Prayer to the Unknown God

Before I go on my way
And cast my gaze forward
Once more, I raise my hands to You,
In the direction of whom I flee.

To Thee from the depths of my heart,
I have dedicated festive altars,
So that in every moment
Your voice can call me.

On these altars is engraved on fire
This word: "to the Unknown God"
I am yours, though to the present
Associated with the sacrilegious.

I am yours, despite the bonds
Pull me into the abyss.
Even wanting to run away
I feel compelled to serve You.

I want to meet you, O Unknown!
You that you penetrate to me soul
And what a whirlwind you invade my life.
You, the Incomprehensible, my Similar.
I want to know you and serve you.

Friedrich Nietzsche


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