The importance of being victorious

~ When I realize that everything is going well, sometimes I get a nagging feeling that I may be doing something wrong, I also remember how much envy I wake up in false friends, how bad the world is and I feel this discomfort.

But then I reflect better, I contemplate the Divine Consciousness that is in me and the truth about this situation comes to light.

In fact, we spent years being indoctrinated to be ashamed to be happy, to be strong and overcomers, deep down worldly beliefs have thrown us all into asceticism and to be failed, with their desert teachings of forced humility.

But we noble men, honored by our Consciousness, should not listen to this useless brainwashing that we have suffered throughout our lives.

We are born to be happy, to be honored and to win our way. We must not listen to the demonic doctrines that have generated all this chaotic world plunged into sadness, poverty and deception.

We have nothing to be ashamed of, if all we have is the fruit of our honest labors and the manifestation of the prosperity of our God.

Let us leave the useless teachings with whom one thinks he is useless, a noble man lives to win, to do extraordinary things although this is not often perceptible to the majority.

Of course, the nobleman also does not worship attachment or ambition without meaning, nor consider himself superior to anyone based on riches, victories or spirituality.

The nobleman only lives his life and shares his life, he has nothing to be ashamed of, he is prepared to win, but he also knows how to lose and let go when necessary.

The noble man does not worship greed or the desire for riches without this having a purpose, a sense, a greater aspiration within his spiritual path and for the good of all beings.

But neither does it worship the forced humility, the false humility of those who are enlightened by failure, at bottom that is also a pure vanity and desire to boast.

So, dear nobles, do not be ashamed of being victorious and overcomers, our Conscience has not called us to be weak, mediocre, but to evolve day by day and reach the nobility that has been planted in our souls from the beginning.

It is our natural right and duty to be happy and blessed, and we have nothing to be ashamed of, if we are ever to walk in the path of nobility and righteousness.

Aisi ~


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