When you observe people you can see that something is not right, that there is no naturalness, sincerity and that there is a constant malaise hovering in the air.

As a consequence we have an increasingly chaotic world, violence increases, dissatisfaction, cases of depression and psychological illnesses, finally a lost world of people lost and alienated without knowing where to go.

There you watch children, as they are totally different from adults. Usually children are happy, playing with even simple things, not wanting to please anyone just enjoying the present moment.

While adults and young people are not depreciating themselves, children smile and know what true happiness is.

But why does this happen?

Adult people are out of natural life, they have been indoctrinated to think negatively about themselves, they think they are not enough, they are ugly, they are sinful.

Since the children are living the natural and true divine law, they are expressing what they have just seen, because they have come a short time from the divine dimension.

So what's wrong with you is your own limited beliefs. You believe and you are living something wrong, in fact the whole world is like this, it is as they say "the world lies in the evil one". We can translate this evil word as wrong thoughts or ideologies.

Is there a cure for the malaise of humanity?

Yes there is. The function of this site is precisely for this, to show the way back to a full life when we were happier. When we lived life without fears, without all the malaise of the present world.

Our philosophy shows us the Way. God has never left us helpless, we are not bad in our essence, there is no sin, nor need salvation after death.

We only need to find in ourselves the Way and the Divine Law that pervades everything and already exists in us.

Aisi 🖖🏼


One day I was asked how many disciples I have, and I said that I did not have any and that I did not want to have disciples either.

I did not have time to explain why, but the answer is very simple and can be explained in the sentences below:

1. Allanism is a philosophy of individual development, it means that each person must evolve on their own.

People can get inspired, read this site, or even say "allane" but none of that will do any good if they do not learn to evolve on their own.

2. Avoid the herd instinct. We all have this herd instinct within ourselves, and this has helped humankind to unite and survive.

But this same instinct has also been used to commit violence and irrational atrocities. Therefore, while it is good to have people to share our way, it is always good to keep space to think for yourself and question our actions above what the herd thinks about it.

3. We cultivate Individual Responsibility. People must be free to seek their way freely, no one can walk you, so we can only tell you what the path is, but it is you who will have to walk in it with your own steps.

4. We do not want to exploit you. Whenever someone wants to control the life of another, abuses end up being committed mainly financially as we currently see in various religious associations and this is not our intention. We want you free and we believe in your potential and freedom.

5. Converting people and making disciples is something outdated in today's world. Today people can seek guidance on the web without major problems. And everyone can adapt and choose what they want for their life.

Formation of disciples is something relegated to the past when humanity did not have so much technological development. Today all you need is to be willing to learn and practice the eternal laws in your life.

6. Each should develop in his own religious tradition. If you already have a religion, believe in these teachings, we do not want to convert you or make you change your religion.

It is possible that you can find only a better meaning in your religious tradition when learning about Allanism. As we have said before, we are not seeking disciples but a full life.

Now if you wish to title yourself an allan, know that the path is long and requires years of study, reflection and personal development. Knock on the doors and the doors will open.



The Black Sun is a very ancient symbol represented by several people throughout human history. It originates in the old representations of lightning and suns or even of the UFO phenomenon.

The Black Sun is connected to the Age of Aquarius due to the ancient representation of the lightning in the S runner, many think that this symbol refers to water, but in fact it is a symbol of energy, of fire.

The true Aquarium Age will be a time of great knowledge and creativity. And the flourishing of a new civilization where peace, prosperity and happiness will reign to all peoples.

Also when speaking of the color black, it is referring to the Energy of the universe, to Creativity itself. Also in mythology refers to the Dark Galaxy of Ssilian and all his stories.

In the allans language the Black Sun corresponds to two virtues coming from Music and Fire: Sall (Understanding, Knowledge, Science) and Sarr (Enlightenment Honesty, Kindness).



How many times have you not heard that the bad situations that happen to you are because of something you did in a past life or because you are a sinner or because your horoscope is not favorable.

But all these superstitions have only one goal that is to leave you in the same place. Making you settle for a life of shit until the end of your days.

But here we speak the truth to you. Karma does not exist, nor has it ever existed, bad luck or luck also do not exist.

The only thing that exists is the laws of existence.

You suffer in life is not because there is karma, you suffer because you were born in a poor family, or because people do not think you are beautiful, or because you did not learn the truths of existence.

1. Karma does not exist, you are only poor. If you had been born to a wealthy family, you would have had a better job, would have had better medical care, more beautiful teeth, a beautiful home, and a better life and future on all levels.

It would also have a better educational level and less psychological and social problems, since generally rich families are more united and give more love to their children.

2. Karma does not exist, you just are not considered beautiful by people. If you had been born in the standard of beauty valued by society, you would be happier in love.

