How to defeat the Illuminati


Hello, you have seen many videos about the Illuminati, about who they are and how they act, but you have never seen any material on how to defeat them and today is what we will discuss here.

To start, it is important to know that the name Illuminati is used here as a synonym for the Deep State or a wicked elite that is behind many world events, and that are indeed, who control almost all the politicians in the world, almost all the currencies and banking system, and of course, mass culture, education, press and even religions.

Technically, they are the people who control almost everything, and this name is purely illustrative, certainly not the real name they use, so forget about those artists who keep using a pyramid with an eye inside, those guys are purely puppets who follow orders from their owners and many don't even know why they are obliged to put this stupid symbolism in their works.

From our experience, we know that almost no artist is part of the closed club of the true Illuminati, being that these only want to maintain order and continue to rule almost the entire world.

Also, forget about those bizarre theories that this organization is aliens or reptilians, all these theories are disinformation to hide the simple truth, that these so-called Illuminati are much closer to bankers than to some kind of monster, and the only objective of this disinformation is to steer away skeptical and reasonable people from the truth, after all, not everyone wants to know about aliens and conspiracies, while hiding the simple truth that the Illuminati are as human as you and me, and for that reason are mortal, and can be defeated.

There is also nothing special about the Illuminati, they don't have blue blood, they are not more educated or intelligent than the simplest peasant, if you see them in person they are pathetic, ugly, ungainly and unintelligent.

But then, if it's like that, how do they have so much power?

The answer is obvious, money, they have almost all the wealth of the earth in their hands, by their own merits? No and no, they only inherited and managed, which is easy when you have billions and even trillions in your hands, the money works by itself. But, why are the Illuminati evil?

One person may question, could they not be good? And the answer is no. They are evil because they are in control of almost everything, they could actually solve hunger, most wars, insecurity and poverty, so only here can you see how wicked they are, because if you have the power to do something good and don't do it, this already shows your lack of character and empathy.

And not only that, besides not solving the problems they could, they still bring chaos to this world, financing all kinds of things harmful to humanity, so there is no way they can be good in the face of so many crimes against humanity.

In addition, people with so much power become alienated from reality, and many are psychopaths, something that is more common in the rich class, so if you care about someone, you can never support them.

So, the answer is simple, stop supporting them, stop using their currency, their banking system, stop watching their mass culture, their education, stop reading their press, stop following their religions.

They have no power without us, they are like a vampire who needs us to survive, so let's stop supporting them and they will lose their power, and this world will finally be free from their wickedness.

Now that we have reached the definition of how the Illuminati are, let's move on to how to defeat them peacefully without violence:

1. Abandon all bizarre theories about who they are and stop speculating about who they are, stop searching for symbols in movies, music videos, etc. simply stop giving them attention, believe me, they don't deserve so much credit, they are the scum of humanity, giving them undue attention is to lower oneself to the most immoral human beings. As we said, they only have money and nothing else.

2. Stop living and thinking like they want. Their intention is to keep us busy so that we never realize the real problems of this world and who is causing them, and many of us are here trapped in low self-esteem, illusions of love, their diversions like vices, pornography, mainstream sports, pseudo-artists, and consuming all the garbage of ideologies sponsored by them.

3. Elevate yourself to a higher culture, study, read good books, consume good music, stop eating the garbage from the bad food chains they give us, learn to heal from the pseudo-sciences that cause addiction, political ideologies, some types of diversions, and so on, everything that comes from this elite, their way of thinking and keeping fit, and do not accept the pessimism of this world that everything is lost. No, nothing is lost. This reality can be changed in the blink of an eye, even your reality, all you have to do is start believing. You create your reality, and you can transform it.

4. Seek help from the True God, from our Eternal Consciousness, and no, this is not the Divinity of the religions of the system that keeps humanity in darkness and chaos. If you want to know what the religions of the system, of the Illuminati are, it's simple, just observe which religion dominates people's minds, which are allies of the governments that spend fortunes of the population to build temples, dominate people's minds, and walk along with everything that people base all their lives on, but none of these religions of the system even come close to teaching what we have always spoken here.

You can also observe the effects of the religious system in your society, how people who live these beliefs are, are they happier, their societies are harmonious, their homes are like paradises with a united and happy family?

Anyway, we have readers here from all over the world who live and know the fruits of these religions, it's enough for each one to consult their own inner truth, be honest with themselves, and seek the True God that we teach here. Well, this article got a little long and we will stop here, there are many other actions we can take to defeat this perverse elite every day, but the most important thing is to defeat them in our own mind or soul, in our thoughts.

Here resides their great power, which they think they have over us, falls to the ground when we do not accept our submission and renew our mind daily, so seek everything that is right and good, cultivate good thoughts, rebuke bad thoughts and the insanities that come from the elite, and seek simple truth in all things, straight words and the right action.

May the Eternal Consciousness always enlighten us!



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