How should we behave politically


 Hello, today we see the world inflamed by politics, there is a great division in our society, always represented by two sides in almost all countries, these divisions being artificial and fed by algorithms from some social networks strategically created to control people's opinion and mind .  But what answer does our philosophy give us about how we should act politically in our societies?

 And the answer is quite simple - stay neutral and don't be used by any groups, politicians and their ideologies, because the whole system is designed to keep you alienated.  You may have already noticed that everything from childhood is made to make you a worshiper, to the cult of a person, ranging from politicians, athletes to sub-celebrities, and people find it super normal young people idolizing idols, adult men screaming hysterically for athletes in competitions etc.

 But, all this is wrong, the system indoctrinated you to be like that, to be a mere idolater to generate profits for other people or to maintain the system of power and world alienation.  Everyone wants to manipulate you, enslave you and control you.

 And we see it all the time too, acquaintances and friends deluding themselves with political characters or ideologies, thinking that some of these human beings can bring some change or that they are different and more honest than others, but soon most are disappointed, for that is what happens when you trust undeveloped humans.

 But, then, does it mean that we should remain inert in the face of society's problems?

 No, not at all, but the truth is that if you don't have wealth or public influence, basically you can't do anything, you're just going to get stressed out and waste your time.

 However, the political attitude of our philosophy is more dynamic, if you act when you actually have the power to act, it is not fighting on the web, making protests or plundering things that some positive change is made in the world.

 It's much better if you strive to improve yourself and your family, studying hard, reading good books, getting richer financially, in order to actually have some positive influence on society and improve things.

 We also believe that if you in fact already have enough resources for your survival, you are already financially independent, and you are an intelligent, erudite human being, and above all you are an honest person, you should go into politics, of course not to be anymore a corrupt one, but to actually change people's lives for the better.

 However, there are some caveats here, our philosophy believes in political volunteering, and almost all salary should be donated, as political volunteering was the ideal system of humanity's Golden Age in the distant past, which is why it is so important to already be financially free to that you don't depend on anything and don't be corrupted.

 Nor should one ever mix or use religion to manipulate people or ask for votes, nor seek laws to favor any belief.  A high politician must be honest, upright and fight for all people.  It is not even allowed for someone in a position of spiritual leadership to be a politician, and that person should step aside from those functions if he is acting in politics.

 As for rallies and motorcades and all these mental domination systems, we should also abstain from this type of event, unless it is your job, for example maybe you work in a company that promotes these events, or you are an artist hired to present yourself at these events, in this case there is no mistake in that, as it is your job only.  Even so, always keep a serious attitude and do not show idolatrous attitudes towards other humans, as disappointment will always come and this is a bad example for other people.

 In short, the proper philosophical attitude is almost always serious, neutral and appeasing, without taking sides or ideological partisanships, and we must always have high standards of rationality and try to get people to analyze their own ideologies without passion, nor should we have enmities with anyone , and run away from the divisions.

 These divisions are all system-generated so that we can never see the light and solve our problems, they are pure distractions to keep our societies stopped and exploited by a powerful few.

 So if you want to make some change in this land, you will have to change your attitude, you don't do good with partisanship, it is necessary to know how to talk to all sides, be pragmatic and fight intelligently and non-violently to improve the world in which we live .  It is not with arguments or violence that you change the world effectively, but with a high philosophy, financial resources, rationality and spiritual enlightenment.

 Aisi ~


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