From our birth we begin to experience reality, but not in the proper way, most families do not know the primordial harmony.

We also suffer for the same reason in a disharmonious society based on our instincts and intellect, but without the true spiritual reason.

All this accumulates in our minds as frustrations, traumas, unsatisfied desires, emotional pain and all kinds of disorders.

A sick society can not produce healthy people, and as a result we have an increasingly worse and stressed world where the psychological sciences can only soften these symptoms.

But it is possible to heal the mind of all these evils, but it is not a quick process nor is it easy. If you have spent twenty years accumulating mistakes, you will not be able to solve them in twenty days. It is a process of a lifetime.

According to the processes of our own psychological science (F411), this healing or improvement will occur constantly.

The first steps should be to live harmoniously striving to avoid excesses and to have good physical health.

This includes good nutrition, routine practice of physical exercises and avoid all kinds of addictions, from the most common as narcotic substances, to subtle addictions such as addiction to staying connected or feeding certain types of harmful thoughts.

Moreover, it is necessary to live the right way that is within the quest for knowledge, our doctrine is a doctrine of studies, reading and constant improvement.

Changing the mind becomes natural when life changes. Forget the ideas of relativity, that everything is relative, there is a correct or more efficient way of doing all things, therefore there is yes, also an excellent way of living.

And beyond this active pursuit through his right actions, we also have the passive pursuit, which is in simple terms, to do nothing and let the current of the Universal Spirit guide us. The practice of acting by not acting.

Here are included the techniques of natural contemplation, prayers and philosophical meditation. To understand the truth is to live the truth. To contemplate Harmony is to be in harmony. To transcend humanity is true life.

"Enter into silence and hear Everything."

Aisi ­čľľ­čĆ╝


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