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The neocolonial vision of the North Hemispheres

 Hello, seeing how our country is being attacked by the death of 2 activists at the behest of a foreign drug dealer who dominates trafficking on the border between Brazil, Peru and Colombia, we decided to say a few things.  Every day people are killed all over the world by criminals in the big cities of big countries, yet we don't see anyone attacking the country, the government, the queen, the culture or even the people of that country for these criminal deaths.  Mainly because the main beneficiaries of illegal activities in our forest such as drug trafficking, hardwoods, agriculture, and precious stones all go to these countries that accuse us of negligence.  They are the main financiers and consumer market of these illegal activities, in addition they have no morals to talk about environmental protection, since they destroyed most of their ecosystems and still test nuclear weapons on islands and seas of territories that were stolen from other peoples. indigenous and almost never

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