Why we are not in a simulation 1

Hey, I soon got in touch with Theory of the Universe to be a simulation. That means that in fact, we are all inside a supercomputer as characters in a kind of video game.

This is a very attractive theory, after all who have never felt that everything was going right or wrong, because of external factors beyond our understanding, or even imagined that we can actually be in a kind of hell, whose only goal make us suffer or atone for our sins.

But in analyzing reality I came to the conclusion that no, we are not in a simulation based on the following points:

1. Lack of perfect copies.

When I came into contact with the theory, I remembered that in video games, usually some things repeat themselves, but in our reality this does not occur, for example there is no perfectly identical tree to another, of course there are similar but never identical.

You can also look for equal human beings in everything from the atoms to the digital ones, but you will not find it, the most are twin brothers, yet they are not identical in every detail or even in personality.

Well, if you find and can prove at least two identical trees at all, then we'll be in a simulation.

2. Where are the NPCs (Non player character) in other words, where are the non-playable characters?

If this reality is a game, it means one thing, only famous people, important politicians, high ranking politicians are really important and at the most some poor character who will soon stand out in some way.

This means that all ordinary people are mere helpers, after all ordinary people have zero influence on the big world game. In other words, you are an NPC! But do you feel that way?

You probably think, interact, change your mind, mature as a human being, so by logic you are not an NPC.

3. Diverse personalities.

Although many human beings have similar ways of thinking and living, as well as instincts. Every human being has a unique personality, no one is in fact or thinks the same in everything.

In fact even animals have different personalities like dogs, cats among others, so a simulation of these would have to generate endless unique personalities, which apparently is impossible for our reality.

4. Lack of emotions.

If someone is in a game, he certainly desires constant thrills, adventure, but in general the life of the majority of the world's population is monotonous, in a boring routine. Now if I were in a game, would I be content to just take the subway every day, go to an office and go home tired? It does not make any sense.

5. The impossibility of the supercomputer

For a simulation as perfect as this, it would take a supercomputer, bigger than the universe, besides the immense degree of energy to calculate all the choice, subtleties and nuances of our reality, as well as advanced artificial intelligences to generate each of us in our individualities. So far this does not seem to have any apparent logic.


But one could argue that maybe we are in a strategy game, for example maybe there are team types in the United States, Russia, Japan etc. Or maybe it's not a game itself but just a simulation and each one of we are an individual artificial intelligence. There may also be a special algorithm that makes everything unique through randomness.

That the lack of emotion is due to the fact that the beings that control the game, are rational beings, etc.


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