There is much discussion about the origin of the universe, but in the spiritual dimension we have no doubt.

The universe has always existed, logically not as we know it today, but in a different way ..

Nothing came out of nowhere. Matter, energy, and Divine Consciousness have always existed. Therefore the universe was not created, it was transformed, it passed from one reality to another and so it always will be. Call it cosmic evolution.

The Eternal Consciousness

Eternal Consciousness is what humanity knows as God. But it is also possible to know this Consciousness only by observing the natural laws of the universe.

1. Wisdom.

One of the things we can observe in the universe is a wise law guiding all things. Of course the arrogant mind can not see this, because it thinks that the universe should fit human intelligence and logic, when it is the other way around.

But in nature we see many processes and precise laws acting in all reality, the perfect knowledge of physics, mathematics, interacting with energy and matter.

2. Perfection.

It is cosmic harmony, although many believe that the universe is a complete chaos, this is not true, reality obeys harmonious and perfect laws, even if humanity does not yet know all these laws.

3. Kindness.

Consciousness acts generously and kindly to us, the first thing was to have allowed us to exist, just to observe the universe, where millions of galaxies with almost no capacity to harbor life, while on earth were given all the means necessary for our existence and other living things.

Many may say that this is not true, just look at nature, the immense amount of tasty food, water, air, light etc. Therefore, Divinity is good and compassionate, and if there is any evil in the world it is caused by a lack of spiritual understanding .

4. Creativity.

We can say that Consciousness is pure art, the disposition of forms, geometry, perception of colors, can perceive how the universe is not the work of chance, but that a wonderful intelligence and with great artistic sensitivity acts fully in the elaboration of all reality.

Aisi ­čľľ­čĆ╝

Ricardo Rangels ® ©


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