How to keep demons out of your life

 Hello, today we are going to bring you a very important topic that many are not aware of, which is the action of demons in people's lives and how they destroy many.

 In our religion, these beings are called senes and were once living beings who walked the earth, and who after death were trapped in a neutral dimension, but who can influence and possess human bodies here on earth.

 In our belief, the senes were never angels, and are not as powerful as other religions believe, they just have the power to act on people's thoughts and influence them for evil and thus feed on the negativity caused by these acts.

 But, if you are a materialist and do not believe in the spiritual world, sines can also be considered just as harmful thoughts or ideologies, destructive behavior and obsessions, compulsions etc., anyway, any pattern of thoughts that lead humans to evil or self-destruction, for example : depression, addictions, racism, these are all seneful thought patterns.

 The important thing is to know that senes exist and can destroy lives and human potential, leaving people in vicious circles of harmful behavior.

 But how to get rid of the senes?

 1. Take good care of your mind

 The human mind is where the senes influence the most and therefore you must take good care of your thoughts.  Keep your mind clear, scold all bad thoughts, those thoughts that say you're worthless, negative thoughts, hate, spite, lust, etc.

 Don't watch pornography, or movies that only show negative things like horror movies, or negative content that only talks about sadness, catastrophe, destruction, end of the world etc, it all takes your mind to a low vibration and opens the door for senes in your life.

 2. Have healthy habits

 You must have a good diet, do not overeat, stay away from most industrialized products, avoid soft drinks, fast food and never drink to excess.

 Also, exercise regularly, if you don't have a lot of time, at least exercise every other day, three times a week, or at least walk every day.

 3. Don't stay connected all the time

 Take breaks, also don't spend more than two hours just playing games or in the virtual world, you may have noticed that you feel stressed after a long time in front of the screens, because this is harmful to your health and everything that is harmful brings patterns sine for your life.

 4. Stay away from negative beliefs

 Many beliefs that belong to the system are actually fed by the senes, and they bring a lot of unhappiness to many people.  If your beliefs teach self-deprecation, submission to other human beings, idolatry, hatred of other people, fear, and a pessimistic view of yourself and reality, then that belief probably belongs to the sene system.

 You can also ask yourself if you live in a country with a majority of a certain faith, if this has brought about a harmonious and happy society, or observe religious people and their lives, and analyze if they really have a full, happy and divine life.  If they don't, it's probably because they're worshiping a sene and they aren't actually.

 5. Get rid of fear

 Fear is a strong catalyst for sinuses, if you look closely you will see that the whole world that makes you keep scared, the news in the newspapers, the government, science, religion, every day you see something to keep you scared , it's threats of war, it's a catastrophe that's coming, it's a meteor that scraped by, it's the threat of hunger, unemployment, it's a religious leader talking about the end of the world, in short, all these are generated by the senes who want to continue feeding on their weaknesses and fear.

 Get rid of that pattern, and fear nothing.  One of the things that changed the most in our lives was when we discovered this sacred knowledge and today we fear nothing, we remember when we were children and we were very afraid of ghosts and dying, but now we are completely free from fear and don't give a damn for spiritual beings and fear of dying.

 Our hope is in the Eternal Consciousness, and no sene has power over our lives and when we have to leave, we will go in peace knowing that we will be well and in harmony forever.

 6. Don't have addictions

 Addictions are a clear sign of sins in your life.  The senes want to experience the pleasures of this land and use their hosts to accomplish this.  Every addiction is harmful whether in substances, whether in games, pornography, electronic games, sex, even the passion for a person who does not value you can be considered an addiction.

 Free yourself from all addictions, right now.  Stop making excuses, you are able to solve everything, you are a child of the Eternal and can perform miracles and solve all your problems from now on.

 7. Stay away from bad company

 We know that it is difficult and it even seems wrong to withdraw from other people, but there are situations where this is necessary.  Some people are completely dominated by senes and have high standards of harm.

 They are negative, envious, depressed and pathetic people, and they don't want to change their lives, you even feel compassion and try to help them, but they prefer to stay the same always complaining, and the worst thing is, you won't be able to save them, but they will be able to take you to the hole with them.

 In situations like this, it's best to step back, if you don't have the strength to bring them to the light, be safe, pray for them, and keep minimal contact without ever letting them lead you into their sine standards.

 If you are a family member, spouse, then there is no way to leave, then you will have a long spiritual battle for that person's life, first try not to react or enter into the negative patterns of this family member, but strengthen yourself spiritually and be a positive influence, be a example, but without ever accusing or criticizing that person, it will take a lot of wisdom and strength to lead that person to the truth, but don't give up, if you act correctly the victory overturns.

 8. Feed your mind with positive things and evolve

 You must stop paying attention to negativity and evil, stop wasting your time on useless things, start reading good books, learn new languages, qualify yourself professionally, start a new business, learn to play a musical instrument.

 There are a multitude of useful and useful things for you to focus your thoughts and have a healthy life.  Stop living the dreams of others chasing celebrities and have your own goals, projects and evolve in all areas.

 9. Have a healthy faith and cultivate spirituality

 Here it is about having a moment when you can reflect on the sacredness of existence, stay in a quiet place, meditate on the divine grandeur, contemplate that is to observe nature and be grateful for all good things, and even prayers of thanks , maybe even fasting once a month when you don't need to leave the house, and staying united with the Eternal Consciousness.

 May we be more firmly established each day in all that is correct, good and sublime.



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