Covid and Allanism, does anything change?

Hoi, some people asked us about how our religion views the covid, and if that changes anything?


 The answer is "no".  Our religion has always been the most prepared for situations like this.  Firstly, because it is a religion that is based on natural laws, we naturally see all conflict situations in reality, and accept situations that are beyond our control.

 Our religion also knows that the world has little divine interference, quite different from religions that promise a cure for everything or that have a pessimistic view and divine punishment.

 The funny thing is that all recommendations against this pandemic have always been part of our routine, except for confinement at home, which in our opinion is not the best option.

 We always use alcohol gel, we always keep our distance when speaking, we wash our hands, we have a healthy diet, free from addictions, and we always maintain good physical shape, including as a rule of our faith.

 So, our religion has always been right from the beginning to avoid exaggeration, to want to enjoy life at parties like there is no tomorrow.

 Our religion also has a very positive view of times of adversity such as illness and even death.

 A nobleman should not live his life in despair for fear of becoming ill and die, but face the situations of this reality naturally.  Our lives are also focused on eternity.

 But, this does not mean that we will not take necessary care, after all, as we have already said, this care has always been part of our routine even as a religious obligation.

 What we avoid is the despair and hysteria that the media and some politicians try to impose on us.  This is not the meaning of life, to live in despair, which only increases social chaos and hopelessness.

 So, for our faith, nothing changes, we just move on, knowing that all adversity will one day end, and we trust in Eternal Consciousness to guide us and always make us ever wiser and higher to live in harmony in this life, and have a  good evolution in eternity.

 Aisi ~, nobles!

What is the role of Allans Mythology?

 Some people always question our religion because of our mythology, some even scoff and think that we are conspiracyists who wear aluminum hats, in the style portrayed in the media.

 And these are the points that are in our mythology:

 Existence of extraterrestrial beings on various planets, universes and dimensions.

 The existence of advanced civilizations on earth before mankind.  (Archeology prohibited).

 The hybridization process between aliens and humans in the past through genetic engineering.

 The gods of ancient religions actually existed, but they were not gods, but beings of advanced technology that were worshiped by humans.

 Receipt of knowledge by aliens and divine revelations.

 But then, do you really believe all of this?

 What we can say is that the question of believing or not is irrelevant.  Some people believe and know that all mythology is entirely possible, in fact many of these theories are believed by several people who have never heard of our religion.

 And many technologies represented in our mythology, are being rediscovered by humanity showing that the events of this mythology can become reality.

 But, it is important to turn to the fact of the word chosen to define these stories, and the chosen word was "mythology".

 That is, this word was not chosen by chance, but because intelligently, we knew that we would not be able to prove events that happened millions and billions of years ago.

 As well as, to seek what is really important in our religion which is our high philosophy.  If you look closely at this site, you are always teaching living straight through philosophy and not trying to convince people to believe in mythology, for example, because that is how we dedicate our lives, to the improvement and sharing of knowledge.

 So does that mean I should ignore mythology, not believe this?

 To believe or not is a personal decision, there are people who believe literally, others do not.  The important thing is to respect others and act in a healthy way in relation to knowledge.

 The role of our mythology is not to prove, which would be very unlikely at this point, but to understand the profound meaning of this mythology.

 Among these, we have the vision of the existence of a wonderful God who really has a plan for his creation.  Evolution as human beings, the struggle for a better world and several stories that express our philosophy in improving our lives.

 So, in this case, mythology is very useful, in addition to being fun.  To believe it literally or not is a personal choice, but learning the profound teachings of this literature is what really matters.

 And in relation to the critics and scoffers who try to use mythology to ridicule us, we must ignore them or at most remind them of the very mythologies they believe, which we agree with, are far worse and fantastic than our mythology, and the worst  they believe or are forced to believe literally most of them.

 So, in the end it's just spite.  In general, they feel threatened by the heightened knowledge of our philosophy.  But, we must still treat them with respect, respond to those who have sincere doubts and ignore discussions with problematic people in this regard.

 All stay in harmony with the Eternal.  Aisi ~

Should we fear epidemics?

Unfortunately, we are experiencing an epidemic of a scary virus.  Nobody knows for sure, why these situations are becoming so common, but there are suspects of biological weapons, already condemned here as crimes against humanity.

 Anyway, it is necessary to talk about what to do according to our philosophy.



