How we act in the face of an injustice


 ~Aisi!  This was a week full of emotions.  We first launched a successful project and received a lot of praise from many people and we are happy about that.

 But on the other hand, we had a sad news that we learned that an influential people stole one of our projects that we spent sleepless days and nights elaborating.

 In a situation like this, we feel very negative things and indignation is what comes to mind.  After all, how can there be so many petty people in the world who, even with so much money, still have the courage to rob others?  This is sad.

 But we know that the children of this inferior society in which we live bring forth people like that, totally lost in their existence.  So we consulted with some lawyers and were advised that we should first report his mistake to the offender, and we did so even though we were ignored.

 However after a few days and nights of indignation and anguish, we decided to return to our initial harmony and consult our Eternal Consciousness.  And this one gave us the correct answer on what to do.

 First we must get back to our inner balance, take a deep breath and do our contemplations, then we can see the situation clearly with spiritual eyes.

 And in the end, we realized that these people are still trapped in the instinctual and animalistic world, and we were even able to pray for them, whenever some negative feeling came to our mind.  And so we have done, and in light of this situation, we were inspired by an even more interesting project that is giving us a lot of satisfaction in doing it.

 In other words, faced with a bad situation, a robbery, we were enlightened and now we are totally free from any resentment and rancor, and any negative emotion whenever we remember this story.

 And we've also given up on a lawsuit that would be worth millions unless we're legally obligated to prove our design original.

 But you ask us, how can you give up a process that would yield millions?

 And the answer is very simple.

 The Eternal showed us that we must have only what is the result of our own work, only what comes from our essence and our creativity.  And we must stay away from other people's ill-gotten gains.

 But, we don't mean by this that if you are suing any wrongdoers, you should drop the process, that was our individual decision in this situation and that was the guidance we received.

 But we also know that in some cases we must act vehemently against crime and some people do deserve to be punished for being people who live only to do evil.

 But on the other hand we are real people, and we don't want anything that isn't really ours.  We are the difference in this filthy world, and as children of High Civilization we must not stoop to mediocrity.

 So that we always continue to be very blessed in everything by our Consciousness and Eternal Harmony that will give us much more than we can honestly and truly imagine.

 Stay in wisdom always!



What am I doing wrong?


 Hœ, the question above is very interesting, especially now that 6 months of the year have passed, and we have already lived half of the 365 days of this year.

 What am I doing wrong?

 In other words where I'm missing in my life, on my way to my mission in this lifetime.  And it's a question you should always ask every day.

 But, you have to make a caveat, you have to be careful not to fall into pessimism and end up saying phrases like "I don't do anything right", "I was born wrong", "I'm a lost cause" and "my life is hopeless" , "also with the family I had, I could only have what I have".

 It is very tempting to cultivate these negative phrases, not least because we were born into a society dominated by religions that have convinced us that we are wrong, that there is not much solution and that the world will always get worse.

 But actually the world has improved, have you ever thought about what life was like in the past, without medicine, dentists, toilets, with wars, looting, violence and slavery all the time?

 The tendency of society is to improve over time, although people who are stuck with some views think that the world only gets worse and this is not true, although we know that some things are changing and these are not positive.  But if you look better, the good is always greater than the bad.

 Let's take a simple example, think of the most dangerous neighborhood you know and tell me, "How much of the population there are criminals? And how many are honest and hardworking people?"

 You can be sure that in none of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the world does the population of bandits surpass that of honest and hardworking people, banditry is always a minority, but unfortunately people only focus on that minority.

 The same thing happens in the world in general, every day millions of positive things and miracles happen in the world, with people conquering their dreams, children being born in families that will love them very much, little birds sing in the trees, people are cured of illnesses, they come out of depression, out of bad situations, graduate from school and unemployed get a job, some entrepreneurs grow.

 But, these things don't get the same attention as the negative things and the newspapers don't report it, because our society prefers to focus on negativism and keep us negative.

 But, if there is one thing that has changed a lot in my life since I met the Eternal One, it was my vision, my mentality towards the world, problems we have like everyone else, but true wisdom has given me an optimism and unshakable faith.

 Before we lived in pessimism, judging ourselves as hopeless people, filthy rags, sinners, but in true wisdom, we can appreciate the miracles that happen every moment in this universe of this dimension.

