Several small countries are now being attacked with the excuse of possessing weapons of mass destruction, biological weapons or attempting to develop nuclear bombs.

These countries may face embargoes and even military action in their territories. But there is something wrong with this whole story, for example the aggressor countries continue to develop and increase their own weapons of this type.

These weapons have the potential to kill millions of innocent people not directly involved in the war, they can also destroy ecosystems and humanity itself.

Then it is time to demand concrete action against this crime against humanity and call it by the right name, no matter how powerful a nation is, what is certain must be respected and Weapons of Mass Destruction, Biological Weapons, Chemical Weapons must be destroyed.

Not only these weapons but also the pharmaceutical companies that keep viruses, bacteria or any causer of disease in their laboratories with the excuse that this is necessary when the goal is to use as biological weapons in the future.

Besides these crimes we also have the ecocide that is the death of entire ecosystems caused by companies that destroy the environment. As an example of this type of crime we have oil leaks at sea, rupture of ore dams in Brazil and disasters of nuclear power plants.

All these kinds of actions are crimes against humanity and nature even if they are not criminalized as crimes.

But our civilization is evolving and soon all culprits will have to be held accountable and judged for their crimes against humanity and nature, whether they be presidents, psychopaths, corporate executives and scientists who continue to develop weapons and viruses to create deadly diseases.

List of new crimes against humanity

1 to develop, store and use nuclear weapons
2 to develop, store and use chemical weapons
3 to develop, store and use biological weapons
4 to develop, store and use viruses, bacteria, fungi or any other biological agent from deadly or already eradicated diseases
5 pollute, destroy the environment and ecosystems due to neglect, desire to profit or not to restore everything that was damaged immediately in case of accidents.

At last we have a long way to go before a world free from these crimes can come true, but The Right One Will Always Be Right no matter how many wish the contrary and the story is relentless in judging the right side.

We must remember that it was very difficult for the first people who first said that Slavery is Wrong against visions of normalcy of the time, but history showed that they were right.

Aisi 🖖🏼


We have a free translation history here of how a nobleman was brought into the world of the clear beings in which after being shown to all the technological beauties of this civilization he was invited to enter into a machine and become like them, have a human appearance but do not cultivate emotions by being totally rational.

In this machine they passed several human people who wanted to become free of their feelings and to be totally rational beings, but the noble one when receiving in its arms a child of a mother who was going through the machine, the nobleman was afraid and decided to run away with the child. .

The light beings then went after him, until he came to the place where he could use light technology to return to earth, but before that, the light beings told him _ "please, you can go but at least leave the child , it's only fair that she stays with her mother .. "

The noble perceiving the truth in the words of the clearings returned the child to them. The clearings then helped him to return to the earth as they had promised.

And while he was leaving, they sang in the language allana to him in a beautiful farewell choir ..

<< S.ey leuri rereh m ler>>

Which means "maybe one day, the whole night will become day".

At that moment, he realized the mistake he had made and that the best thing for humanity is to live by reason, that most of our problems are to live by our emotions and feelings.

Aisi 🖖🏼


From our birth we begin to experience reality, but not in the proper way, most families do not know the primordial harmony.

We also suffer for the same reason in a disharmonious society based on our instincts and intellect, but without the true spiritual reason.

All this accumulates in our minds as frustrations, traumas, unsatisfied desires, emotional pain and all kinds of disorders.

A sick society can not produce healthy people, and as a result we have an increasingly worse and stressed world where the psychological sciences can only soften these symptoms.

But it is possible to heal the mind of all these evils, but it is not a quick process nor is it easy. If you have spent twenty years accumulating mistakes, you will not be able to solve them in twenty days. It is a process of a lifetime.

According to the processes of our own psychological science (F411), this healing or improvement will occur constantly.

The first steps should be to live harmoniously striving to avoid excesses and to have good physical health.

This includes good nutrition, routine practice of physical exercises and avoid all kinds of addictions, from the most common as narcotic substances, to subtle addictions such as addiction to staying connected or feeding certain types of harmful thoughts.

Moreover, it is necessary to live the right way that is within the quest for knowledge, our doctrine is a doctrine of studies, reading and constant improvement.

