How many times have you not heard that the bad situations that happen to you are because of something you did in a past life or because you are a sinner or because your horoscope is not favorable.

But all these superstitions have only one goal that is to leave you in the same place. Making you settle for a life of shit until the end of your days.

But here we speak the truth to you. Karma does not exist, nor has it ever existed, bad luck or luck also do not exist.

The only thing that exists is the laws of existence.

You suffer in life is not because there is karma, you suffer because you were born in a poor family, or because people do not think you are beautiful, or because you did not learn the truths of existence.

1. Karma does not exist, you are only poor. If you had been born to a wealthy family, you would have had a better job, would have had better medical care, more beautiful teeth, a beautiful home, and a better life and future on all levels.

It would also have a better educational level and less psychological and social problems, since generally rich families are more united and give more love to their children.

2. Karma does not exist, you just are not considered beautiful by people. If you had been born in the standard of beauty valued by society, you would be happier in love.

Forget, having to strive to conquer that beautiful person you desire, forget the humiliations and betrayals you have experienced in flirting games. All of this would be minimized if you were considered handsome.

3. Karma does not exist, you who have not learned the right knowledge. If truths like this had been taught to you since childhood, you would have made fewer mistakes, less stress, you would have lived without guilt and instead of accepting a failed life, you would have focused on your potential and be a winner.

Unfortunately, most religious want to leave you stagnant, low-head, accepting all quiet. They are not worried about you, so they will not tell you the truth. They want you destroyed, because the more you are destroyed the more submissive, you will be, another sheep to pluck the wool, the meat and the milk.

But now that you know the truth, you have a choice that is to abandon all the guilt that you have been taught all your life, and to chase after the lost time.

Living rebellious, feeling guilty, or failure will not do you any good, you will have to fight and strive three more times to win. And this will be your way from now on the Allans path.

Money matters. Beauty is important. Knowledge is important. Look for all three.

Aisi ­čľľ­čĆ╝


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