How False Religion Creates Evil People

 Hi, today we're going to talk about false system religions and how they create evil people and psychopaths.

  The religios of the system are already for millennia enslaving the minds of people and nations, they have already destroyed entire peoples, even made atrocities against children and bring all sorts of curses to nations and peoples who follow this religion.

  But currently they cause misery and create psychopaths without love for others, and who always root for the misfortune of people and the whole world for not converting to their beliefs.

  These psychopaths or evil people created by their religious beliefs spend all their time trying to prove their beliefs or rooting for people to die, for meteors, tsunamis, earthquakes to fall, for more and more catastrophes and epidemics to come so that their prophecies can be fulfilled, and they even boast when a prophecy is fulfilled, amidst many that have failed.

  They even use the death of famous people to justify their psychopathies, as if to say "look, our entity warned that if I didn't follow him, I would die".

  Seeing these things, we see how false religions create evil psychopaths in the image and likeness of their evil entities that only bring curses to people's lives.

  Imagine living a miserable life like this, all the time waiting for disasters, wars, diseases, curses, wishing harm to others and to everyone who doesn't follow your religion.

  A philosopher once said "The mouth speaks of what the heart is full of."  And that's the truth, so if you only say wicked and evil things, that means your heart is evil and evil.

  Have you ever stopped to think how much this is contrary to the true God?  Are you really following the truth and on the right path?

  Look carefully at the message of your devotion, what your entity brings to humanity, what prophecies it has made, and analyze if in fact it is really good or more like an entity of war and curses.

  And what has it done to your mind, have you become a sadistic psychopath who craves the destruction of your fellow man?  Do you have hatred in your heart against those who do not follow your religion?

  Is your life based on waiting for the end of humanity, on the destruction of all, where only you and a minority will be saved while the rest will suffer eternal punishment?

  The choice is yours to continue on this path of evil, worshiping bad entities that only bring curses to peoples and nations, or recognizing that these entities are evil and not in keeping with the wise and true God.

  May the Eternal Consciousness always bless you and free you from all malignity.  She awaits you on the side of light, goodness and truth.



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