About War in the Northern Hemisphere

 Hello, let's make some considerations about our philosophy about the current war in the northern hemisphere, which is experiencing a great delay in giving space to fearful and incompetent dictators and politicians.

 But despite everything, we remain optimistic, as humanity continues to evolve towards a better and better world in the future, and our philosophy teaches us to remain calm always and:

 1. Not to fear anything, some people live in fear of a nuclear war or the end of humanity, but for us Allans, none of that matters, fear is just a tool of the powerful of domination and to leave us standing without doing the that's right.

 We live in several dimensions and this life here is ephemeral so the fear of dying makes no sense, an Allan should not fear anything, ever and in any situation, although we should always use prudence in our lives and in any circumstances.

 So the excuse of fear of nuclear war not to stop a dictator is not admissible, so what if there is a nuclear war and even if the world ends?  Allans should not fail to do right for fear of any of this.

 Another issue is that "no bombs can destroy the whole world", but the powerful use these arguments, just to maintain their power, and we go further, this is all legend, see the cities that were hit by atomic bombs, until today there is people living there, and the world is full of nuclear tests, yet we don't see this terrible radiation destroying the world.

 2. The attacker is always wrong.  It's very easy to take a side in this war, just see who's invading.  It's the same thing you're in your house and a burglar comes in, you have every right to defend yourself, so there's no point taking sides with the aggressor side, especially when this is just a war caused by a megalomaniac dictator, a new hitler and his thirst for power.

 3. Knowing how to separate the people from the dictator who is in power.  The people are also victims of this authoritarianism, they do not have freedom of the press, they do not have the full right to protest, in addition to political opponents having been arrested, poisoned and killed.

 So there's not much they can do at this point, and we must separate Russia from Putinism, which is the philosophy of a bureaucrat who fights only for power and vanity.

 4. This war also shows us that the northern hemisphere does not have a good future ahead and we advise everyone who can to migrate to the southern hemisphere, especially Latin America, as a new era will emerge from this place.

 It is also always important to be prepared for any situation, stay in shape, take good care of our financial resources, learn to eat well and consume fewer resources, and even have more than one nationality if possible.

 Don't forget our world is controlled by madmen, psychopaths and spiritually and mentally retarded people, and we should never trust any of them.  It is a vile reality, but one that we are working to change and one day it will be better.  Well, we're already doing our part.

 All stay in the hope, faith and harmony of the Eternal Consciousness.

 Aisi ~



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