 We know that as living beings in this reality we are subject to conflicts with other forms of life.  And these viruses somehow have some kind of life.  So we have to accept that conflicts like that are natural in nature.  Just remember also that we feed on other animals and maybe for them, we are the plague that decimates them.

 Lose fear

 When you understand the naturalness of the situation, you must stop feeding fear and paranoia.

 Bad situations happen, some people will die, others will not, but you don't have to lose worried nights of sleep.  There are so many people afraid of this situation, and yet they will die this week for other reasons, such as heart attacks, accidents, violence.  But, if you want to be on the noble path, you must have faith, pray, trust and follow your path, regardless of what comes.

 Don't pay too much attention to negative news, don't share your fear, or waste your time worrying.  Live with confidence, and do not be like the false religious who not only hope for the worst for humanity, but still believe that God is taking revenge on humanity.  Your path is different, it is one of trust and compassion.

 Take good care of yourself

 It is not because you are not afraid, nor live in negativism, that you should not take care of yourself.  Take all the hygiene and protection attitudes that are within your reach, and prepare yourself for the social paranoia that surrounds you.  Also have at hand, some medical resources that can be used in situations like this.

 Live in harmony

 The best way to live with these diseases is to keep your immunity high.  For that it is necessary to have a life in the correct conscience, doing physical exercises, having a good diet, I always advise the Paleolithic diet even though it is so criticized by those who want to see you weak and sick.  Follow your purpose.  Of course, even someone doing everything right can get sick, but in general the chances of those who live in harmony are always greater.

 Live normally

 One of the biggest mistakes was trying to isolate people against the virus, which ended up exacerbating social chaos.  The correct thing is that people wear masks, have good hygiene, use a lot of gel alcohol, and go on with their lives normally.  At one time or another, humanity will learn to live with this way of life.

 Remember the Spanish flu, the avian flu, the swine flu, all these diseases have killed and caused great concern to humanity.  But one day, our bodies learned to live with them.

 Behold the healing

 It is our duty to pray and contemplate that the countries and people affected will be healed soon.  We have to see this in our prayers and know that soon everything will be fine.  Unfortunately, humanity has attracted these difficulties through feeding these negativities in films, books, news.

 But, we have to try to balance it with our positivity and faith.  Do not accept evil in your life, contemplate and have faith in health, in good, in joy.  And may the Eternal bless us today and forever.

 Aisi ~

Is it possible to be happy?

 When it comes to happiness, the current view follows 2 trends.  The first is summarized in the phrase "there is no happiness, only happy moments", moments that are increasingly rare, since there is constant malaise everywhere.

 When you watch movies, series, the vision is mostly pessimistic, nihilistic happiness, it is not common for the characters to always show a melancholy and meaningless life in relation to existence.

 The second trend is the forced and false happiness of celebrities, digital influencers, and artists in general who deal with the people.  In this view, one cannot be sad, one must always appear to be happy, with perfect pictures, living in a caramel sky.

 But neither of these views exposes the truth, both are distorted views of true happiness.  Being happy is not the exception, nor is showing happiness all the time on social media with a broken heart is the correct thing.

 But in our philosophy there is only one happiness, which is harmony.  But what is harmony?

 Harmony is living for the purpose of why we are born.  It means being on the right path.  And whoever is in harmony is also perfect.

 Why are a tree, an animal, and a child happy and perfect?  Because they are living for the purpose for which they were made.

 Watch a dog, and a child closely, you will notice that when they are healthy, well fed, and in a healthy home without violence, they are happy all the time, and this should be normal for every human being.

 But, as we grow, we assimilate the world's pessimism, we are contaminated by negative images, to the point that rich, beautiful people in good health in developed countries, live depressed and even commit suicide.  How can this happen?

 A life without meaning, high values, without an uplifting culture, and above all without divine harmony, does this with people.  As well as, a life without gratitude based only on materialism.

 Wealth is a blessing.  Having a modest life is also a blessing, if your life is based on Harmony and Eternal Consciousness.

 So, start looking for gratitude for everything you have today, know that millions of people would like to have the life you always claim.  Be grateful, your problems you face are challenges for you to overcome.  A chance for you to exercise your patience, compassion and express true joy.

 Contemplate the skies too, this one is blue for a reason, look at the 3 main lines of your hands, the flowers, and notice the signs that the Eternal left for you to know that your life has a greater meaning, a path and a purpose.

