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How to be free from social impositions

  Hello, I recently watched a video about how much people try to adapt to their social class. And it's very interesting that even billionaire people need to demonstrate their social status through expensive objects and by acting as expected of them. The same also happens with the poorer classes, who generally always try to appear to have more money than they really do.  All of this made us question how happy we are to be on the Path of Truth, because analyzing our lives we realized that we don't try to demonstrate what social class we belong to, nor do we strive to appear richer or buy expensive things to impress other people.  Our efforts are almost always to be better people, buy quality products that are comfortable and continue to develop in our intellectual, artistic and personal evolution, without trying to impress or care about other people's opinions.  Of course, this is the result of a long process of improvement, as one of the most difficult things for human bei

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