So that we can better understand the concept of the phrase "you only deserve what you can conquer" you need to understand the converse understanding of our philosophy.

"Force or power must be contained or administered by reason / enlightenment."

In the martial arts of our culture we always start and end with a closed hand being held by the other open hand. Then we nod slightly, chin down. I also do this before my physical exercises as a sign of respect and gratitude.

But the first gesture of the hands means that the force, the closed fist must always be contained, and administered by reason. That is why an enlightened being will never use its power to conquer to do harm or harm other people in an intentional way.

We can be strong and powerful and even have the power to dominate the whole world, but we see that deep down is an illusion and that it is best to be guided by spiritual reason that says that one should not abuse that power.

To conquer what we need is good, to gain strength that which does not belong to us is not good and only brings evil and destruction.

We must guide our ambition to what really matters what our personal growth is, to increase our earthly and inner riches, but always within true compassion and the process of becoming better people in our Consciousness.

Aisi ­čľľ­čĆ╝


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