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Harmony, Wealth and Health

   Hello, today we are going to learn a contemplation technique which is to experience the letters HWH, harmony, wealth and health.  To visualize these letters you must inhale and exhale HWH or harmony, wealth and health.  And at the same time ask yourself what the real meaning of these words is.  Harmony is the stage of being well with most things, it is being in physical, mental, spiritual and even environmental balance, it is knowing your true purpose and acting in accordance with divine laws.  Wealth is much more than just material goods, you must be rich in good experiences, knowledge, love and also financial resources.  You must abandon the guilt that was planted in you about being rich, as long as your assets are from honest sources, you must use your wealth to have quality of life and sponsor everything that is good in this world and can help other people.  Health.  Some people have asked us why we don't put health first, but the answer is simple, is anyone really healthy w

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