Changing the mind becomes natural when life changes. Forget the ideas of relativity, that everything is relative, there is a correct or more efficient way of doing all things, therefore there is yes, also an excellent way of living.

And beyond this active pursuit through his right actions, we also have the passive pursuit, which is in simple terms, to do nothing and let the current of the Universal Spirit guide us. The practice of acting by not acting.

Here are included the techniques of natural contemplation, prayers and philosophical meditation. To understand the truth is to live the truth. To contemplate Harmony is to be in harmony. To transcend humanity is true life.

"Enter into silence and hear Everything."

Aisi 🖖🏼


In our voluntary work on knowledge, we realize how difficult it is to tell people the truth. They simply do not want to hear or even reflect on new knowledge, lifestyles, and new solutions.

They are even afraid to read a simple book that could help them lead a better life. But for these people the important thing is to stay where they are trapped in the matrix of the same system as always.

And their beliefs are so fragile that all this fear is justified by knowing that in an honest examination of conscience, they are wrong.

The problem with this kind of thinking is that these people do not evolve and will always be slaves of an archaic, savage and senseless mentality.

But our path is that of evolution and transcendence. We are in a time that will divide human history before and after that moment.

Soon we will live the fourth industrial revolution, dataism, genetic changes and transhumanism.

Of these we have the most caveats are the genetic changes because we have warnings of when this technology can be harmful if done in large scale and without the due attention.

As far as transhumanism is concerned, although we also know that we should not lose our human essence, we also have nothing against it if it is used to cure diseases and the pursuit of skills improvement.

In particular, I am already partly transhuman and this has greatly improved my quality of life as part of my identity as a unique and transcendental being.

But the best way for the human being before the physical transformations is the transcendence of his conscience.

This transcendence puts us in the right place towards human evolution. Overcoming our weaknesses, the mistakes and shortcomings of humanity is the challenge of every noble being.

We can not live forever in a life, mediocre world and society, when we are born for a greater purpose than to be high and noble beings, live in a wonderful world.

The quest is individual, but our transcendence is collective, and soon we will create a new civilization based on reason and beauty.

Let us transcend our bitterness and emerge in new realities unimaginable in the Eternal Consciousness.

Aisi ➿



"The true philosopher is a sage and a saint, and therefore a perfect and happy being." Hubert Rohden

The primary goal of our philosophy is human evolution in all areas. We do not live the mediocrity of the world and our goals are ambitious towards constant improvement.

Our philosophy is a philosophy of nonconformity and hard work. Evolving is laborious, requires hours of dedication, study and lots of motivation.

If on the one hand, our concepts are simple and easy to practice, on the other hand it is a tough battle to stay disciplined on the Path of Truth ..

Thus the human being must tread the path of the following evolutionary phases until arriving at the last one that is an improved, free, happy and above all ideology and interests.

1. Instinctive or animal phase.

This is the initial phase from when we were born. At this stage we only live for our instincts whether they are: food, safety, sex, recognition etc.

The great majority of humanity is no more than this phase and lives life only in an animalistic way trapped in this cycle of endless desires.

2. A scholarly or intellectual phase.

Most philosophers and thinkers get stuck here. Here people study, read a lot, and develop theories in many areas. But they do not evolve beyond that they are slightly better than the former, but still remain slaves.

One of the worst things of this phase is that the subject no longer perceives mediocrity, it is where pride resides, and the subject is an easy target of harmful ideologies.

If you want to understand better how disgraced is the blind human being at this stage just see scientists who have studied for years and use their knowledge to produce bombs and biological weapons capable of destroying the planet or all mankind.

3. Rational or spiritual phase.

In this phase is where the true philosopher and spiritual man is or where the real nobles are. It is important not to confuse with the definition of common sense that you think being rational is merely being smart.

The rational being is far above this and is a fully evolved person who knows how to use all his potentialities in harmony. Do not confuse with religious and intellectuals who are still stuck in their own chains.

The rational being is completely free inwardly, happy, and there is nothing that he can not solve because he is totally involved in the universal laws of Consciousness.

Aisi 🖖🏼

Ricardo Rangels ®


So that we can better understand the concept of the phrase "you only deserve what you can conquer" you need to understand the converse understanding of our philosophy.