Forget, having to strive to conquer that beautiful person you desire, forget the humiliations and betrayals you have experienced in flirting games. All of this would be minimized if you were considered handsome.

3. Karma does not exist, you who have not learned the right knowledge. If truths like this had been taught to you since childhood, you would have made fewer mistakes, less stress, you would have lived without guilt and instead of accepting a failed life, you would have focused on your potential and be a winner.

Unfortunately, most religious want to leave you stagnant, low-head, accepting all quiet. They are not worried about you, so they will not tell you the truth. They want you destroyed, because the more you are destroyed the more submissive, you will be, another sheep to pluck the wool, the meat and the milk.

But now that you know the truth, you have a choice that is to abandon all the guilt that you have been taught all your life, and to chase after the lost time.

Living rebellious, feeling guilty, or failure will not do you any good, you will have to fight and strive three more times to win. And this will be your way from now on, the path allano.

Money matters. Beauty is important. Knowledge is important. Look for all three.

Aisi 🖖🏼


There is much discussion about the origin of the universe, but in the spiritual dimension we have no doubt.

The universe has always existed, logically not as we know it today, but in a different way ..

Nothing came out of nowhere. Matter, energy, and Divine Consciousness have always existed. Therefore the universe was not created, it was transformed, it passed from one reality to another and so it always will be. Call it cosmic evolution.

The Eternal Consciousness

Eternal Consciousness is what humanity knows as God. But it is also possible to know this Consciousness only by observing the natural laws of the universe.

1. Wisdom.

One of the things we can observe in the universe is a wise law guiding all things. Of course the arrogant mind can not see this, because it thinks that the universe should fit human intelligence and logic, when it is the other way around.

But in nature we see many processes and precise laws acting in all reality, the perfect knowledge of physics, mathematics, interacting with energy and matter.

2. Perfection.

It is cosmic harmony, although many believe that the universe is a complete chaos, this is not true, reality obeys harmonious and perfect laws, even if humanity does not yet know all these laws.

3. Kindness.

Consciousness acts generously and kindly to us, the first thing was to have allowed us to exist, just to observe the universe, where millions of galaxies with almost no capacity to harbor life, while on earth were given all the means necessary for our existence and other living things.

Many may say that this is not true, just look at nature, the immense amount of tasty food, water, air, light etc. Therefore, Divinity is good and compassionate, and if there is any evil in the world it is caused by a lack of spiritual understanding .

4. Creativity.

We can say that Consciousness is pure art, the disposition of forms, geometry, perception of colors, can perceive how the universe is not the work of chance, but that a wonderful intelligence and with great artistic sensitivity acts fully in the elaboration of all reality.

Aisi 🖖🏼

Ricardo Rangels ® ©

What is Allanism?

Allanism is a complete philosophy that embraces a new civilization.


The Allanism revival began in the region of the San Francisco River Valley, in the semi-arid region of Brazil. If rebirth is spoken, it is believed that Allanism existed for many years before human fall, in a harmonious society before human history as we know it.

But the current format of the Allanism began in 1989 by a group of young people called knights who came to give rise to the Allan Order.

This group played an important role in the region as a counterculture and began to perfect their own philosophy, art, events and music.

Between 2001 and 2006 they launched a small newspaper called the Manifesto knight. This newspaper was sold weekly through subscriptions and reached 5 cities in the region through an informal network of contacts at the University of Pernambuco in the city of Petrolina.

At that same time the term Civilization Knight appeared and from there began the full development of the religion through religious meetings called "gnosis".

After a while the newspaper was closed down, the group officially disbanded due to migrations of some members, weddings, conversion to other religions, and gnosis meetings stopped, yet some continued to practice religion alone anonymously ..

It was then that on December 12, 2012, one of the former members of the Order launched the first book talking about Allan's philosophy, religion, culture and civilization.

Since then efforts have been made to preserve and disseminate Allans culture in an unpretentious way with its own resources.


Allane Mythology consists of several stories of various peoples, all of them having a common origin. We have:

The spatial history of the peoples Alli.

The illumination of humanity in the past.

Various human realms.

And stories of lost tribes of people. barbarians, Celts and Indians.

In these histories prevail diverse heroes that have been deified in diverse cultures, but that in the Allanism are considered only ancestors with high technology.

Although mythology has a great wealth in the fields of literature and express fundamental truths to understand the Allanism. All these stories should not be understood in the literal sense but rather as arts only. The true belief Allane is philosophical ..

Science and Arts

The Allanism possesses a three sciences of its own as:

1 Fall. Psychological and philosophical science.

2 Farr. Economic and financial science

3 Hárr. Political science

Official languages

The Allanism has 2 official languages ​​like Ellene, which is a language of Latin origin. And Allane, a language of origin completely unknown at the time, and believed to have a mystical or alien origin.