 You were not born by chance, you were not born to be unhappy, nor to suffer for a lifetime.  Eternal Consciousness has a purpose for you, accept, be grateful, trust, assimilate the truth, and express all the happiness and infinite potential that you were born to have.

 Aisi ~

How Allanism can rebuild our civilization

When we talk about reconstruction, we are talking about bringing back high values ​​from what is already perfect.  The human soul is perfect and comes from the Eternal, so all these values ​​already exist within our essence.

 Our philosophy knows that the human being was born with great potential and just needs a suitable land to flourish.  First, we need to purify ourselves of harmful and pessimistic ideologies, which are based on the demotion of the human being and the guilt for living.

 These ideologies seem harmless, but they are highly harmful to people's psychology.  Due to these ideologies, we grew up in a totally pessimistic environment, an erroneous and distorted view of reality.

 People do not believe in themselves, they think they do not deserve the grace of the Eternal, and this brings a society of low self-esteem, and even causes crime and other social ills, how people will act righteously, if they learn early on that they are sinners  and worth nothing?  Fixing this pessimistic view and denial of the divine life.

 The next step is to bring people into harmony with natural laws.  Here we will make official the sacred and philosophical calendar of 12 months of 28 days, plus 1 month of 29 days, being that sacred day, in a moment of reflection about oneself and the reality.  In leap years, another neutral day is added.  Another issue is to free ourselves from the hours devoted to demons by occultists who make the day start even at night.

 Have you never found it strange that the day starts at midnight?  This was done intentionally to keep humanity in darkness and to cause disharmonic confusion in people, which is stupid, but how the powerful ones who created these ways of measuring time are occultists and slaves of the entities did it on purpose so that people would not  see the light.

 The day must start at 5 am and the night must start at nightfall, and not that weird time, the first hour must start with the sunrise and not in the middle of the darkness.  In addition, we will have to invest heavily in high culture.

 Schools will again have order, and will teach useful content, when a student leaves teaching for a university, he must leave knowing how to effectively take care of his health, understanding much more about economics than a Harvard student, knowing how to cook, survive in nature  , fight, and even perform minor surgeries, in addition to properly speaking the main languages ​​of the world, in addition to having developed an ethics and solidarity.

 All this cultural rubbish that the mainstream media poisons us daily, will not have a place in the minds of healthy people, all this rubbish comes just because we are in a sick society.

 And finally, after we have assimilated all the high knowledge, we will change the policy, but it will be a natural thing that will happen when the values ​​of our civilization are fully restored.

 First, a simple law must be passed, so simple that even a child can understand.  These just laws already exist and are based on our old society.  The punishments will not come as revenge but as the sincere desire to make amends for the wrongdoer, however the violence arising from selfishness will be punished to the same degree.

 The policy will be organized according to what is fair, through volunteering, being able to occupy a position, who has the right qualifications, through age stages where older people will be respected in a council that will not need campaigns and political collusion to get there  , but will ascend to these positions over time, with all citizens being able to participate in a direct and no longer representative democracy as this mess is today, which as we well know does not represent anything, since the politicians are there in majority to defend their  their own interests and those of their bosses who are the source of the greatest wealth in the world.

 However, corruption will not be tolerated, whoever steals the nation is a mass murderer and every corrupt politician will be put to death.

 Regarding taxes, we will have a maximum tax of up to 9% in the first instance, but over time individuals will be exempt from paying taxes and in the end there will still be a universal basic income for all citizens based on the country's growth.

 This formula is totally possible, a nation is our enterprise and it is only fair that our country pays dividends for us, who are directly responsible for the success of our country.

 Of course, we will have a long way to go for all of this to happen, and there are several dark forces boycotting our country right now, but the first step is to free our mind from all the harmful ideology we have received.

 May the Eternal All bless us always.  Aisi

Why the Elective Monarchy is the best system of government

Due to the controversies of certain royal families, many people see a pompous monarchy as unnecessary today.  These incongruities happen mainly because of the hereditary monarchy where often unprepared people are given a title that they are not up to.

The modern world demands more democratic regimes and the monarch phase by divine will no longer convince enlightened people.  But what many do not know is that there is already a good system of government, which unfortunately has been superseded and forgotten by those who do not want a really popular government.