"Force or power must be contained or administered by reason / enlightenment."

In the martial arts of our culture we always start and end with a closed hand being held by the other open hand. Then we nod slightly, chin down. I also do this before my physical exercises as a sign of respect and gratitude.

But the first gesture of the hands means that the force, the closed fist must always be contained, and administered by reason. That is why an enlightened being will never use its power to conquer to do harm or harm other people in an intentional way.

We can be strong and powerful and even have the power to dominate the whole world, but we see that deep down is an illusion and that it is best to be guided by spiritual reason that says that one should not abuse that power.

To conquer what we need is good, to gain strength that which does not belong to us is not good and only brings evil and destruction.

We must guide our ambition to what really matters what our personal growth is, to increase our earthly and inner riches, but always within true compassion and the process of becoming better people in our Consciousness.

Aisi 🖖🏼


When you observe people you can see that something is not right, that there is no naturalness, sincerity and that there is a constant malaise hovering in the air.

As a consequence we have an increasingly chaotic world, violence increases, dissatisfaction, cases of depression and psychological illnesses, finally a lost world of people lost and alienated without knowing where to go.

There you watch children, as they are totally different from adults. Usually children are happy, playing with even simple things, not wanting to please anyone just enjoying the present moment.

While adults and young people are not depreciating themselves, children smile and know what true happiness is.

But why does this happen?

Adult people are out of natural life, they have been indoctrinated to think negatively about themselves, they think they are not enough, they are ugly, they are sinful.

Since the children are living the natural and true divine law, they are expressing what they have just seen, because they have come a short time from the divine dimension.

So what's wrong with you is your own limited beliefs. You believe and you are living something wrong, in fact the whole world is like this, it is as they say "the world lies in the evil one". We can translate this evil word as wrong thoughts or ideologies.

Is there a cure for the malaise of humanity?

Yes there is. The function of this site is precisely for this, to show the way back to a full life when we were happier. When we lived life without fears, without all the malaise of the present world.

Our philosophy shows us the Way. God has never left us helpless, we are not bad in our essence, there is no sin, nor need salvation after death.

We only need to find in ourselves the Way and the Divine Law that pervades everything and already exists in us.

Aisi 🖖🏼


One day I was asked how many disciples I have, and I said that I did not have any and that I did not want to have disciples either.

I did not have time to explain why, but the answer is very simple and can be explained in the sentences below:

1. Allanism is a philosophy of individual development, it means that each person must evolve on their own.

People can get inspired, read this site, or even say "allane" but none of that will do any good if they do not learn to evolve on their own.

2. Avoid the herd instinct. We all have this herd instinct within ourselves, and this has helped humankind to unite and survive.

But this same instinct has also been used to commit violence and irrational atrocities. Therefore, while it is good to have people to share our way, it is always good to keep space to think for yourself and question our actions above what the herd thinks about it.

3. We cultivate Individual Responsibility. People must be free to seek their way freely, no one can walk you, so we can only tell you what the path is, but it is you who will have to walk in it with your own steps.

4. We do not want to exploit you. Whenever someone wants to control the life of another, abuses end up being committed mainly financially as we currently see in various religious associations and this is not our intention. We want you free and we believe in your potential and freedom.

5. Converting people and making disciples is something outdated in today's world. Today people can seek guidance on the web without major problems. And everyone can adapt and choose what they want for their life.

Formation of disciples is something relegated to the past when humanity did not have so much technological development. Today all you need is to be willing to learn and practice the eternal laws in your life.

6. Each should develop in his own religious tradition. If you already have a religion, believe in these teachings, we do not want to convert you or make you change your religion.

It is possible that you can find only a better meaning in your religious tradition when learning about Allanism. As we have said before, we are not seeking disciples but a full life.

Now if you wish to title yourself an allan, know that the path is long and requires years of study, reflection and personal development. Knock on the doors and the doors will open.



The Black Sun is a very ancient symbol represented by several people throughout human history. It originates in the old representations of lightning and suns or even of the UFO phenomenon.

The Black Sun is connected to the Age of Aquarius due to the ancient representation of the lightning in the S runner, many think that this symbol refers to water, but in fact it is a symbol of energy, of fire.

