Covid and Allanism, does anything change?

Hoi, some people asked us about how our religion views the covid, and if that changes anything?


 The answer is "no".  Our religion has always been the most prepared for situations like this.  Firstly, because it is a religion that is based on natural laws, we naturally see all conflict situations in reality, and accept situations that are beyond our control.

 Our religion also knows that the world has little divine interference, quite different from religions that promise a cure for everything or that have a pessimistic view and divine punishment.

 The funny thing is that all recommendations against this pandemic have always been part of our routine, except for confinement at home, which in our opinion is not the best option.

 We always use alcohol gel, we always keep our distance when speaking, we wash our hands, we have a healthy diet, free from addictions, and we always maintain good physical shape, including as a rule of our faith.

 So, our religion has always been right from the beginning to avoid exaggeration, to want to enjoy life at parties like there is no tomorrow.

 Our religion also has a very positive view of times of adversity such as illness and even death.

 A nobleman should not live his life in despair for fear of becoming ill and die, but face the situations of this reality naturally.  Our lives are also focused on eternity.

 But, this does not mean that we will not take necessary care, after all, as we have already said, this care has always been part of our routine even as a religious obligation.

 What we avoid is the despair and hysteria that the media and some politicians try to impose on us.  This is not the meaning of life, to live in despair, which only increases social chaos and hopelessness.

 So, for our faith, nothing changes, we just move on, knowing that all adversity will one day end, and we trust in Eternal Consciousness to guide us and always make us ever wiser and higher to live in harmony in this life, and have a  good evolution in eternity.

 Aisi ~, nobles!


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