How Allanism can rebuild our civilization

When we talk about reconstruction, we are talking about bringing back high values ​​from what is already perfect.  The human soul is perfect and comes from the Eternal, so all these values ​​already exist within our essence.

 Our philosophy knows that the human being was born with great potential and just needs a suitable land to flourish.  First, we need to purify ourselves of harmful and pessimistic ideologies, which are based on the demotion of the human being and the guilt for living.

 These ideologies seem harmless, but they are highly harmful to people's psychology.  Due to these ideologies, we grew up in a totally pessimistic environment, an erroneous and distorted view of reality.

 People do not believe in themselves, they think they do not deserve the grace of the Eternal, and this brings a society of low self-esteem, and even causes crime and other social ills, how people will act righteously, if they learn early on that they are sinners  and worth nothing?  Fixing this pessimistic view and denial of the divine life.

 The next step is to bring people into harmony with natural laws.  Here we will make official the sacred and philosophical calendar of 12 months of 28 days, plus 1 month of 29 days, being that sacred day, in a moment of reflection about oneself and the reality.  In leap years, another neutral day is added.  Another issue is to free ourselves from the hours devoted to demons by occultists who make the day start even at night.

 Have you never found it strange that the day starts at midnight?  This was done intentionally to keep humanity in darkness and to cause disharmonic confusion in people, which is stupid, but how the powerful ones who created these ways of measuring time are occultists and slaves of the entities did it on purpose so that people would not  see the light.

 The day must start at 5 am and the night must start at nightfall, and not that weird time, the first hour must start with the sunrise and not in the middle of the darkness.  In addition, we will have to invest heavily in high culture.

 Schools will again have order, and will teach useful content, when a student leaves teaching for a university, he must leave knowing how to effectively take care of his health, understanding much more about economics than a Harvard student, knowing how to cook, survive in nature  , fight, and even perform minor surgeries, in addition to properly speaking the main languages ​​of the world, in addition to having developed an ethics and solidarity.

 All this cultural rubbish that the mainstream media poisons us daily, will not have a place in the minds of healthy people, all this rubbish comes just because we are in a sick society.

 And finally, after we have assimilated all the high knowledge, we will change the policy, but it will be a natural thing that will happen when the values ​​of our civilization are fully restored.

 First, a simple law must be passed, so simple that even a child can understand.  These just laws already exist and are based on our old society.  The punishments will not come as revenge but as the sincere desire to make amends for the wrongdoer, however the violence arising from selfishness will be punished to the same degree.

 The policy will be organized according to what is fair, through volunteering, being able to occupy a position, who has the right qualifications, through age stages where older people will be respected in a council that will not need campaigns and political collusion to get there  , but will ascend to these positions over time, with all citizens being able to participate in a direct and no longer representative democracy as this mess is today, which as we well know does not represent anything, since the politicians are there in majority to defend their  their own interests and those of their bosses who are the source of the greatest wealth in the world.

 However, corruption will not be tolerated, whoever steals the nation is a mass murderer and every corrupt politician will be put to death.

 Regarding taxes, we will have a maximum tax of up to 9% in the first instance, but over time individuals will be exempt from paying taxes and in the end there will still be a universal basic income for all citizens based on the country's growth.

 This formula is totally possible, a nation is our enterprise and it is only fair that our country pays dividends for us, who are directly responsible for the success of our country.

 Of course, we will have a long way to go for all of this to happen, and there are several dark forces boycotting our country right now, but the first step is to free our mind from all the harmful ideology we have received.

 May the Eternal All bless us always.  Aisi


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