Great move of the Eternal in the last days

Today was a very special day for us, as we successfully completed our Special Campaign for Healing and Prosperity for all peoples.

 The campaign started in a simple way, but soon the Eternal influenced even people of other religions, from other countries having as its peak until the adhesion of the president of our country.

 We are very happy with the success of our campaign and we believe that this symbolic act can bring hope and healing to many people, both physical and spiritual.

 It was great to have participated, and Eternal gave us the inspiration for our new book that we are distributing for free on this site.

 Those 28 minutes of contemplation worked miracles, and we had all our strength and hopes renewed.  This is not the time to be worried or anxious because our hope is in Eternal Consciousness and once again we are going to overcome the challenges of these difficult times.

 Below is our table of contemplative prayers, as you can see we have fulfilled what we promised, with the exception of the 7th because we were too busy translating and disseminating the new book.

 In any case, we paid the other day, the time we did not do the day before, thus fulfilling the purpose that was left to us by our God.

 All stay in peace, prosperity and hope for Eternal Consciousness.  Aisi ~

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