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True demonic possession

   Hello, you, like us, have seen the alarming facts of this world where seemingly ordinary people act very strangely.  This strangeness ranges from slight changes in appearance to radical mutations with excessive surgeries, brutal crimes and a complete lack of love and compassion for others.  At this moment, people experience a wave of wanting to draw attention to themselves, they lose themselves in the dishonest pursuit of riches and power, without ever finding a real path for their lives.  And that comes to mind, the images in the cinema about demonic possession, in the cinema the system was successful in convincing people that a possessed person is a horrendous being like in horror movies, but this is just a distraction for people not see the real possessed.  In fact, a possessed person acts normal most of the time, walks well dressed and is super respected in society, no wonder there are many of them in big names in politics, media, and arts, many possessed acting apparently norma

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