Are aliens demons?

With the growth of the UFO phenomenon, alternative religions, new ways of thinking of humanity, and the failure to fulfill the prophecies of some religions, the despair hit some religious and sects like terraplanism. So, the new justification is to attack the UFO phenomenon as being demonic things and that contacts with aliens are actually manifestations of the Devil.

But, are they right? What does allanism say about aliens?

Allans beliefs believe in the creation of God in the entire universe, or universes, and in various dimensions, both physical and spiritual, so having various forms of life in the universe is a real possibility.

To limit God to just this planet is to believe in a weak god that does not match the greatness and unlimited creativity of our Consciousness. The universe is immense, it makes no sense, the Eternal having created life only here on earth.

There is also clear evidence of aliens in our history with technology, beliefs and the construction of primitive peoples, and even manipulation in our DNA that is hidden from the public. We even have an alternative science that studies this called Forbidden Archeology.

But, why would they hide it?

The answer is quite simple, knowing that there are advanced beings that can destroy the whole earth or dominate the whole world in just 10 minutes, makes the powerful ones in this world tremble in fear, and they do not want to cause panic or even lose authority over its citizens.

Outside of knowing that all their weapons and technology are useless in the face of alien power and technology.

Religious people also do not want to lose their sheeps, as they know that knowledge about aliens would be the end of their beliefs, after all who would want to know about preaching, in a fascinating world of aliens, surely humanity would want to follow what the aliens believe and not traditional religions that have failed to bring peace and happiness to humanity.

But, it is necessary to have reservations.

Our religion knows that there are supernatural entities out there, and in fact some aliens may indeed be demons or hostile beings.

But, it is easy to identify. False aliens who actually act like demons, usually do not have physical bodies, their representations are always naked and in general they communicate in dreams or telepathic messages.

Note that many visions of aliens today are this way, especially aliens who communicate with mediums. The messages are very shallow and generic, like "seek peace", "beware of nuclear bombs". So, these false aliens may indeed be the demons.

Another issue is that aliens from allanism are none of these current aliens. Our mythology tells us that they left long after they perfected humanity, some were extinguished and a few who are living close to the earth decided not to interfere in the path of humanity anymore. Because they are too busy taking care of their own civilization and have no interest in getting involved with human problems anymore.

But, if so, how can allanism be a religion of alien origin?

Our religion has two origins, one due to the revelations of Eternal Consciousness, and another due to the discovery of part of the knowledge of some of these beings. And quite differently from the false ones contacted, we had access to a high philosophy and culture that can actually make a difference for humanity.

Instead of naive messages, messages from our religion do have real solutions for politics, religion, wealth generation and culture, as well as curing humanity's existential problems. But, we have not been given any technology, perhaps because we are not yet ready and could be confiscated and used for evil due to the corrupt systems in which we live.


There are aliens and there are demons. The latter as interdimensional beings that can pass as demons to the unwary who do not know how to differentiate a spirit from an alien being. Demons have no physical body, nor do they have technology. Aliens are living beings and use technology.

The UFO phenomena are, as the name says, unidentified flying objects, and they do not seem to be the same aliens of our religion, the aliens of our religion would never experiment ourselves without our permission, therefore they are human ships or unknown and hostile aliens.

So, it is better to wait to find out if some of our lost brothers have returned or if they are enemies or an unknown race. We must also observe whether they are able to use our sacred language that was left to us by the ancient allis, until then there is little care. May All~ bless us always,

Aisi ~


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