This type of government is called Elective Monarchy, where the king is elected to a life-long position by a council duly prepared for that function.

This form of government was the most popular for thousands of years, it was a universal form of government from tribes of warriors of all peoples to the great empires of mankind.  And it is currently known worldwide through the Vatican, working very well.

But, do some people argue that a hereditary monarch is trained from an early age to be king?

Yes, but that statement is just a fallacy, as we can see throughout history, being the son of a good king has never made anyone a good monarch, and there are many cases in the history of terrible hereditary monarchs who almost destroyed their nation and who irresponsibly ended up destroying the monarchical system in their countries.

Just to remind Nero, one of the worst Roman emperors that ever existed came from heredity, and recently several problems with some monarchs.

In addition, a modern monarch with a few surpluses has the function of giving stability to the government that in general will be managed by a prime minister, making heredity even more meaningless.

In addition, progressive people prefer more democratic forms of government, and these blue-blooded stories of a privileged elite descended from feudal lords have no support for these people.

But an elective monarchy is more democratic and gives a chance to all families, it can receive more support among progressive currents and thus in fact we have an even more stable government.

Another advantage of the elective monarchy is not having family succession disputes which has already led countries to disintegrate and even civil wars, even the catholic church was divided in a  country due to the king needing an heir, something unthinkable in an elective monarchy.

Besides of that, in an elective monarchy, there is no problem of placing children, adolescents or young people a very heavy burden to bear, since in general only older, honest people with an unshakable nature and reputation would be chosen.

Every country that wants governmental stability must adopt the parliamentary monarchy, but this need not be as some people want us to believe, hereditary..

We may very well have a monarch with all the benefits that this type of government brings us, but in a noble and more democratic with a deserved king as is the Elective Monarchy.

Are aliens demons?

With the growth of the UFO phenomenon, alternative religions, new ways of thinking of humanity, and the failure to fulfill the prophecies of some religions, the despair hit some religious and sects like terraplanism. So, the new justification is to attack the UFO phenomenon as being demonic things and that contacts with aliens are actually manifestations of the Devil.

But, are they right? What does allanism say about aliens?

Allans beliefs believe in the creation of God in the entire universe, or universes, and in various dimensions, both physical and spiritual, so having various forms of life in the universe is a real possibility.

To limit God to just this planet is to believe in a weak god that does not match the greatness and unlimited creativity of our Consciousness. The universe is immense, it makes no sense, the Eternal having created life only here on earth.

There is also clear evidence of aliens in our history with technology, beliefs and the construction of primitive peoples, and even manipulation in our DNA that is hidden from the public. We even have an alternative science that studies this called Forbidden Archeology.

But, why would they hide it?

The answer is quite simple, knowing that there are advanced beings that can destroy the whole earth or dominate the whole world in just 10 minutes, makes the powerful ones in this world tremble in fear, and they do not want to cause panic or even lose authority over its citizens.

Outside of knowing that all their weapons and technology are useless in the face of alien power and technology.

Religious people also do not want to lose their sheeps, as they know that knowledge about aliens would be the end of their beliefs, after all who would want to know about preaching, in a fascinating world of aliens, surely humanity would want to follow what the aliens believe and not traditional religions that have failed to bring peace and happiness to humanity.

But, it is necessary to have reservations.

Our religion knows that there are supernatural entities out there, and in fact some aliens may indeed be demons or hostile beings.

But, it is easy to identify. False aliens who actually act like demons, usually do not have physical bodies, their representations are always naked and in general they communicate in dreams or telepathic messages.

Note that many visions of aliens today are this way, especially aliens who communicate with mediums. The messages are very shallow and generic, like "seek peace", "beware of nuclear bombs". So, these false aliens may indeed be the demons.

Another issue is that aliens from allanism are none of these current aliens. Our mythology tells us that they left long after they perfected humanity, some were extinguished and a few who are living close to the earth decided not to interfere in the path of humanity anymore. Because they are too busy taking care of their own civilization and have no interest in getting involved with human problems anymore.

But, if so, how can allanism be a religion of alien origin?

Our religion has two origins, one due to the revelations of Eternal Consciousness, and another due to the discovery of part of the knowledge of some of these beings. And quite differently from the false ones contacted, we had access to a high philosophy and culture that can actually make a difference for humanity.

