimited, not omnipresent, so not true. So it's once again the entities that want to be served and use you for their evil purposes.

8. If your god tells you to hate, discriminate, beat or kill people for him, that god is not true.

The logic here is simple if he is god, why doesn't he kill himself who he wants, why does he need you? He doesn't kill, because he's really just a powerless entity, so he needs you to do his dirty work for him.

Entities have no physical body, cannot do harm in the material world, the only thing they can do is influence the thoughts of weak people who are detached from Divine Consciousness. The very feeling of hatred already shows that your god is false and bad.

A true nobleman who is in fact, is totally free of hatred, is flooded with love .. Of course at some point you may be upset or even angry with someone, but not hate. Hatred is profound, and cultivating it and still giving orders to hate others comes from entities. The true God is love.

But don't you support the death penalty? Yes. We support, but it is under specific conditions with a fair trial within the laws of the country, only in case of repeat offenders or self-defense, but never based on hatred.

A nobleman neither hates nor curses anyone, and is in fact to pray and bless his enemies that even they may change their lives and that hatred will never penetrate their hearts.

If you feel hatred in your heart every time you remember someone, say "God bless..... ," and the Eternal will help you get rid of that feeling, and if it is someone dangerous who wants you badly, say "God bless...... , but keep him away from me ".. this is how a true noble should act. And if for some reason someone needs to act in self-defense, let him act rationally, but never with hatred or revenge.

9. If your god does not make your life better, he is not the true God.

In the reflections, I see how much my life has been improving over time since I knew the truth. It was not easy, there were several mistakes, but the improvement was coming naturally.

I have a question for you, we are in the month of 'rass ~' , month of fire or light, last month of the year and what has improved in your life?

Your god has brought peace of mind, a better life, are you better than you started this year in various areas of your life? Because here it has improved a lot, 99% improvement in several areas.

What's the secret? The secret is to live in Eternal Consciousness. Now if your life is always the same, nothing gets better, you end up trying to please a god, the teachings, the religious leaders, and nothing can even give up any addiction, and the year will end even fatter than it began, sad, depressing, with no prospects, is because this god you believe in is not the true god, it is some entity that is sucking and exploiting your life.

The true God brings good things, teaches, brings hope, but entities only suck your life energy, your resources, your peace, and always bring currents and suffering to your life.

So be very careful and be free of these spiritual parasites, the senos. Put your life in divine harmony, practice healthy habits, think the right way, and if you wish to contemplate the Truth in your life. May All ~ bless us today and always.

Aisi ⏸️

* Senos: Spirits of ancient beings who have been trapped in a neutral dimension are what can be called demons.

* Geographic idolatry: worship of places.


The Sacred Origin of Latin Alphabet

We currently have a pseudo story about the Latin alphabet. It is said to have emerged from pictograms and to evolve from there to what it is today.

But that is not the allan truth. First these holy letters were with our God from the beginning of the inspiration of the universe. Even before everything was formed, these letters were with All ~ and were All ~.

You don't know how tremendous this is, this alphabet along with the decorative allan is the essence of God Himself. And it was revealed to King Neitl in yet another world, existing for billions of years before it was even used on earth.

The alli people then brought this alphabet when they got here, and the first humans used it with a lot of reverence. But with the fall of civilization, this knowledge was lost until, due to divine will, it was being inspired again to humanity.

This is so wonderful that it is the alphabet best known and used by mankind, uniting countries, cultures, languages ​​so different from each other.

It is the most widely used alphabet in music, agreements between nations, science, and communications. All this to prove the glory of All ~ ..

The Latin name itself already has allan origin. "Lat" means true image and "in" nobility .. It would be like noble people of true image. You can understand how tremendous this is.

The Latin people are the people of the true image, who blessed the whole earth with science, with knowledge, with art, the Latin people are also the happiest people in the world, who blesses all nations and who in fact generated the most advanced civilization of the earth.

So don't go around scorning your culture, looking for strange cultures, we have immense wealth and wonderful mission, we are the people of All's true image.

We value this and we will rediscover our true image.

Aisi 🖖🏼

Why Allanism is True

 1. All religious philosophy says that the human being is imperfect, that he is at fault, that he owes something to existence.

 But not Allanism, Allanism believes in human perfection, the human being owes nothing, has no karma, sin, or nothing to be saved.

 Let's reflect on your belief that God is perfect and made everything perfect, how then is one of his most sublime creations human being, imperfect, sinful, and owing to Divinity?  Understood, it makes no sense.

