How we act in the face of an injustice


 ~Aisi!  This was a week full of emotions.  We first launched a successful project and received a lot of praise from many people and we are happy about that.

 But on the other hand, we had a sad news that we learned that an influential people stole one of our projects that we spent sleepless days and nights elaborating.

 In a situation like this, we feel very negative things and indignation is what comes to mind.  After all, how can there be so many petty people in the world who, even with so much money, still have the courage to rob others?  This is sad.

 But we know that the children of this inferior society in which we live bring forth people like that, totally lost in their existence.  So we consulted with some lawyers and were advised that we should first report his mistake to the offender, and we did so even though we were ignored.

 However after a few days and nights of indignation and anguish, we decided to return to our initial harmony and consult our Eternal Consciousness.  And this one gave us the correct answer on what to do.

 First we must get back to our inner balance, take a deep breath and do our contemplations, then we can see the situation clearly with spiritual eyes.

 And in the end, we realized that these people are still trapped in the instinctual and animalistic world, and we were even able to pray for them, whenever some negative feeling came to our mind.  And so we have done, and in light of this situation, we were inspired by an even more interesting project that is giving us a lot of satisfaction in doing it.

 In other words, faced with a bad situation, a robbery, we were enlightened and now we are totally free from any resentment and rancor, and any negative emotion whenever we remember this story.

 And we've also given up on a lawsuit that would be worth millions unless we're legally obligated to prove our design original.

 But you ask us, how can you give up a process that would yield millions?

 And the answer is very simple.

 The Eternal showed us that we must have only what is the result of our own work, only what comes from our essence and our creativity.  And we must stay away from other people's ill-gotten gains.

 But, we don't mean by this that if you are suing any wrongdoers, you should drop the process, that was our individual decision in this situation and that was the guidance we received.

 But we also know that in some cases we must act vehemently against crime and some people do deserve to be punished for being people who live only to do evil.

 But on the other hand we are real people, and we don't want anything that isn't really ours.  We are the difference in this filthy world, and as children of High Civilization we must not stoop to mediocrity.

 So that we always continue to be very blessed in everything by our Consciousness and Eternal Harmony that will give us much more than we can honestly and truly imagine.

 Stay in wisdom always!



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