 We can see everything with different eyes, spiritual eyes and not despair at any problem, because "everything has a solution and what doesn't have a solution is because it isn't really a problem".

 So the question "what am I doing wrong?"  It should always be accompanied by another question which is "what should I do today to fix this error?"

 Yes, it is not enough just to identify the error, the allane philosophy teaches us that we must fix, "where am I going wrong?"

 Is it in expenses, am I spending much more than I earn?  Am I eating wrong and getting fat?  Am I not taking good care of my body?  Am I addicted to social networks, TV or harmful websites?  Am I paying little attention to my family?  Am I obsessed with politics, ideology or beliefs and charlatans?

 Finally, each one is in their own struggles and must identify and fix, our philosophy is in no way accommodated, pessimistic or conformed to the world, our vision is one of overcoming, fighting and victories based on an unshakable faith in the True God.

 Believe, assimilate, manifest miracles and positivity in your life now, be a blessing in this world.



The revolt against the system


 Hœ, we often feel great indignation and internal revolt against the system, this happens mainly when we see the great inequalities in the world, when we see privileges and corruption, when you, being poor, are forced to work 5 months to pay taxes while the billionaires pay very little, when you struggle to prosper, but bureaucracy, fees, and even tax returns come to hamper you, while you struggle day by day to win for a little dignity, and the children of famous and billionaires squander  having done nothing in life except being born into a rich family.

 Yes, the system is unequal, cruel to the poor, it enslaves us and the rules of the game are totally against the common people and only a few are actually privileged, in this case it is regrettable, but understandable the revolt of many, although this does not justify a  life of pointless crimes or attacks.

 Some pin their hopes on socialism, but we already know that this system does not work in large societies, and that in any case the ruling power will still be above the common man enslaving everyone.  Which way to go then?

 The only way forward is to stop.  When the rules of the game are totally against you, you must refuse to play, cross your arms and focus on another system.  That means stopping powering this system, but what does that actually mean?

 You must stop giving this system an audience, minimize your needs, stop being a silly person who keeps giving an audience to celebrities, athletes and politicians who ignore your existence and despise you. When you destroy your quality of life by wasting your time with them, they get richer and richer at the expense of your naivete.

 Learn to use your time wisely, enjoy simple things too, minimize your needs and always save resources. Money and time are very similar, don't waste it on the system.

 Of course we all need some leisure time, but spend as little as possible feeding the system, everything is against you and your goal here should be to transcend this system.

 I'll give a simple example, some people are fans of sports or music, you can enjoy these things from time to time, but do you really need to buy a team or musician shirt?  Do you need to travel to enjoy these activities?

 After all, do you want to overcome your current situation or not?  

The system is your enemy and it is totally against you, but your worst enemy is yourself. How long do you spend complaining about life, but do nothing to change, have you read a book today, have you tried to increase your knowledge, have you done physical exercises, have you studied a new language? Or have you completely wasted your day?

 It is no use revolting against the system, it will not change any time soon, nor will it become violent and unhappy.  The system is a game, and we have to prepare each day to overcome it and transcend it, and the best ways are: refuse to play in some situations, stop feeding the system in what is not favorable to you, and improve yourselves to transcend it.  Let's go to practical examples:

 Refuse to play.  Here you will take as an example the male emotional life.  In apps, such as Tinder or paid parties, the rules are totally against men who in general do poorly and have losses in these places, so the most correct thing is to abandon the game, leave this app and stop going to parties, especially if your intention is get company.  Also, stop chasing people who have already shown they have no interests in you, don't think you'll win someone over, leave this friendzone right now and forget this people forever.

 Stop powering the system.  You may have already noticed that there is an entire industry trying to take advantage of you, using your emotions, fanaticism, ego, everything to profit from your misfortune.  Here you will find banking services, expensive wedding buffets, mortgages etc. simply live a minimalist life and let the system be fed by other fools, you must focus first of all on your quality of life, which doesn't have to be luxurious, just change your mindset and thinking in terms of peace of mind rather than trying to impress other people.

 Improve yourself to transcend the system.  Here it will be the most difficult as it requires perseverance and dedication.  Getting better is learning useful things, taking better care of your health, your mind, to have a better quality of life, it's acquiring more reading, more knowledge, it's eating better without the junk that the system gives you, and it's exercising, basically not sleep a day without becoming a better human being every day, becoming wiser, healthier, happier, and that's the real revolt against the system that you won't hear anywhere else.