Instead of naive messages, messages from our religion do have real solutions for politics, religion, wealth generation and culture, as well as curing humanity's existential problems. But, we have not been given any technology, perhaps because we are not yet ready and could be confiscated and used for evil due to the corrupt systems in which we live.


There are aliens and there are demons. The latter as interdimensional beings that can pass as demons to the unwary who do not know how to differentiate a spirit from an alien being. Demons have no physical body, nor do they have technology. Aliens are living beings and use technology.

The UFO phenomena are, as the name says, unidentified flying objects, and they do not seem to be the same aliens of our religion, the aliens of our religion would never experiment ourselves without our permission, therefore they are human ships or unknown and hostile aliens.

So, it is better to wait to find out if some of our lost brothers have returned or if they are enemies or an unknown race. We must also observe whether they are able to use our sacred language that was left to us by the ancient allis, until then there is little care. May All~ bless us always,

Aisi ~



Some people have already said that "true religion is one that makes you a better human being, that makes a human being more compassionate to others." And philosophically, I also agree, and even have a text advocating that each one develop in their own beliefs, to avoid religious conflicts.

But, there is a catch, a sincere believer will surely come to a good place and the true God, regardless of beliefs, but some beliefs will take a long time and through a lot of suffering, it's like going from US to Europe, you can go from First-class aircraft, or you can go canoeing in the hot, danger-filled sun, and you can still get caught and exploited by false masters and bad entities, if you can get that way.

Because of this, we have created this list so that you can understand at a glance if what you follow is really true.

1. If the god you follow needs or has needed a sacrifice, food, he is not the true God.

A truly omnipotent God needs nothing, whether he has demanded food, blood, money, or anything else, he is or was a material being who has not detached himself from matter yet, that is, he is just an entity, a seno.*

Wait, my god is omnipotent, above all, now let me give him some food here, or sacrifice an animal because he likes it. Does that make sense to an omnipotent god?

2. If this god of yours says that there are more special, sacred places than others, it may be a land, a temple, etc. It is not true.

It is something that many people do not know but the spiritual world is organized, for example the entities have places that can act others, they are jurisdictions, and they obey hierarchies, each has a city, street, state and even countries and continents, and one cannot simply invade the space of the other, except in this condition, an American decided to worship an entity of ancient Mesopotamia, in this case as this human being decided to invoke this entity, so it has power and is authorized, actually attracted to life. , to this person's house going with him to almost everywhere he goes ..

This is the origin of Geographic Idolatry *. Some entities are thus strengthened by attracting people to worship them in their jurisdictions, so there is the entity of such country, such sea, such mountain.

The true God has no limits, is not God from anywhere in particular, he is omnipresent and loves all peoples, there is no chosen people, those who live in partisanship are entities, they are demons.

But there is a catch, whoever is with God can walk anywhere, tour the earth, even enter hell if need be, and no entity touches or influences him, because whoever actually has a Diplomatic Spiritual Passport Golden Plus (laughs) No demon can resist, has no spell, no evil eye. Consciousness is the ultimate power, the supreme authority of all existence.

3. If your god puts you in a trance, if you receive any kind of spirit or spirits, lose consciousness or have your body possessed by some entity, that God is not true.

The first thing you have to understand is that God has no human bodies. If the Almighty came down on you, you would be fulminated on the spot, it's a light and unimaginable power, imagine if you would survive with a sun inside you. If that happened, and if you lived, you can be sure that you would be erased from within, your personality would never exist, but what we have is the divine light, a divine consciousness that guides us to Consciousness.

It gives us courage, reason, truth, but never, I repeat, will never own your body, make you lose consciousness, change your voice or something. Who needs the human body, and incorporates in people, is the low entities or spirits who want to feel the sensation of being alive again.

And no, no high spirit takes anyone's body, because a high spirit is engaged in another dimension evolving or together with the Eternal. All who receive spirits, suggestions, voices are from low spirits who are here on earth and entities, the so-called senos and none of them are good.

4. If your god is bizarre or has macabre things, he is not the true God.

Here is referring to strange rituals, macabre temples, shouting clowns etc. The true God would never bring bizarre, ridiculous, disgusting or macabre things into your life, for example dead animal rituals, human bodies, simulate or practice cannibalism, hideous images or things with skulls and human bones. But once, these are animalistic things of demonic entities.

The true God is a god of light, beauty, beautiful things, life.