 Of course there are mistakes, we can make mistakes, but Allanism is the fix of those mistakes, it's the way

 2. Every religious philosophy requires sacrifice, whether you want something from you, you have to donate money, donate your time, somehow serve some institution, and even give your life.

 Have you noticed how they all require sacrifices, whether financial, staying away from loved ones, having fun and even animal sacrifices?

 But in allanism you owe nothing to anyone, you are not required of yourself, nor your money, nor your time, nor to sweep any temple, you are indeed free.

 But what about donations?  Voluntary donations are welcome, but they will never be required, and so far Allanism is maintained by donations from some members spontaneously.

 3. Religious philosophies are based on fear, guilt, or rewards.

 But in allanism there is no fear of any kind, not even death, the alan faces the situations of existence without fear, there is no fear of hell, or of being reborn here in another life.

 There is no blame, no mistakes can be made but not to the point of living in fear of an imaginary sin, which causes many psychological problems.

 I know a lot of young people with psychological problems due to guilt for feeling sexual desire, something normal and healthy in their teens.

 Regarding fear many live in fear of spells, demons, haunts etc.

 But for an allan, all this has no effect, All~ is the Ultimate and Ultimate Consciousness of the universe, and no evil of a spiritual nature can strike an allan.

 4. Religious philosophies do not survive without money and temples.

 But Allanism has existed for 3 decades without any temple, without large sums of money and even without any preaching.

 5. The historical evidence.  Allanism is verified by many ancient civilizations through divine names, evidence of advanced civilizations, evidence in human DNA, and many symbols.  Also many things written in allanism are currently being recreated.

 6. The prophecies of other beliefs.  There is evidence that Allanism was prophesied even in other religions, for example, the first book on allanism was released in Mayan change prophecy, in Christianity. "Jesus said let the children come to me, and Allanism was reborn with a children group.  And when you talk about come in through the narrow door, you're talking about Allanism.

 Allanism's preaching also began strong this year due to the appearance of the blue star in New York, which is also an indigenous prophecy.

 Christianity also preaches that the world lies in the evil, so if Allanism were bad it would be loved by the world, which does not happen, Allanism is criticized by all, even having a liberal worldview regarding customs.

 7 And finally, the change of life.  Allanism helped poor young people from a small town in one of Brazil's poorest regions find meaning in life, get out of poverty, drugs, and brought art, philosophy, and poetry into the lives of hopeless people.

 As they say by the fruits you will know, and Allanism has always produced good fruits, so it is so boycotted by the system that it desires unhappy, fearful people, blindly following political leaders and internally destroyed, because it is easier to get them to give their resources,  make them kill and die for some cause and enslave them.

 Allanism does not want this, we want happy, intelligent, educated, creative, balanced and peaceful people.  Only in allanism is there real freedom and inner peace.

 Another issue is the very miracle of Allanism itself, as simple children from a poor place, many from illiterate or illiterate families out of nowhere began to philosophize, create art and even develop a rich culture as rich as Allanism.

 8. Allanism does not bring fanaticism or disrespect to other people.  If you notice what else is there are beliefs bothering others by the noise, unnecessary preaching everywhere and people shouting in your ear to convert.

 I once woke up scared of fireworks at 5 am because a church was giving off fireworks to honor a spirit.  Then I ask where is the love of neighbor, sometimes people who need to rest or who work all night and are prevented from sleeping because of fanatical people.

 But Allanism has a premise that "every God defend himself" so no one will ever see an allan committing barbarities or bothering people because of Allanism.  If someone does that, they will never be a true allan.

 That's why we require 22 years of training to be considered a completed allan. 

 9. It encourages divine creativity.  Once in a religious institution that I was part of, a friend and I wanted to set up a music group to perform in church with our own songs.  Needless to say, we were boycotted in every way and had to give up, there is no room for creativity in these institutions, they do not want to give up power and fear all that is new.  In another one could not ask spontaneous questions, the questions and answers came ready in some magazines.

 Once an evangelical friend of mine created a bible-based therapy, the pastor came to him and told him to stop because he was afraid of a new church leadership and a couple of friends who preferred to use condoms to avoid pregnancy were charged with using  contraceptive methods and then having children to please people who wanted to control even the sex they had.

 They want to control your entire life,  your money, the contraceptive method you use.

 But in allanism, people are free to be happy, to express their creativity and to transcend mediocrity.

