The Black Sun is a very ancient symbol represented by several people throughout human history. It originates in the old representations of lightning and suns or even of the UFO phenomenon.

The Black Sun is connected to the Age of Aquarius due to the ancient representation of the lightning in the S runner, many think that this symbol refers to water, but in fact it is a symbol of energy, of fire.

The true Aquarium Age will be a time of great knowledge and creativity. And the flourishing of a new civilization where peace, prosperity and happiness will reign to all peoples.

Also when speaking of the color black, it is referring to the Energy of the universe, to Creativity itself. Also in mythology refers to the Dark Galaxy of Ssilian and all his stories.

In the allans language the Black Sun corresponds to two virtues coming from Music and Fire: Sall (Understanding, Knowledge, Science) and Sarr (Enlightenment Honesty, Kindness).


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