5. If your god demands clothes and a look that makes you ugly or ridiculous, he is not the true God.

Our God is the Creator of beauty, light, precious things. When you look at the natural landscapes or even a beautiful athletic body like the ancient statues of great sculpture geniuses or wonderful paintings, you realize how much God admires beauty, pure art.

But I see people wearing visuals, haircuts, ugly, weird and ridiculous clothes to please some god, you can be sure it's a mocking entity. The true God doesn't ugly you, on the contrary, whoever finds him becomes discover your true beauty, forget the patterns, the noble will discover the serenity of your divine beauty.

6. If your god allows idolatry he is not the true God.

Here it concerns all worship of an image, painting, place, object, person and even ritual. The true God would never accept idolatry, first because it is impossible to represent Him in an image, an image limits Him, would make Him an object and God is infinite. It cannot be reduced to the human world.

But those who like idols are the entities, are the symbols of their reigns, as well as the geographical issue, many entities come close to their representations to suck the energy of their devotees. It is important to remember that sculpture is not condemned, which is a beautiful art, but prostration and worship of any image. God cannot be limited to an object.

7. If your god has intermediate spirits to act on his behalf, he is not the true god.

The true God is omnipotent, omniscient, he is not a human being who needs employees to do something for him. But are there no angels, gods, beings in the eternal dimensions?

Yes there are, but they are each in their own processes, designs and even their own evolution, none of them are here on earth with humans, our God is indeed omnipotent, who believe in others are people who do not understand the greatness of God and think he can't handle it alone.

If your God needs emissaries, servants, he is not unlimited, not omnipresent, so not true. So it's once again the entities that want to be served and use you for their evil purposes.

8. If your god tells you to hate, discriminate, beat or kill people for him, that god is not true.

The logic here is simple if he is god, why doesn't he kill himself who he wants, why does he need you? He doesn't kill, because he's really just a powerless entity, so he needs you to do his dirty work for him.

Entities have no physical body, cannot do harm in the material world, the only thing they can do is influence the thoughts of weak people who are detached from Divine Consciousness. The very feeling of hatred already shows that your god is false and bad.

A true nobleman who is in fact, is totally free of hatred, is flooded with love .. Of course at some point you may be upset or even angry with someone, but not hate. Hatred is profound, and cultivating it and still giving orders to hate others comes from entities. The true God is love.

But don't you support the death penalty? Yes. We support, but it is under specific conditions with a fair trial within the laws of the country, only in case of repeat offenders or self-defense, but never based on hatred.

A nobleman neither hates nor curses anyone, and is in fact to pray and bless his enemies that even they may change their lives and that hatred will never penetrate their hearts.

If you feel hatred in your heart every time you remember someone, say "God bless..... ," and the Eternal will help you get rid of that feeling, and if it is someone dangerous who wants you badly, say "God bless...... , but keep him away from me ".. this is how a true noble should act. And if for some reason someone needs to act in self-defense, let him act rationally, but never with hatred or revenge.

9. If your god does not make your life better, he is not the true God.

In the reflections, I see how much my life has been improving over time since I knew the truth. It was not easy, there were several mistakes, but the improvement was coming naturally.

I have a question for you, we are in the month of 'rass ~' , month of fire or light, last month of the year and what has improved in your life?

Your god has brought peace of mind, a better life, are you better than you started this year in various areas of your life? Because here it has improved a lot, 99% improvement in several areas.

What's the secret? The secret is to live in Eternal Consciousness. Now if your life is always the same, nothing gets better, you end up trying to please a god, the teachings, the religious leaders, and nothing can even give up any addiction, and the year will end even fatter than it began, sad, depressing, with no prospects, is because this god you believe in is not the true god, it is some entity that is sucking and exploiting your life.

The true God brings good things, teaches, brings hope, but entities only suck your life energy, your resources, your peace, and always bring currents and suffering to your life.

So be very careful and be free of these spiritual parasites, the senos. Put your life in divine harmony, practice healthy habits, think the right way, and if you wish to contemplate the Truth in your life. May All ~ bless us today and always.

Aisi ⏸️

* Senos: Spirits of ancient beings who have been trapped in a neutral dimension are what can be called demons.

* Geographic idolatry: worship of places.


The Sacred Origin of Latin Alphabet

We currently have a pseudo story about the Latin alphabet. It is said to have emerged from pictograms and to evolve from there to what it is today.