 Right now there are thousands of violent causes wanting your soul, some preaching explicit violence, fanaticism, idolatry and blind obedience to leaders and ideologies, but they are all part of the system and they just want to use and discard you, but only here, do you find wisdom and deliverance, and you can see that for yourself by reading our message and seeing what we teach.

 May the Eternal bless you on youro journey and new life.



Slavery Circles


 Hœ, the vision we had today was of several circles that imprison humanity.  In general, the natural human being in this society is always trapped in some of these circles and will keep spinning until he evolves to be free and unfortunately many die without evolution.  Which of these circles do you need to break free from?

 The circle of idolatry, many are trapped in that circle, but I will not speak of idolatry to idols as sculptures, but of idolatry to people such as politicians, athletes, religious, sub-celebrities etc. many people live stuck in this circle, spend values, waste time running  behind mere humans who have nothing to offer.

 The entertainment circle, having healthy entertainment is not wrong, after all life is not just working and studying, we must have healthy moments of leisure, but there are people whose life is a prison, and they want to live forever trapped in entertainment, but once  if you spend a lot of time and resources on that kind of pleasure, and neglect other areas of life, if you see this a lot in people who spend the day on social networks or in video games, when they could be doing something more useful.  If you want to break free from that circle, impose time limits on these activities.

 The circle of bad relationships, this is a very frequent reality, you may have seen it in movies and soap operas where some actress says she has a bad finger to choose bad people to relate to, but the truth is that the media is indoctrinating you to  have an unhappy life.  There is no such thing as a rotten finger, you feel ashamed in your face and start to value yourself and choose someone who can actually have a healthy relationship.

 In fact, first of all stop spinning and try to get to know yourself better, heal your internal traumas before looking for a relationship, be it a person with a healthy mind and life, or someone that anyone wants to have around so as not to make other people's lives  and your own a hell.  And watch for the signs, everyone realizes when they are being disrespected in a relationship, that the other person has serious problems and does not know how to relate, run away from people like that, seek the cure of your need of always being in a relationship before entering a relationship.  Living well is possible and part of true knowledge, nothing is impossible and break this circle of bad relationships.

 The circle of lust, unlike people people the word lust is more linked to sex than luxury.  And there are many sick people in this circle, sex is sacred and good, we must not think it is wrong, after all we are only alive here because our parents had relationships and sex is where life is generated in our humanity.

 But, there are people trapped in this circle, constantly feeding the mind with this human desire, and this is not at all healthy, we live in a hyper sexualized society with people who only think about sex and are disrespectful at all times.  It is not common for sub-celebrities to speak openly about their sexual practices without any modesty, but it is something totally unnecessary and appealing.

 So, you must get rid of it, stop feeding your mind with pornography that has nothing good to offer.  A clean mind brings more fulfillment and you will be much happier without this filth that objectifies people, is addictive and brings many psychological problems.  Nor should I say that all sex offenders are addicted to this.  Leave sex to the right person and where there is love, it will only be an addiction and animal desire, and the human being was not born to live like instinctual creatures, there are many more valuable things to look for in existence to be happy.  than a simple reproductive desire.

 The circle of poverty, here people live trapped in a cycle of debts, losses and unnecessary expenses.  This circle holds almost all of humanity and people to their descendants.  It is very sad to see how our society encourages this type of thing where very few have everything and others have nothing.  And it is one of the most difficult circles to break, because the whole system is made for you to lose like a big game of chance or casino and you are the duck of the time.

 Every banking, political and payment system is designed to keep you in the same place, but the cure for that is knowledge and a lot of personal effort, there is no point blaming the system, it will not change, nor will your favorite politician change the system.  , they are all sellers of illusion, and the only thing you can do is fight for yourself, doing the right thing.

 First, you have to stop believing that wealth is a bad thing, your precise mind is prepared to receive wealth, there is no scarcity in the universe, and there is space for you to have a life with an excellent quality of life, just the fact that you have no debts,  it already brings a lot of mental comfort, so study financial education and above all put it into practice, stop spending on unnecessary things and learn to differentiate liabilities from financial assets.

