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A message of hope

   Hello, we watch the world these days we see a multitude of problems still with epidemics, wars, economic problems and violence in some places, once again we see pessimism and disputes in people's eyes and it seems that the world is going to the abyss.  Seeing all the pessimism in the world, sometimes we end up contaminating ourselves with the way of thinking of this existence, but are they right?  So we turn to the revelation of our faith and Conscience brings us an answer.  No, they are not right, the problems of today are not very different from the same problems of humanity.  There have always been epidemics, famine, and there were still many more wars in the past and all this is just the result of living outside the eternal laws and divine harmony.  We were able to verify this with our own lives before we knew the true God, we lived lost in superstitions and religions that imprisoned our minds, guided by leaders blind to reality that led us to worship demonic entities, we li

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