The Allanism has a musical style called Lass that is divided into two strands, being an acoustic usually played only with guitar or piano plus voice. And an electronic version.


Allanism interacts with the god All~, who is the Consciousness of all reality, but does not require faith, conversion or worship. In this doctrine human beings are divine, works of art of creation and can be perfected to perfection and beatitude in a continuous evolution in various worlds, universes and dimensions.

Nor is it believed in sin or salvation, only in natural and spiritual laws.

Life after death

Allanism believes in 3 ways according to the evolutionary degree of each living being:

1 Extinction. Being recycled in nature

2 Rebirth. Reborn in other worlds and dimensions where you can evolve more easily. It would be the equivalent of the Paradise of some religions

3 Beatitude. Reborn as a god in a dimension closer to the Godhead.

In addition there is also a kind of hell that is the dimension where artificial beings created by genetic engineering and technology were imprisoned after death.

No details of this hell are given, but it is not like hell of fire or a place where people are tortured. It is just a neutral place outside of all natural reality.


Allanism does not proselytize, nor does it want to convert anyone. Publicity is only a means of sharing knowledge, true compassion in the allan beliefs.

Individual Way

Allanism is an inner journey, a path in which the aspirant Allan must travel. There is no purpose in controlling his life, founding army and believers. The way is individual, the true temple is nature.


Prayer to the Unknown God

Before I go on my way
And cast my gaze forward
Once more, I raise my hands to You,
In the direction of whom I flee.

To Thee from the depths of my heart,
I have dedicated festive altars,
So that in every moment
Your voice can call me.

On these altars is engraved on fire
This word: "to the Unknown God"
I am yours, though to the present
Associated with the sacrilegious.

I am yours, despite the bonds
Pull me into the abyss.
Even wanting to run away
I feel compelled to serve You.

I want to meet you, O Unknown!
You that you penetrate to me soul
And what a whirlwind you invade my life.
You, the Incomprehensible, my Similar.
I want to know you and serve you.

Friedrich Nietzsche

You only deserve what you can conquer

"You only deserve what you can conquer" Ricardo R

This sentence expresses the allan ethics of non-vitimism. In other words you must strive to get what you want and not believe that it deserves something miraculously or something born.

Every day lions and ants fight for their survival, this is the context of the above phrase and how it should be understood.

In the political context, this means that countries that have dominated others have been entitled to this. Understanding this phrase is difficult, but there is no ethics in nature, only the use of force.

The same applies to private property, which is only maintained with the existence of a state, if not, the world would be guided by the law of the strongest.

But if so, how do you avoid social conflicts and between nations?

This is where the true function of a state comes in. The function of a state is to mediate and avoid such social and political conflicts within a given territory.

So someone armed can not go around stealing and killing. Because other people and the state must also use force to prevent these crimes.

And because the state is stronger than a single individual, the state conquers social peace.

But, there is one, Allanism does not say that we should do harm to others through force, the greater meaning is that "we must fight for our goals." Abandon laziness and self-indulgence.

And in relation to wars between nations, the human being must evolve to a new level of consciousness above ambition and nationalism.

An evolved and really rational human being does not start senseless wars, only defends himself from attacks, his ambition is in another direction that is to evolve inwardly and spiritually.

The Lesson of the Serpent Mungtata

The Mungtata Serpent is one of the most fascinating beings in allane mythology.

Its influence can be noticed in the legends of the whole world. In Asia and Europe through the history of dragons. In America in the myths of the Feathered Serpent and in the legends of the Amazon. And in Brazil, in the Brazilian northeast in the legends of the Serpent of the Fire Island. And of the Black Being of water.

Mungtata on Allanism

From early on, he had the ability to change shape between human and a serpent with 4 wings.

But he had a confused and selfish character. So several times he did bad things against those he did not like or people who had the bad luck to stand in his way.

Even so, he was given a few opportunities to demonstrate his worth, and in the latter to be pardoned by higher beings, he has gained an island and a region where he can live in peace alone.

Until the settlers arrived in the area and after many victories, Mungtata was finally defeated and launched into an ice world of another dimension.

Man of the countryside in the semi-arid region descended from the colonizers and indians

There, he cried and once again regretted all his mistakes. And even in the midst of his suffering, he sacrificed himself to save a gentle people, giving his own life, in a deadly fight with another monster.

And so, by this gesture, he received the redemption of God, and can be reborn as a human being in a world conducive to enlightenment.

Besides, he had the opportunity to have a real family so he would never feel alone again.

The story of Mungtata tells us about forgiveness, courage and redemption, that it is always possible to begin a new life and to be blessed by the Eternal Consciousness.


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