But that is not the allan truth. First these holy letters were with our God from the beginning of the inspiration of the universe. Even before everything was formed, these letters were with All ~ and were All ~.

You don't know how tremendous this is, this alphabet along with the decorative allan is the essence of God Himself. And it was revealed to King Neitl in yet another world, existing for billions of years before it was even used on earth.

The alli people then brought this alphabet when they got here, and the first humans used it with a lot of reverence. But with the fall of civilization, this knowledge was lost until, due to divine will, it was being inspired again to humanity.

This is so wonderful that it is the alphabet best known and used by mankind, uniting countries, cultures, languages ​​so different from each other.

It is the most widely used alphabet in music, agreements between nations, science, and communications. All this to prove the glory of All ~ ..

The Latin name itself already has allan origin. "Lat" means true image and "in" nobility .. It would be like noble people of true image. You can understand how tremendous this is.

The Latin people are the people of the true image, who blessed the whole earth with science, with knowledge, with art, the Latin people are also the happiest people in the world, who blesses all nations and who in fact generated the most advanced civilization of the earth.

So don't go around scorning your culture, looking for strange cultures, we have immense wealth and wonderful mission, we are the people of All's true image.

We value this and we will rediscover our true image.

Aisi 🖖🏼

Why Allanism is True

 1. All religious philosophy says that the human being is imperfect, that he is at fault, that he owes something to existence.

 But not Allanism, Allanism believes in human perfection, the human being owes nothing, has no karma, sin, or nothing to be saved.

 Let's reflect on your belief that God is perfect and made everything perfect, how then is one of his most sublime creations human being, imperfect, sinful, and owing to Divinity?  Understood, it makes no sense.

 Of course there are mistakes, we can make mistakes, but Allanism is the fix of those mistakes, it's the way

 2. Every religious philosophy requires sacrifice, whether you want something from you, you have to donate money, donate your time, somehow serve some institution, and even give your life.

 Have you noticed how they all require sacrifices, whether financial, staying away from loved ones, having fun and even animal sacrifices?

 But in allanism you owe nothing to anyone, you are not required of yourself, nor your money, nor your time, nor to sweep any temple, you are indeed free.

 But what about donations?  Voluntary donations are welcome, but they will never be required, and so far Allanism is maintained by donations from some members spontaneously.

 3. Religious philosophies are based on fear, guilt, or rewards.

 But in allanism there is no fear of any kind, not even death, the alan faces the situations of existence without fear, there is no fear of hell, or of being reborn here in another life.

 There is no blame, no mistakes can be made but not to the point of living in fear of an imaginary sin, which causes many psychological problems.

 I know a lot of young people with psychological problems due to guilt for feeling sexual desire, something normal and healthy in their teens.

 Regarding fear many live in fear of spells, demons, haunts etc.

 But for an allan, all this has no effect, All~ is the Ultimate and Ultimate Consciousness of the universe, and no evil of a spiritual nature can strike an allan.

 4. Religious philosophies do not survive without money and temples.

 But Allanism has existed for 3 decades without any temple, without large sums of money and even without any preaching.

 5. The historical evidence.  Allanism is verified by many ancient civilizations through divine names, evidence of advanced civilizations, evidence in human DNA, and many symbols.  Also many things written in allanism are currently being recreated.

 6. The prophecies of other beliefs.  There is evidence that Allanism was prophesied even in other religions, for example, the first book on allanism was released in Mayan change prophecy, in Christianity. "Jesus said let the children come to me, and Allanism was reborn with a children group.  And when you talk about come in through the narrow door, you're talking about Allanism.

 Allanism's preaching also began strong this year due to the appearance of the blue star in New York, which is also an indigenous prophecy.

 Christianity also preaches that the world lies in the evil, so if Allanism were bad it would be loved by the world, which does not happen, Allanism is criticized by all, even having a liberal worldview regarding customs.

 7 And finally, the change of life.  Allanism helped poor young people from a small town in one of Brazil's poorest regions find meaning in life, get out of poverty, drugs, and brought art, philosophy, and poetry into the lives of hopeless people.

 As they say by the fruits you will know, and Allanism has always produced good fruits, so it is so boycotted by the system that it desires unhappy, fearful people, blindly following political leaders and internally destroyed, because it is easier to get them to give their resources,  make them kill and die for some cause and enslave them.

