"The true philosopher is a sage and a saint, and therefore a perfect and happy being." Hubert Rohden

The primary goal of our philosophy is human evolution in all areas. We do not live the mediocrity of the world and our goals are ambitious towards constant improvement.

Our philosophy is a philosophy of nonconformity and hard work. Evolving is laborious, requires hours of dedication, study and lots of motivation.

If on the one hand, our concepts are simple and easy to practice, on the other hand it is a tough battle to stay disciplined on the Path of Truth ..

Thus the human being must tread the path of the following evolutionary phases until arriving at the last one that is an improved, free, happy and above all ideology and interests.

1. Instinctive or animal phase.

This is the initial phase from when we were born. At this stage we only live for our instincts whether they are: food, safety, sex, recognition etc.

The great majority of humanity is no more than this phase and lives life only in an animalistic way trapped in this cycle of endless desires.

2. A scholarly or intellectual phase.

Most philosophers and thinkers get stuck here. Here people study, read a lot, and develop theories in many areas. But they do not evolve beyond that they are slightly better than the former, but still remain slaves.

One of the worst things of this phase is that the subject no longer perceives mediocrity, it is where pride resides, and the subject is an easy target of harmful ideologies.

If you want to understand better how disgraced is the blind human being at this stage just see scientists who have studied for years and use their knowledge to produce bombs and biological weapons capable of destroying the planet or all mankind.

3. Rational or spiritual phase.

In this phase is where the true philosopher and spiritual man is or where the real nobles are. It is important not to confuse with the definition of common sense that you think being rational is merely being smart.

The rational being is far above this and is a fully evolved person who knows how to use all his potentialities in harmony. Do not confuse with religious and intellectuals who are still stuck in their own chains.

The rational being is completely free inwardly, happy, and there is nothing that he can not solve because he is totally involved in the universal laws of Consciousness.

Aisi ­čľľ­čĆ╝

Ricardo Rangels ®


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