In our voluntary work on knowledge, we realize how difficult it is to tell people the truth. They simply do not want to hear or even reflect on new knowledge, lifestyles, and new solutions.

They are even afraid to read a simple book that could help them lead a better life. But for these people the important thing is to stay where they are trapped in the matrix of the same system as always.

And their beliefs are so fragile that all this fear is justified by knowing that in an honest examination of conscience, they are wrong.

The problem with this kind of thinking is that these people do not evolve and will always be slaves of an archaic, savage and senseless mentality.

But our path is that of evolution and transcendence. We are in a time that will divide human history before and after that moment.

Soon we will live the fourth industrial revolution, dataism, genetic changes and transhumanism.

Of these we have the most caveats are the genetic changes because we have warnings of when this technology can be harmful if done in large scale and without the due attention.

As far as transhumanism is concerned, although we also know that we should not lose our human essence, we also have nothing against it if it is used to cure diseases and the pursuit of skills improvement.

In particular, I am already partly transhuman and this has greatly improved my quality of life as part of my identity as a unique and transcendental being.

But the best way for the human being before the physical transformations is the transcendence of his conscience.

This transcendence puts us in the right place towards human evolution. Overcoming our weaknesses, the mistakes and shortcomings of humanity is the challenge of every noble being.

We can not live forever in a life, mediocre world and society, when we are born for a greater purpose than to be high and noble beings, live in a wonderful world.

The quest is individual, but our transcendence is collective, and soon we will create a new civilization based on reason and beauty.

Let us transcend our bitterness and emerge in new realities unimaginable in the Eternal Consciousness.

Aisi ➿


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