Eternal Consciousness is not the god of other religions


 Hello, today there will be a somewhat controversial study dealing with the God of the Allans religion and the other gods of different peoples, and explaining why This should not be confused with the gods of these religions.

 Currently, a religious syncretic view is in vogue that all the gods are actually the same and one, only changing names and cultures, and at times some terms are even used here that resemble other devotions for didactic matters of teaching of this belief.

 But, it is important to make one caveat firmly here - Eternal and Perfect Consciousness is not the god of other religions.  We can start with the name All~ which is pronounced "ain",  and which comes from the sacred language allans Ar which means I or Consciousness, Individuality and LL which has a sense of continuity, eternity, something that always exists.

 And even this term suffering distortions in several languages ​​such as ENki, TENgri, AyN Sof, BrahmAN, EiEN, EWos, AtEN, amEN, ShEM, HashEM, Animism, kAMi etc  and having a variety of names that mention the Name of All~.  Even so, the vision and knowledge of the Eternal Consciousness should not be confused, as it has been distorted and lost, therefore it should not be compared to other names of different religions around the world.

 And although many claim that God is one, there are presuppositions that are irreconcilable, for example, how can it be said that the Consciousness that is omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient and flawless is considered with others that need sacrifices?  Which have their own and distinct rules?  Who can be tempted by an enemy?  Or that they send people to war and hate other people?

 Anyway, it doesn't make any sense to have this syncretic vision of God, even because the gods in general are gods of this world, at the most of this universe only, or from a certain country or of a certain person, nation, etc., but the Eternal Consciousness is the God of different universes and dimensions.  So it's a very imprecise view and you should stop making this comparison right now.

 One more irreconcilable parallel can also be drawn, in general the gods say that humans are sinners, and that they need to obey commandments, religious leaders and follow various rules in order to be saved from their own wrath if humans don't follow them.

 But for the Eternal none of this exists, for the Eternal the human being is already perfect, there is no sin and the human being just needs to understand this to have a full life and be happy as they harmonizes with the Consciousness, there is also no judgment or need for salvation.

 There is not even a need to believe in the Conscience and even contrary to any type of worship.  For example, a sincere religious even of another religion and even an atheist can "be saved" in that belief.  For one does not worship this God, one only interacts, in other words, at most, one converses with Him through simple and sincere prayer.  And even without believing in Him, he who does and seeks good is blessed in His harmony.

 It is also important to make another caveat, the Eternal God is not the devil of another religion, that being or entity belongs only to the religion and its own mythology, and the Eternal has nothing to do with these beliefs.  A demon according to the common view is a limited being who also demands worship, sacrifices, causes bad things, leaves people in a trance, makes them get out of themselves, talk nonsense, etc.  And these things are totally contrary to the Allans religion.

 However, it is true that in this belief there are also the senes, which can be made a parallel with the demons of some religions, but the view is totally different.  First, the sines do not have the power to do physical things on earth, nor do you need to have any fear against them, we just don't listen to their suggestions.

 Also a sene would never come close to God to influence Him, persuade Him or tempt Him, this is simply something impossible to happen, a sene lives in a neutral dimension and has no access to the Eternal Consciousness of the Multiverse.  Only here can one more question be asked of why this God cannot be syncretically mixed with the other gods.

 So, this erroneous view of wanting to make comparisons, whether positive or negative, must be suppressed, one simply must not mix things up and abandon this syncretism, which by the way, besides being disrespectful, is still wrong according to the Allans philosophy, since it does not embrace or practice any kind of ecumenism.

 All stay in true harmony!



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