 Of course, you don't have to be a billionaire to be happy, but having a dignified life is recommendable to your evolutionary process, to help people, have peace of mind and be able to create a fairer system.

 The circle of sophism, here we define sophism as false knowledge, and many people, especially those who are intellectuals, are trapped in them.  How many times have I seen doctors with bad health habits, how many times have I seen indebted math teachers, theoretically people with knowledge who could lead exemplary lives but who don't know how to apply real knowledge.

 The same applies to religious thoughts, many are trapped in mythological superstitions that have no basis in reality and live their fearful lives as servants in the interests of others.

 So it is necessary to seek true philosophy, true knowledge above the sophisms that we have been taught all our lives, that perfect knowledge is in you, but it is also in the entire universe just waiting to be discovered.

 The human being did not invent anything, he did not invent mathematics, he did not invent musical notes, nor the laws of physics, all of this was already in the universe and it was only unveiled, and Eternal Consciousness has much more useful knowledge to teach us.  So let us seek your perfect knowledge.

 There are still many other circles that imprison humanity, we only mention the most common ones, but you yourself should try to find out who are the others and in which you are stuck spinning nonstop.  You need to reflect, stop spinning and break free.  We only indicate a reflection and show the way, but you are the only one who can break these circles in your life.

 Stay in harmony.  Aisi ~




 Hœ.  Defining Allanism is a bit complex because Allanism has many nuances and there is always a vision that is damaged by the views of other beliefs, but come on ..

 The first thing to know is that Allanism is a philosophy of life, and that it covers the entire human spectrum, this philosophy is divided into several areas such as psychological philosophy, political philosophy, economic philosophy, artistic philosophy etc. in other words the  allanism has an answer for any area of ​​human life within its philosophical and social field.

 But, what are the Allan beliefs anyway?

 Allanism believes in an Eternal and universal Consciousness that permeates all things, some identify this being as God, others as an intelligence or even an energy that permeates everything, perhaps a comparison is with the Tao of Taoism, but in a Christian language it could be a  kind of holy spirit or great spirit for the indigenous people.

 However, this view does not have the same weight as other theistic religions, since All ~ this Eternal Consciousness does not demand anything from humanity.

 There is no sin or redemption in allanism, in this the human being is already a perfect being, a work of art of Consciousness, and only needs to believe it to discover the truth.

 Allanism also rescues the sacredness of nature since everything is sacred, even the days, months, hours, numbers and letters, everything has a beautiful and transcendental meaning in Allanism.

 The universe has always existed, in fact multiverses and multidimensions, and each human being exists in several of them, going through various challenges in each of them in a different way of their own free will in a great cosmic game of Divinity itself.  These concepts are difficult to understand and it is necessary to talk to a nobleman who can explain better.

 But, how do you know if God really exists or if Allanism is correct?

 The existence of God is not the most important in allanism, the point is if this belief does you good or if you are in harmony, let's say if All ~ does not exist in any way, Life exists and Consciousness also then allanism continues to be valid because focuses on that harmonization.

 So Allanism does not try to prove the supernatural, but points to a rational and logical perspective.  For example, a materialist might believe that everything came about by evolution, but if we think that way, and if the universe can generate a thinking being like a human, why could it not have generated an even more impressive being beyond our comprehension and who  does this being know have changed the universe and be what they call God?

 Of course, this is an assumption, but if the human being exists, a superpowered being can also exist, although the belief in All is focused on matter, energy and consciousness always existing, not needing a creation or beginning for this.

 One of the ways of understanding All ~ according to allanism is by comparing it with the human brain, the brain is matter, thoughts are energy, and the human mind is Eternal Consciousness.

 Another issue is the existence of parallel dimensions or universes, the supernatural world is nothing more than another dimension or universe superimposed on ours, where all beings there would be like pure energies without the limitation of a physical body, All ~ no  case it would be the source that generates all this world and conscious beings, being present in the human being through Consciousness.

 We could also speculate archaeologically, for example, all civilizations portrayed spiritual beings among gods and demons, but why did all civilizations portray this?  Archeologists often accept these inscriptions as evidence of a civilization, of a king, etc, but it is never accepted as evidence of the existence of spiritual beings, of course this is a weak proof, since as they say the human being may have created through his imagination  .

