When you observe people you can see that something is not right, that there is no naturalness, sincerity and that there is a constant malaise hovering in the air.

As a consequence we have an increasingly chaotic world, violence increases, dissatisfaction, cases of depression and psychological illnesses, finally a lost world of people lost and alienated without knowing where to go.

There you watch children, as they are totally different from adults. Usually children are happy, playing with even simple things, not wanting to please anyone just enjoying the present moment.

While adults and young people are not depreciating themselves, children smile and know what true happiness is.

But why does this happen?

Adult people are out of natural life, they have been indoctrinated to think negatively about themselves, they think they are not enough, they are ugly, they are sinful.

Since the children are living the natural and true divine law, they are expressing what they have just seen, because they have come a short time from the divine dimension.

So what's wrong with you is your own limited beliefs. You believe and you are living something wrong, in fact the whole world is like this, it is as they say "the world lies in the evil one". We can translate this evil word as wrong thoughts or ideologies.

Is there a cure for the malaise of humanity?

Yes there is. The function of this site is precisely for this, to show the way back to a full life when we were happier. When we lived life without fears, without all the malaise of the present world.

Our philosophy shows us the Way. God has never left us helpless, we are not bad in our essence, there is no sin, nor need salvation after death.

We only need to find in ourselves the Way and the Divine Law that pervades everything and already exists in us.

Aisi 🖖🏼

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