 Allanism does not want this, we want happy, intelligent, educated, creative, balanced and peaceful people.  Only in allanism is there real freedom and inner peace.

 Another issue is the very miracle of Allanism itself, as simple children from a poor place, many from illiterate or illiterate families out of nowhere began to philosophize, create art and even develop a rich culture as rich as Allanism.

 8. Allanism does not bring fanaticism or disrespect to other people.  If you notice what else is there are beliefs bothering others by the noise, unnecessary preaching everywhere and people shouting in your ear to convert.

 I once woke up scared of fireworks at 5 am because a church was giving off fireworks to honor a spirit.  Then I ask where is the love of neighbor, sometimes people who need to rest or who work all night and are prevented from sleeping because of fanatical people.

 But Allanism has a premise that "every God defend himself" so no one will ever see an allan committing barbarities or bothering people because of Allanism.  If someone does that, they will never be a true allan.

 That's why we require 22 years of training to be considered a completed allan. 

 9. It encourages divine creativity.  Once in a religious institution that I was part of, a friend and I wanted to set up a music group to perform in church with our own songs.  Needless to say, we were boycotted in every way and had to give up, there is no room for creativity in these institutions, they do not want to give up power and fear all that is new.  In another one could not ask spontaneous questions, the questions and answers came ready in some magazines.

 Once an evangelical friend of mine created a bible-based therapy, the pastor came to him and told him to stop because he was afraid of a new church leadership and a couple of friends who preferred to use condoms to avoid pregnancy were charged with using  contraceptive methods and then having children to please people who wanted to control even the sex they had.

 They want to control your entire life,  your money, the contraceptive method you use.

 But in allanism, people are free to be happy, to express their creativity and to transcend mediocrity.

 10. Only Allanism has true answers to many human problems.  Ask any religious leader if he knows how to fix the economy, politics, psychological problems?  Most will say some mystical superstition, but none of these philosophies have an orientation and plan for the new challenges of humanity.

 In addition, allanism has a psychological, economic science, 2 languages ​​and a musical genre, it is a rich philosophy and culture.  So much so that it has been called not a philosophy but a microcivilization.

 11. Allanism is divine.  As we said, in almost all religious philosophies, you are a nothing before God, an imperfect being in search of redemption .. In all you must worship a god, live prostrate .. But in Allanism worship does not exist, our God does not seek worshipers, you are a work of art from the creator, and you are one with him.  So the only thing he wants is your happiness and evolution, independent even of faith, rituals, so it is the only philosophy that even a convinced atheist can practice without any problem.  Because Allanism is All~ true word to all who wish... 

 Be all blessed by All~.  Aisi ⏸️


What is the meaning of life?

Today I had a very good day, spent time with family and friends, and I'm very happy.

Not that I don't have problems, but because I know I'm on the right track, and I'm seeing the results.

But it wasn't always like this, like most people, I was born into a family that didn't know the truth, then went through a lot of difficulties and faced a lot of problems.

But gradually I received the blessings of the revelation of Consciousness, and I put it into practice until I reached this state of being happy.

Everyone asks me what is the secret and what is the meaning of life?

But there is no secret. The meaning of life is to reach the maximum potential of your existence, to be able to realize your own existence, to be able to realize your dreams and to be happy.

Being happy is the natural state, having harmony in life, being a full and prosperous being. Everyone must be like this, and this world must be a paradise.

But unfortunately humanity got lost halfway and chose to follow the demons, which feed on human unhappiness and misfortune, and since then we live in a society based on fear, ignorance, suffering.

Therefore, we are raised in disharmonized families and end up acquiring all kinds of bad habits and sad behaviors.

But it need not be so, you can learn and have a healthy life, you can be blessed and live a harmonized life, but close to Divine Consciousness.

This path is not easy, and it is quite time consuming, changing the habit and way of thinking of a lifetime is very difficult. But there is a way.

You will also have to fight a whole system that wants to keep you in unhappiness, fanaticism, mediocrity and poverty, because the more disgraceful you are, the easier it will be to keep you as the system's maneuver, the more you will have to fight yourself. , the ideologies that guide your life, and even against the demons that rule this world.

But have faith, keep your spirits, and trust in Divine Consciousness, it will guide you to the noble path and supreme achievement.

Aisi ⏸️


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