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The globalist elite that rules the world

 Hi, if you are already awake, you already know that there is a super elite that dominates and dictates the direction of world events.  We are not going to name names here or get into speculative theories that they are not human, but just demonstrate their actions and how we can minimize their effects on our lives.  This world elite dominates most countries based in the following areas:  1. Money, here comes the role of the central banks of many nations, the IMF, all working to keep nations under control and debt.  2. Secret societies and some philanthropic ones.  Here the objective is to capture the middle and upper classes of most nations, promising brotherhood or even doing good, and in general they do, but the primary objective is always to make them act according to the thought that this elite desires, above of what is good for nations.  Just look at how many harmful revolutions have been created throughout history.  3. Ideologies.  Here is the broader field, as ideology is create

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