You only deserve what you can conquer

"You only deserve what you can conquer" Ricardo R

This sentence expresses the allan ethics of non-vitimism. In other words you must strive to get what you want and not believe that it deserves something miraculously or something born.

Every day lions and ants fight for their survival, this is the context of the above phrase and how it should be understood.

In the political context, this means that countries that have dominated others have been entitled to this. Understanding this phrase is difficult, but there is no ethics in nature, only the use of force.

The same applies to private property, which is only maintained with the existence of a state, if not, the world would be guided by the law of the strongest.

But if so, how do you avoid social conflicts and between nations?

This is where the true function of a state comes in. The function of a state is to mediate and avoid such social and political conflicts within a given territory.

So someone armed can not go around stealing and killing. Because other people and the state must also use force to prevent these crimes.

And because the state is stronger than a single individual, the state conquers social peace.

But, there is one, Allanism does not say that we should do harm to others through force, the greater meaning is that "we must fight for our goals." Abandon laziness and self-indulgence.

And in relation to wars between nations, the human being must evolve to a new level of consciousness above ambition and nationalism.

An evolved and really rational human being does not start senseless wars, only defends himself from attacks, his ambition is in another direction that is to evolve inwardly and spiritually.


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