Hœ.  Defining Allanism is a bit complex because Allanism has many nuances and there is always a vision that is damaged by the views of other beliefs, but come on ..

 The first thing to know is that Allanism is a philosophy of life, and that it covers the entire human spectrum, this philosophy is divided into several areas such as psychological philosophy, political philosophy, economic philosophy, artistic philosophy etc. in other words the  allanism has an answer for any area of ​​human life within its philosophical and social field.

 But, what are the Allan beliefs anyway?

 Allanism believes in an Eternal and universal Consciousness that permeates all things, some identify this being as God, others as an intelligence or even an energy that permeates everything, perhaps a comparison is with the Tao of Taoism, but in a Christian language it could be a  kind of holy spirit or great spirit for the indigenous people.

 However, this view does not have the same weight as other theistic religions, since All ~ this Eternal Consciousness does not demand anything from humanity.

 There is no sin or redemption in allanism, in this the human being is already a perfect being, a work of art of Consciousness, and only needs to believe it to discover the truth.

 Allanism also rescues the sacredness of nature since everything is sacred, even the days, months, hours, numbers and letters, everything has a beautiful and transcendental meaning in Allanism.

 The universe has always existed, in fact multiverses and multidimensions, and each human being exists in several of them, going through various challenges in each of them in a different way of their own free will in a great cosmic game of Divinity itself.  These concepts are difficult to understand and it is necessary to talk to a nobleman who can explain better.

 But, how do you know if God really exists or if Allanism is correct?

 The existence of God is not the most important in allanism, the point is if this belief does you good or if you are in harmony, let's say if All ~ does not exist in any way, Life exists and Consciousness also then allanism continues to be valid because focuses on that harmonization.

 So Allanism does not try to prove the supernatural, but points to a rational and logical perspective.  For example, a materialist might believe that everything came about by evolution, but if we think that way, and if the universe can generate a thinking being like a human, why could it not have generated an even more impressive being beyond our comprehension and who  does this being know have changed the universe and be what they call God?

 Of course, this is an assumption, but if the human being exists, a superpowered being can also exist, although the belief in All is focused on matter, energy and consciousness always existing, not needing a creation or beginning for this.

 One of the ways of understanding All ~ according to allanism is by comparing it with the human brain, the brain is matter, thoughts are energy, and the human mind is Eternal Consciousness.

 Another issue is the existence of parallel dimensions or universes, the supernatural world is nothing more than another dimension or universe superimposed on ours, where all beings there would be like pure energies without the limitation of a physical body, All ~ no  case it would be the source that generates all this world and conscious beings, being present in the human being through Consciousness.

 We could also speculate archaeologically, for example, all civilizations portrayed spiritual beings among gods and demons, but why did all civilizations portray this?  Archeologists often accept these inscriptions as evidence of a civilization, of a king, etc, but it is never accepted as evidence of the existence of spiritual beings, of course this is a weak proof, since as they say the human being may have created through his imagination  .

 Even so, it is very strange that this religious interaction has brought many advances to civilization.  For example, the first grammar was made by religious people, visual arts too, poetry, music, architecture and moral codes, and even medicine through herbs and shamanic rituals, all of these things always started with some religious sage or mystic.  So this is a strong indication that some type of intelligence was transmitting a message to humanity or that religious belief develops genius capacities in some mystics.

 But let's go back to the Allan beliefs, in addition to All~'s Eternal Consciousness, Allanism believes that there were 2 advanced civilizations on earth, one much older from the time of the pyramids created by beings that came from space and that modified humanity, and another more recent one  what some call tartaria, an advanced civilization that dominated a large part of the land.

 He also believes that some harmful beings that influence mankind for evil, would be the demons of various mythologies, but in allanism they are not so powerful, they are more like dimensional parasites and act only in the world of thoughts, thus being able to be reprimanded by a mind  healthy.

 Allanism does not see death as something negative, and is not concerned with a probable apocalypse, for Allanism we are all subject to natural laws and catastrophes so we should not be restless about anything in this life, the important thing is it is in harmony and always ready to go if it is the moment.

 The allan experience is based on the development of artistic, philosophical and intellectual potentialities, the allan has the duty to improve his life and improve himself so that it can be used for the good of humanity.

 Well, let's stop here for today, after Allanism is a very broad subject to explain everything at once, and we have already stretched a lot.  I hope this text can help you better understand the philosophy of Allanism.  



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