The neocolonial vision of the North Hemispheres

 Hello, seeing how our country is being attacked by the death of 2 activists at the behest of a foreign drug dealer who dominates trafficking on the border between Brazil, Peru and Colombia, we decided to say a few things.

 Every day people are killed all over the world by criminals in the big cities of big countries, yet we don't see anyone attacking the country, the government, the queen, the culture or even the people of that country for these criminal deaths.

 Mainly because the main beneficiaries of illegal activities in our forest such as drug trafficking, hardwoods, agriculture, and precious stones all go to these countries that accuse us of negligence.

 They are the main financiers and consumer market of these illegal activities, in addition they have no morals to talk about environmental protection, since they destroyed most of their ecosystems and still test nuclear weapons on islands and seas of territories that were stolen from other peoples. indigenous and almost never returned.

 These countries that condemn our country have a barbaric, looting, enslaving, warlike policy and until today they live threatening the whole world with their military bases and weapons of mass destruction, as well as disastrous interventions in several countries, so they have nothing to offer good to humanity or to the future of the southern hemisphere.  And the only thing we want is for them to keep their distance from our problems and the peaceful path of our hemisphere.

 But they will not stop, because all the past of colonial savagery against our peoples was not enough, they still continue to desire our wealth both here in Latin America as well as in our sister continent, Africa.

 And we can already say that there is a threat, a kind of cold war against our peoples, for example, our country is already surrounded by illegitimate military bases in several neighboring countries vassals to these peoples, which is a constant threat to our people and nation peaceful.

 They are also infiltrated in some organizations spreading hatred in many indigenous peoples in our country, and disinformation is also expressed harshly in newspapers both here and abroad, fueling a narrative that our country sucks or how we are backward, violent and incompetent.

 And this propaganda has had an effect, as many of us believe this narrative and many have even convinced themselves to move to another country or only speak ill of it here, when in fact we have common and normal problems like many other countries.

 So, this neocolonial vision persists where these outsiders think they have the right to want to save us, or look at the pretense, How to Save the Amazon, as if the solution were simple, or that they were a kind of savior gods above our best minds, and the result we already know was not and will not be in the least positive for them.

 In any case, we are waking up despite some being divided by low self-esteem and by fanaticism and political ideologies.  From here will come the future.  South America and Africa are the future, and these other arrogant countries, even with all their pretensions, will not be able to prevent it because that is the will of Divinity and in vain they plot the evil ones to stop their purposes.

 Keep in peace!  And trust in the Eternal.



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