 Even so, it is very strange that this religious interaction has brought many advances to civilization.  For example, the first grammar was made by religious people, visual arts too, poetry, music, architecture and moral codes, and even medicine through herbs and shamanic rituals, all of these things always started with some religious sage or mystic.  So this is a strong indication that some type of intelligence was transmitting a message to humanity or that religious belief develops genius capacities in some mystics.

 But let's go back to the Allan beliefs, in addition to All~'s Eternal Consciousness, Allanism believes that there were 2 advanced civilizations on earth, one much older from the time of the pyramids created by beings that came from space and that modified humanity, and another more recent one  what some call tartaria, an advanced civilization that dominated a large part of the land.

 He also believes that some harmful beings that influence mankind for evil, would be the demons of various mythologies, but in allanism they are not so powerful, they are more like dimensional parasites and act only in the world of thoughts, thus being able to be reprimanded by a mind  healthy.

 Allanism does not see death as something negative, and is not concerned with a probable apocalypse, for Allanism we are all subject to natural laws and catastrophes so we should not be restless about anything in this life, the important thing is it is in harmony and always ready to go if it is the moment.

 The allan experience is based on the development of artistic, philosophical and intellectual potentialities, the allan has the duty to improve his life and improve himself so that it can be used for the good of humanity.

 Well, let's stop here for today, after Allanism is a very broad subject to explain everything at once, and we have already stretched a lot.  I hope this text can help you better understand the philosophy of Allanism.  



News: The first Cryptocurrency backed in Art

Ricardo Rangels has just launched the artistic cryptocurrency project backed by creativity and art.  

More details in the Project's Black Paper on page:


The power of thoughts and words

 Hello, we have a very clear view on life.  All reality is connected in the same network and everything influences our happiness.

 The human being is part of this network, the human being is a child of God and has the power to perform miracles, simple miracles for himself.

 Here comes the importance of having a mindset and correct speech that can influence your happiness or disharmony.

 In a simple summary, you need to change the way you think, speak and act.  Stop cultivating negativity, watching movies, news and always thinking about bad things like tragedies, illnesses, violence and deaths.

 Fear nothing, focus your mind on prosperity, wealth, beauty, health and peace.  Listen to songs with positive themes, read things that will make you grow as a person.

 And above all, talk about wonderful things and not about worries, misery or gossip.

 Whenever you feel like doing these things, go study, improve, and reflect with gratitude on this unique opportunity to be alive here and now.

 Grumbling, complaining, or living in fear will not increase a single day of your life, on the contrary it will decrease it.  In this sense, I am very sorry for some religious people who always live with ghosts that turn things bad and end of the world, live agitated with fear of the future.

 Meanwhile, we live in peace because our hope is not in this world, and even if bad things happen, we maintain our faith and union with Eternal Consciousness, and there is nothing to worry about.

 Meanwhile, we are building our reality through the manifestation of our positive faith in this world.

 The world may be in chaos, but in our homes harmony reigns most of the time, the world may be ending as they say, but within us peace reigns.

 Rebuild your reality by changing your thoughts, lines and actions.

 Aisi ~


The Griffin, founder of Tart

"And so, mankind triumphed, the sages ruled the people again, the earthly cities prospered again, and the belief in the one God was practiced again all over the world. And the All ~ civilization again prospered."

 Griffan was one of the Nonos who did not join the corruption of his brothers, and took refuge in the mountains, where he fell in love with Ellen, the Dacian.  After the fall of atmospheric cities, it gave rise to the Tart Empire (joy in allane language), which was one of the last advanced world empires before official human history, and its descendants gave origin to the allans peoples.

 Griffan expanded his empire to the entire land, in a multilingual empire that covered several peoples, but the capital of his empire spoke the Dacian language of Ellen, which gave rise to all languages ​​today called Latin.  But, after some time, there was a great fall from the skies, almost everything was destroyed, with all civilization and knowledge lost.

 And humanity returned to the darkness, with the passage of centuries some remnant peoples of Tart, who remembered the old myths, began to expand giving rise to new kingdoms and an empire.

 But, later, an obscure religion came which, when it became official together with an emperor, decided to rewrite the whole history in their own way, covering up all technological history and the "pagan myths" because they were too dangerous to their power.


