Don't seek aliens, don't summon anybody

 Hi, if you've ever seen the movie The Color That Came from Heaven or Space inspired by writer Lovecraft, you've probably already realized that it's not a good idea to invoke things you don't understand.  This writer knew or had visions of terrible creatures in the universe, and not everything is fiction as most people believe.

 So, don't be curious to summon beings from the occult or even try to interact with aliens, never look for what you don't know and don't know what can happen to you.

 The reality is quite simple, even though our religion came from people who had access to an occult alien knowledge, it is not the same thing today.

 This is because our origins go back to a very distant past when some very advanced beings arrived on our planet and left this knowledge to be discovered in the future, but although this is one of the origins of our history, it is necessary to know that these beings from the past are not more between us, and we don't know what actually happened to them all.

 There is only one race called the Claros that are close to our world, but they have decided not to get involved with humanity anymore, so the aliens that act in the world are currently not part of our people, and due to the disrespectful attitudes we have testimonies, they don't seem have good intentions with humanity.

 There are still spiritual beings that influence humanity to bad behavior to feed on low vibrations, in addition to many other terrible beings that exist in different dimensions and universes.

 So it's safest for us as humanity to keep quiet and silent, not trying to draw any attention to any of these beings, as the result could be catastrophic for humanity.

 In addition of course, the individual spiritual consequences that happen to foolish people who invoke interdimensional beings for their lives.

 In short, our religion does have an origin in occult knowledge of beings who came from another place and who by the way were responsible for our evolution as a species, and we follow their teachings of mental and spiritual evolution, in addition to knowledge about the Eternal Consciousness.

 However, we want distance from other beings that are lurking in our world, who do abductions, experiences without consent, and stay away from the invocations of beings from other dimensions that enslave the minds of many people.

 Keep to Primordial Knowledge and Harmony only for your own good.



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