I already picked my favorite noun: simplicity.

Increasingly attracts me more idea uncomplicate, reduce, want less, settle for less and live more quality: "Simplicity is us prevent unnecessary inconvenience, the word beyond the bill, the gestures exaggerated."

We are living in a time of excesses and leading a life rococo. So many ornaments, so many props, so many complications, both consumer ...

The basics never looked so far. We work too much, spend too much, want much, we worry about many things. And here come the unnecessary inconvenience;wasting words, the excess in the gestures.

I think "cleaning up" the lives of these excesses is one of the most exciting challenges that we can propose.

Learning to have less, if less stress, less keen to impress, to rediscover the pleasure that comes from the smaller things (which usually are essential), to charge less and experience the feeling of weightlessness that only gives us simplicity.


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