Why 2020 was a wonderful year and the new perspectives for that year


 Hello, 2020 has been a difficult year thanks to political conspiracies that have made all citizens hostage within their own cities disproportionately, and using fear as an artifice to force people to obey.

 We know that, in fact, there was a pandemic and that people died, but the poor management of the problem was the real reason that there were so many deaths, as well as being responsible for the economic crisis and unemployment, in addition to the affront to civil liberties.

 Even so, we managed to have a wonderful year, because when you act rationally and you are not dominated by fear, you fear nothing, you are in fact a free person, instead of being a mere slave of the ruling elite.

 So, instead of being stuck in panic, we took advantage of this year to renew our strength and we had a very productive year.

 For example, we write a lot for some of our books, we produce quality art, in fact we even create a new artistic movement, we improve our knowledge of allans philosophy, and we even record a metal album.

 And let's not forget, taking good care of our health, doing good physical activities at least 3 times a week, we help someone who has had a serious health problem, and then we take care of that person after the surgery, plus the various articles and teachings from allanism, which we still teach those who wished to learn. Anyway, it was a wonderful year within our values ​​and ideals.

 But, we also had some personal problems that we were unable to solve within that year, as well as we failed in some overly ambitious goals, for example we tried to learn 5 languages ​​at the same time, well, it didn't work, and we decided to study only one at a time, and  we are learning, although we study only through applications and the web.

 Anyway, we don't complain about anything, we are grateful to have spent the year 2020 unscathed and we keep our mind focused on what really matters, which is having the mind in harmony with Eternal Consciousness, staying away from negative thoughts and attitudes, and  continue to evolve every day.

 May we have a new year that is as productive as last year, but that we can advance even more in all areas.

 Aisi ~


Month of Rass, time to start a new life

 Hello, we started the thirteenth month of Rass, it is pronounced "hairze" and it means "fire" in a spiritual sense of energy, light and illumination.

 Fire is something fundamental in our lives, through it we consume food, we warm in winter, we purify things, and in the aspect as energy, we use objects and light our homes.

 So, we must be inspired by this spiritual element, to rethink this time in which we are living.

 The first thing is to move away from fear, currently living this pandemic, we are being bombarded by fear, but you must be brave, you need to trust in the harmony that is in everything, and as the fire must not fear anything and just go on its way  .

 You must have faith and trust that Consciousness has the best for you, if you are with it, it is a time for reflection, during this period many will indulge in debauchery, orgies and satanic rituals, so there is always a lot of spiritual warfare.

 Be prepared, say prayers, fast, at least one, for a day until the end of the year, in the morning until 4 or 6 pm, but without exaggeration, just stay without solid foods but drink water, natural juice or teas, during  this period try to experience good thoughts, abandon games and social networks, in fact you really need to have a twitter or Facebook, if you are not a celebrity or work with something that depends on a social network?

 It is a good reflection, see what you have, and what you need, until the end of the year too, you should also do a good cleaning in your room and home, donate unnecessary things, I advise you to research something about minimalism.

 And that from these reflections something new will emerge in you, first be grateful for being alive, for the gift of existence and for all the good things you have, and after that, make new views on the new life that you will conquer from now on  .

 A life with more meaning, happier, more prosperous, healthier, more self-confident, more allane.  Let those who are already dead bury their dead, you are alive, and all divine energy is funneled towards you, the lights of the month of Rass have been lit to illuminate you, the Eternal is with you, believe it.

 Aisi ~


The Senes

 Senes were creatures that inhabited the earth before our common era, they made extreme genetic modifications and then they even merged with alien robotic technology and became extremely evil and profane even feeding on human flesh and blood, which gave  rise to religious sacrifices.

 But, they ended up being defeated and killed, as their spirits were not created by Eternal Consciousness, they ended up imprisoned without physical form in a neutral dimension waiting for their disintegration in the next recreation of this universe.

 Despite this, they continue to influence humans to harmful behavior, as they feed on the energy expelled by these acts, they would be what gave rise to the legends of the demons of the current civilization.

 We can consider these creatures as spiritual parasites from another dimension, but unlike other schools, there is no need to fear them, fear actually serves as food for them.

 You should only live your life in eternal harmony and always watching your mind to live within what is beneficial and good, as well as maintaining your faith in Eternal Consciousness.

 Aisi ~


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