The true Aquarium Age will be a time of great knowledge and creativity. And the flourishing of a new civilization where peace, prosperity and happiness will reign to all peoples.

Also when speaking of the color black, it is referring to the Energy of the universe, to Creativity itself. Also in mythology refers to the Dark Galaxy of Ssilian and all his stories.

In the allans language the Black Sun corresponds to two virtues coming from Music and Fire: Sall (Understanding, Knowledge, Science) and Sarr (Enlightenment Honesty, Kindness).



How many times have you not heard that the bad situations that happen to you are because of something you did in a past life or because you are a sinner or because your horoscope is not favorable.

But all these superstitions have only one goal that is to leave you in the same place. Making you settle for a life of shit until the end of your days.

But here we speak the truth to you. Karma does not exist, nor has it ever existed, bad luck or luck also do not exist.

The only thing that exists is the laws of existence.

You suffer in life is not because there is karma, you suffer because you were born in a poor family, or because people do not think you are beautiful, or because you did not learn the truths of existence.

1. Karma does not exist, you are only poor. If you had been born to a wealthy family, you would have had a better job, would have had better medical care, more beautiful teeth, a beautiful home, and a better life and future on all levels.

It would also have a better educational level and less psychological and social problems, since generally rich families are more united and give more love to their children.

2. Karma does not exist, you just are not considered beautiful by people. If you had been born in the standard of beauty valued by society, you would be happier in love.

Forget, having to strive to conquer that beautiful person you desire, forget the humiliations and betrayals you have experienced in flirting games. All of this would be minimized if you were considered handsome.

3. Karma does not exist, you who have not learned the right knowledge. If truths like this had been taught to you since childhood, you would have made fewer mistakes, less stress, you would have lived without guilt and instead of accepting a failed life, you would have focused on your potential and be a winner.

Unfortunately, most religious want to leave you stagnant, low-head, accepting all quiet. They are not worried about you, so they will not tell you the truth. They want you destroyed, because the more you are destroyed the more submissive, you will be, another sheep to pluck the wool, the meat and the milk.

But now that you know the truth, you have a choice that is to abandon all the guilt that you have been taught all your life, and to chase after the lost time.

Living rebellious, feeling guilty, or failure will not do you any good, you will have to fight and strive three more times to win. And this will be your way from now on, the path allano.

Money matters. Beauty is important. Knowledge is important. Look for all three.

Aisi 🖖🏼


There is much discussion about the origin of the universe, but in the spiritual dimension we have no doubt.

The universe has always existed, logically not as we know it today, but in a different way ..

Nothing came out of nowhere. Matter, energy, and Divine Consciousness have always existed. Therefore the universe was not created, it was transformed, it passed from one reality to another and so it always will be. Call it cosmic evolution.

The Eternal Consciousness

Eternal Consciousness is what humanity knows as God. But it is also possible to know this Consciousness only by observing the natural laws of the universe.

1. Wisdom.

One of the things we can observe in the universe is a wise law guiding all things. Of course the arrogant mind can not see this, because it thinks that the universe should fit human intelligence and logic, when it is the other way around.

But in nature we see many processes and precise laws acting in all reality, the perfect knowledge of physics, mathematics, interacting with energy and matter.

2. Perfection.

It is cosmic harmony, although many believe that the universe is a complete chaos, this is not true, reality obeys harmonious and perfect laws, even if humanity does not yet know all these laws.

3. Kindness.

Consciousness acts generously and kindly to us, the first thing was to have allowed us to exist, just to observe the universe, where millions of galaxies with almost no capacity to harbor life, while on earth were given all the means necessary for our existence and other living things.

Many may say that this is not true, just look at nature, the immense amount of tasty food, water, air, light etc. Therefore, Divinity is good and compassionate, and if there is any evil in the world it is caused by a lack of spiritual understanding .

4. Creativity.

We can say that Consciousness is pure art, the disposition of forms, geometry, perception of colors, can perceive how the universe is not the work of chance, but that a wonderful intelligence and with great artistic sensitivity acts fully in the elaboration of all reality.

Aisi 🖖🏼

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