 10. Only Allanism has true answers to many human problems.  Ask any religious leader if he knows how to fix the economy, politics, psychological problems?  Most will say some mystical superstition, but none of these philosophies have an orientation and plan for the new challenges of humanity.

 In addition, allanism has a psychological, economic science, 2 languages ​​and a musical genre, it is a rich philosophy and culture.  So much so that it has been called not a philosophy but a microcivilization.

 11. Allanism is divine.  As we said, in almost all religious philosophies, you are a nothing before God, an imperfect being in search of redemption .. In all you must worship a god, live prostrate .. But in Allanism worship does not exist, our God does not seek worshipers, you are a work of art from the creator, and you are one with him.  So the only thing he wants is your happiness and evolution, independent even of faith, rituals, so it is the only philosophy that even a convinced atheist can practice without any problem.  Because Allanism is All~ true word to all who wish... 

 Be all blessed by All~.  Aisi ⏸️


What is the meaning of life?

Today I had a very good day, spent time with family and friends, and I'm very happy.

Not that I don't have problems, but because I know I'm on the right track, and I'm seeing the results.

But it wasn't always like this, like most people, I was born into a family that didn't know the truth, then went through a lot of difficulties and faced a lot of problems.

But gradually I received the blessings of the revelation of Consciousness, and I put it into practice until I reached this state of being happy.

Everyone asks me what is the secret and what is the meaning of life?

But there is no secret. The meaning of life is to reach the maximum potential of your existence, to be able to realize your own existence, to be able to realize your dreams and to be happy.

Being happy is the natural state, having harmony in life, being a full and prosperous being. Everyone must be like this, and this world must be a paradise.

But unfortunately humanity got lost halfway and chose to follow the demons, which feed on human unhappiness and misfortune, and since then we live in a society based on fear, ignorance, suffering.

Therefore, we are raised in disharmonized families and end up acquiring all kinds of bad habits and sad behaviors.

But it need not be so, you can learn and have a healthy life, you can be blessed and live a harmonized life, but close to Divine Consciousness.

This path is not easy, and it is quite time consuming, changing the habit and way of thinking of a lifetime is very difficult. But there is a way.

You will also have to fight a whole system that wants to keep you in unhappiness, fanaticism, mediocrity and poverty, because the more disgraceful you are, the easier it will be to keep you as the system's maneuver, the more you will have to fight yourself. , the ideologies that guide your life, and even against the demons that rule this world.

But have faith, keep your spirits, and trust in Divine Consciousness, it will guide you to the noble path and supreme achievement.

Aisi ⏸️


You know me from the good pictures I post in beautiful places and sometimes I seem to have a luxurious life..

But the truth is that these are just a few moments of vacation or relaxation.

In my routine I live a very simple life through the concepts of F4ll or Allanism ..

From these teachings I learned that "Abundance comes from necessity" and "Simplicity is greatness."

This means that what matters in life is not quantity but quality, so it is important to have a minimalist life.


For example, I usually have a few pieces of clothing in my closet and whenever I buy a new piece of clothing I donate or undo a piece that I wear little or is already worn out.

Another point is that I usually buy a piece or two a month, this helps to keep the mind away from consumerism and still saves money as I don't buy a lot or leave it all at once at the end of the year for example.

Another advantage is that you will always have a new outfit every month without overdoing it.


Another issue is housing, I'd rather live in a flat than spend large resources on a mortgage, some people say I'm wrong not wanting a property, but prefer to have a freer life and be able to move when you want.


Another advantage is that living in a smaller place makes things simpler to tidy, besides keeping a clean decor, I hate having a lot of things, a lot of furniture, I like the feeling of cleanliness and even a single color on every wall. In this case, the white color for me is the most suitable color that brings peace to a home.


I have also adopted the principles of F4ll in this regard, so I follow a semi-paleolithic diet rich with proteins, vegetables and low carbohydrate.

I also hate industrialized fast-foods, I always prefer handmade hamburgers when I decide to go out.

Remembering that I also fast sometimes during a day on specific dates to harmonize with my being and Eternal Consciousness.

In addition, I stopped paying attention to specific product brands, currently see that prices make no difference, when you beat the ego, expensive clothes have no value and you value comfort and your own style regardless of external trends.

Well, what does all this have to do with enrichment?

It is very simple adopting these principles, you will end up having a better quality of life, spending less, and so you will have more money to save and invest.

