One day I was asked how many disciples I have, and I said that I did not have any and that I did not want to have disciples either.

I did not have time to explain why, but the answer is very simple and can be explained in the sentences below:

1. Allanism is a philosophy of individual development, it means that each person must evolve on their own.

People can get inspired, read this site, or even say "allane" but none of that will do any good if they do not learn to evolve on their own.

2. Avoid the herd instinct. We all have this herd instinct within ourselves, and this has helped humankind to unite and survive.

But this same instinct has also been used to commit violence and irrational atrocities. Therefore, while it is good to have people to share our way, it is always good to keep space to think for yourself and question our actions above what the herd thinks about it.

3. We cultivate Individual Responsibility. People must be free to seek their way freely, no one can walk you, so we can only tell you what the path is, but it is you who will have to walk in it with your own steps.

4. We do not want to exploit you. Whenever someone wants to control the life of another, abuses end up being committed mainly financially as we currently see in various religious associations and this is not our intention. We want you free and we believe in your potential and freedom.

5. Converting people and making disciples is something outdated in today's world. Today people can seek guidance on the web without major problems. And everyone can adapt and choose what they want for their life.

Formation of disciples is something relegated to the past when humanity did not have so much technological development. Today all you need is to be willing to learn and practice the eternal laws in your life.

6. Each should develop in his own religious tradition. If you already have a religion, believe in these teachings, we do not want to convert you or make you change your religion.

It is possible that you can find only a better meaning in your religious tradition when learning about Allanism. As we have said before, we are not seeking disciples but a full life.

Now if you wish to title yourself an allan, know that the path is long and requires years of study, reflection and personal development. Knock on the doors and the doors will open.



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