Should we fear epidemics?

Unfortunately, we are experiencing an epidemic of a scary virus.  Nobody knows for sure, why these situations are becoming so common, but there are suspects of biological weapons, already condemned here as crimes against humanity.

 Anyway, it is necessary to talk about what to do according to our philosophy.



 We know that as living beings in this reality we are subject to conflicts with other forms of life.  And these viruses somehow have some kind of life.  So we have to accept that conflicts like that are natural in nature.  Just remember also that we feed on other animals and maybe for them, we are the plague that decimates them.

 Lose fear

 When you understand the naturalness of the situation, you must stop feeding fear and paranoia.

 Bad situations happen, some people will die, others will not, but you don't have to lose worried nights of sleep.  There are so many people afraid of this situation, and yet they will die this week for other reasons, such as heart attacks, accidents, violence.  But, if you want to be on the noble path, you must have faith, pray, trust and follow your path, regardless of what comes.

 Don't pay too much attention to negative news, don't share your fear, or waste your time worrying.  Live with confidence, and do not be like the false religious who not only hope for the worst for humanity, but still believe that God is taking revenge on humanity.  Your path is different, it is one of trust and compassion.

 Take good care of yourself

 It is not because you are not afraid, nor live in negativism, that you should not take care of yourself.  Take all the hygiene and protection attitudes that are within your reach, and prepare yourself for the social paranoia that surrounds you.  Also have at hand, some medical resources that can be used in situations like this.

 Live in harmony

 The best way to live with these diseases is to keep your immunity high.  For that it is necessary to have a life in the correct conscience, doing physical exercises, having a good diet, I always advise the Paleolithic diet even though it is so criticized by those who want to see you weak and sick.  Follow your purpose.  Of course, even someone doing everything right can get sick, but in general the chances of those who live in harmony are always greater.

 Live normally

 One of the biggest mistakes was trying to isolate people against the virus, which ended up exacerbating social chaos.  The correct thing is that people wear masks, have good hygiene, use a lot of gel alcohol, and go on with their lives normally.  At one time or another, humanity will learn to live with this way of life.

 Remember the Spanish flu, the avian flu, the swine flu, all these diseases have killed and caused great concern to humanity.  But one day, our bodies learned to live with them.

 Behold the healing

 It is our duty to pray and contemplate that the countries and people affected will be healed soon.  We have to see this in our prayers and know that soon everything will be fine.  Unfortunately, humanity has attracted these difficulties through feeding these negativities in films, books, news.

 But, we have to try to balance it with our positivity and faith.  Do not accept evil in your life, contemplate and have faith in health, in good, in joy.  And may the Eternal bless us today and forever.

 Aisi ~


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