Not even that, being rich won't matter so much if you don't have a purpose in your life, the goal of having money is to be able to have more security, tranquility and help people find happiness and harmony.

Well, at least that's my biggest goal in this life and I'm very happy like that.

Ricardo Rangels ® © 



Hello, sometimes we go through a lot of negative things during the week, we look at the news and we see the evil spreading everywhere, illness, death, war, our delay in getting to work, and even the rain that falls just in time. we're going out.

It seems that everything has been perfectly synchronized to make us suffer or that there is a global conspiracy to screw us, or are we in a virtual game to be tested?

But while many religions claim that the earth is a place of atonement and torment or that we are here paying for some past-life karma; The truth is that none of this exists and we are not in any kind of hell.

What happens is just the constant struggle and conflict of interest between various beings, politics and not having enough resources to have a better life.

No one is condemned here paying for any original sin, no karma, no past-life mistakes. We are only born in bad social conditions without knowing the true philosophy.

I myself have spent many years myself believing in some destiny or that I was worthy of suffering but as soon as I received divine knowledge and put into practice our high philosophy [F4ll ~], the results came to light soon, and I had an improvement. significant in all areas of my life.

It is not easy and requires dedication, but it is possible to change your life for the better in almost every situation.

From this we can assume that if we were in any hell none of this would be possible, there would be no kind of improvement and all would be only suffering.

Another issue is that if we were in hell, it would mean that people who were rich or who were born in developed nations would have been better in a past life to have privileges in that life, and if they were better they should also be better in this life due to the evolution of various lives.

But none of this is verified and quite the opposite, in fact many more developed nations have been spreading evil and ambition across the land, so there is no kind of evolution in these countries superior to the underdeveloped countries.

But maintaining these myths is appropriate to the bad system we live in, so many people and nations can wash their hands believing that nothing can be done to make other disadvantaged people and nations progress. It is a useful excuse that serves the political and social system well.

But as you already know, here you always hear the truth.

Another point is to look at the beauty and artistry that exists on earth, if you have spiritual eyes even things considered bad have a logical explanation and a lot of beauty.

Forget the idea of ​​a good god who should allow no evil on earth, we have to solve these problems, protect people and solve our problems.

Our God has already given us all that is needed and all the knowledge to evolve and has now manifested deep knowledge through our philosophy. It is up to us to accept and put into practice although false philosophies still continue to damage our lives by pure emotion and weakness.

The very contemplation of our Eternal Consciousness shows us how beautiful this world is, what is best about us, and how art manifests itself in our lives proving once and for all that we are not in hell but in a place of great potentialities and probabilities.

It is up to us to choose the right path and do the best for all beings. After all, no, we are not in hell, but in a hidden paradise that can only be revealed with the eyes of the soul.

Aisi ⏸️

Why I am Allan?

This week we begin Flora Month [~ R4NN], a month in which the blooming of all plants is celebrated. It's like every month of our very special and uplifting calendar.

As nobles, we celebrate life every day, we are a religion of happy and fulfilled people all the time.

You mean you have no problems?

Of course we have after all we are in a human world full of contradictions, disagreements and subject to bad things.

But the happiness of being a nobleman is always in our spirit, we are happy because we are on a path of righteousness and justice.

We don't bother anyone, we don't cultivate hatred, envy, fear, and any negativity in our lives.

Our path is evolution, inner pursuit, and constant improvement. We make our lives a path of beauty and art.

Aisi ⏸️

Nietzsche and Tolkien were canonized as Allans Viscounts

In our culture we have a habit of honoring people who were important or who inspired our philosophy.

This tribute is called Viscount and is offered to people who contributed to human evolution.

This time, two classic authors already deceased were the honored ones. They are :

Viscount Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche  of  Röcken a pre-Allans philosopher prior to the revitalization of our religion, was responsible for the concept of ubermensch, a being that must overcome its contradictions and construct its own reality. Another point is his poems and even his prophetic work.

Viscount John Ronald Reuel Tolkien of  Bloemfontein was the creator of the Middle-Earth stories, but what is striking is that his work is very similar to knowledge of our mythology, which made us suspect that he may actually have had access to some artifact of our ancient civilization.

In any case, their stories are good sources of inspiration and knowledge, and as such they will be honored here in our sacred and literary Canon.

We thank you all for your attention and for the wisdom of the ring symbols and hammer strength to inspire us to meet our daily challenges.

