One of the hardest things these days is keeping a clear mind. If you look closely, the world is chaotic in a great pressure of negativity and despair.

As I said before, all this negativity is intentional. Every day the media shows tragedies, and experts say that humanity is one step closer to the abyss.

Almost every day, a scientist talks about global warming, overpopulation, mass vaccination, a meteor falling to earth.

And in the religious world, every day there is an End of the World, a nuclear war, calamities, deadlines and all the end-time blunders ever.

In the newspapers reports of violence, economic crises wars and all kinds of despair are shown.

But as I said all this is intentional. The system of slavery we live in this system needs fear to perpetuate itself and thus keep humanity in eternal ignorance.

But you who are on the noble path must abstain from this negativity, this demonic system and keep yourself pure with your pure mind.

The first step is to get rid of the frequency of fear. Stop worrying about catastrophes, attacks, violence, disease, and all kinds of phobias that the media try to impose on your mind.

In fact, you shouldn't pay too much attention to this news. Nor should you live in fear of something bad happening to you.

In this reality we are subject to any kind of events, both good and bad, and we should not worry about it. Whatever comes, as nobles we have to face with our heads held high and not partake of the widespread cowardice of our time.

Another important issue is getting rid of the low culture that is also the fruit of this dark time. Therefore it is necessary that we feed our mind with good art and culture.

For example, it is not advisable to watch horror movies that actually promote demon actions. Many people end up being influenced by these types of movies.

In addition, we must put aside depressive songs, which only speak of hopelessness, abandonment, sadness and low self-esteem. And even change the negative discourse of bad-mouthing ourselves and complaining about our own lives.

Everything influences. Therefore we must at every moment keep our minds in tune with the Eternal Consciousness that always desires the best for us.

Let negative things be left to negative people, the noble way belongs to the good, blessed, and perfect things. Let us have a clean and perfect mind in our God.

Aisi ⏸️


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