The Lesson of the Serpent Mungtata

The Mungtata Serpent is one of the most fascinating beings in allane mythology.

Its influence can be noticed in the legends of the whole world. In Asia and Europe through the history of dragons. In America in the myths of the Feathered Serpent and in the legends of the Amazon. And in Brazil, in the Brazilian northeast in the legends of the Serpent of the Fire Island. And of the Black Being of water.

Mungtata on Allanism

From early on, he had the ability to change shape between human and a serpent with 4 wings.

But he had a confused and selfish character. So several times he did bad things against those he did not like or people who had the bad luck to stand in his way.

Even so, he was given a few opportunities to demonstrate his worth, and in the latter to be pardoned by higher beings, he has gained an island and a region where he can live in peace alone.

Until the settlers arrived in the area and after many victories, Mungtata was finally defeated and launched into an ice world of another dimension.

Man of the countryside in the semi-arid region descended from the colonizers and indians

There, he cried and once again regretted all his mistakes. And even in the midst of his suffering, he sacrificed himself to save a gentle people, giving his own life, in a deadly fight with another monster.

And so, by this gesture, he received the redemption of God, and can be reborn as a human being in a world conducive to enlightenment.

Besides, he had the opportunity to have a real family so he would never feel alone again.

The story of Mungtata tells us about forgiveness, courage and redemption, that it is always possible to begin a new life and to be blessed by the Eternal Consciousness.


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