Aisi ⏸️


One of the hardest things these days is keeping a clear mind. If you look closely, the world is chaotic in a great pressure of negativity and despair.

As I said before, all this negativity is intentional. Every day the media shows tragedies, and experts say that humanity is one step closer to the abyss.

Almost every day, a scientist talks about global warming, overpopulation, mass vaccination, a meteor falling to earth.

And in the religious world, every day there is an End of the World, a nuclear war, calamities, deadlines and all the end-time blunders ever.

In the newspapers reports of violence, economic crises wars and all kinds of despair are shown.

But as I said all this is intentional. The system of slavery we live in this system needs fear to perpetuate itself and thus keep humanity in eternal ignorance.

But you who are on the noble path must abstain from this negativity, this demonic system and keep yourself pure with your pure mind.

The first step is to get rid of the frequency of fear. Stop worrying about catastrophes, attacks, violence, disease, and all kinds of phobias that the media try to impose on your mind.

In fact, you shouldn't pay too much attention to this news. Nor should you live in fear of something bad happening to you.

In this reality we are subject to any kind of events, both good and bad, and we should not worry about it. Whatever comes, as nobles we have to face with our heads held high and not partake of the widespread cowardice of our time.

Another important issue is getting rid of the low culture that is also the fruit of this dark time. Therefore it is necessary that we feed our mind with good art and culture.

For example, it is not advisable to watch horror movies that actually promote demon actions. Many people end up being influenced by these types of movies.

In addition, we must put aside depressive songs, which only speak of hopelessness, abandonment, sadness and low self-esteem. And even change the negative discourse of bad-mouthing ourselves and complaining about our own lives.

Everything influences. Therefore we must at every moment keep our minds in tune with the Eternal Consciousness that always desires the best for us.

Let negative things be left to negative people, the noble way belongs to the good, blessed, and perfect things. Let us have a clean and perfect mind in our God.

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Why we are not in a simulation 1

Hey, I soon got in touch with Theory of the Universe to be a simulation. That means that in fact, we are all inside a supercomputer as characters in a kind of video game.

This is a very attractive theory, after all who have never felt that everything was going right or wrong, because of external factors beyond our understanding, or even imagined that we can actually be in a kind of hell, whose only goal make us suffer or atone for our sins.

But in analyzing reality I came to the conclusion that no, we are not in a simulation based on the following points:

1. Lack of perfect copies.

When I came into contact with the theory, I remembered that in video games, usually some things repeat themselves, but in our reality this does not occur, for example there is no perfectly identical tree to another, of course there are similar but never identical.

You can also look for equal human beings in everything from the atoms to the digital ones, but you will not find it, the most are twin brothers, yet they are not identical in every detail or even in personality.

Well, if you find and can prove at least two identical trees at all, then we'll be in a simulation.

2. Where are the NPCs (Non player character) in other words, where are the non-playable characters?

If this reality is a game, it means one thing, only famous people, important politicians, high ranking politicians are really important and at the most some poor character who will soon stand out in some way.

This means that all ordinary people are mere helpers, after all ordinary people have zero influence on the big world game. In other words, you are an NPC! But do you feel that way?

You probably think, interact, change your mind, mature as a human being, so by logic you are not an NPC.

3. Diverse personalities.

Although many human beings have similar ways of thinking and living, as well as instincts. Every human being has a unique personality, no one is in fact or thinks the same in everything.

In fact even animals have different personalities like dogs, cats among others, so a simulation of these would have to generate endless unique personalities, which apparently is impossible for our reality.

4. Lack of emotions.

If someone is in a game, he certainly desires constant thrills, adventure, but in general the life of the majority of the world's population is monotonous, in a boring routine. Now if I were in a game, would I be content to just take the subway every day, go to an office and go home tired? It does not make any sense.

5. The impossibility of the supercomputer

For a simulation as perfect as this, it would take a supercomputer, bigger than the universe, besides the immense degree of energy to calculate all the choice, subtleties and nuances of our reality, as well as advanced artificial intelligences to generate each of us in our individualities. So far this does not seem to have any apparent logic.


But one could argue that maybe we are in a strategy game, for example maybe there are team types in the United States, Russia, Japan etc. Or maybe it's not a game itself but just a simulation and each one of we are an individual artificial intelligence. There may also be a special algorithm that makes everything unique through randomness.

That the lack of emotion is due to the fact that the beings that control the game, are rational beings, etc.


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