How do you imagine the cities of the future?


 Hi, this was a simple question, if cities would be tech based on artificial intelligence (which at the moment is just a scam) or if cities would be green.

 But what caught our attention were the answers, the vast majority with a very pessimistic tone that they would be big slums, destruction, filthy a la Mad Max, and there were even those who said there would be all sorts of meteor-fall catastrophes the tsunamis, besides of course the answers of an elite in luxury and the rest starving and in dirt.

 But where does this negative view of the future come from, in a world where humanity is increasingly inventing new technologies that provide quality of life and promise a better future in some areas?

 Here we have two answers, the first would be the brainwashing caused by the entertainment industry that as we said do an indoctrination and colonization in people's minds so that they accept the elite ideology that governs this world.

 So it's not uncommon to see, the elite always ruling while misery plagues the rest, not only that the elite having fun with poverty and using the poor for entertainment treating them like animals.  These images bring conformism and that we must project and accept this future even worse than today.

 The second cause is religious, the religions created by the system, also brought the same kind of thing, the same pessimism, which by the way is just like the elite mentality.  Why will it be right?  These superstitious beliefs bring many bad prophecies, that each time the world will get worse and worse, with more and more misery, catastrophes, wars etc, and in the end some good and saving entity appears to save a chosen few.

 But if these entities are so good, why do they need to play a lot of little games with the human race, why do they need to gradually bring in and allow a lot of misfortunes and curses, and then act?

 If you are omniscient, you already know everything that is going to happen, all you need to do is use your power through mental simulations and so see the end result, avoid it and thus save whatever you want, and saving the lives and suffering of billions of people, in fact why create people who will not be saved and will be anguished in hell?

 Well, these are the 2 views that brought so much pessimism about the future to humanity, remembering that demons feed on pessimism, sadness, fear and anguish, and how to see both the elite and the superstitions bring just that, food for the demons.  This should bring you a reflection here, about who is behind this system.

 However, you must abandon that system mentally, we talked in the previous talk about abandoning the evil thinking of the elite, and about not conforming to this world, with that mentality, being really free.

 The demons and the elite want to keep you imprisoned by generating a very bad reality through the energy of our thoughts, while you suffer, they thrive and your life will be drained and wither away more and more.  And the solution is to go back to primordial nature.

 The primordial nature is to be happy, optimistic and fight to improve things and not accommodation to this current world.  Have you ever watched a child, seen them being negative, accepting the end, depressed even though they had everything?

 This is certainly very rare, and children are only like that in extreme situations, this is because children are free from the brainwashing of the system, they are still in the divine primordial nature, they do not live scared, negative, pessimistic.

 Their lives follow the divine order which is to always learn, be happy, have fun, they also don't think they are inferior, they don't see themselves as sinful or bad, even conflicts with other children are temporary, they don't care about beauty standards either. or they are racist, they just interact and are curious about other people and want to meet and interact.

 And not just the children, but the animals too, if you have a dog or see the birds singing in the morning, you've probably already noticed how happy they are, even some animals struggling hard to survive, to get food and get rid of many predators.

 Even so, none of these lives depressed or negative like the human being, this is because the human being got lost and was far from true spirituality, in short had his mind colonized by the perverse and demonic system.

 May we return to true harmony, to a clean and positive mind as we were at the beginning of this world and when we were children always happy, curious, creative and with a contemplative look at all good things.



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