Nietzsche and Tolkien were canonized as Allans Viscounts

In our culture we have a habit of honoring people who were important or who inspired our philosophy.

This tribute is called Viscount and is offered to people who contributed to human evolution.

This time, two classic authors already deceased were the honored ones. They are :

Viscount Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche  of  Röcken a pre-Allans philosopher prior to the revitalization of our religion, was responsible for the concept of ubermensch, a being that must overcome its contradictions and construct its own reality. Another point is his poems and even his prophetic work.

Viscount John Ronald Reuel Tolkien of  Bloemfontein was the creator of the Middle-Earth stories, but what is striking is that his work is very similar to knowledge of our mythology, which made us suspect that he may actually have had access to some artifact of our ancient civilization.

In any case, their stories are good sources of inspiration and knowledge, and as such they will be honored here in our sacred and literary Canon.

We thank you all for your attention and for the wisdom of the ring symbols and hammer strength to inspire us to meet our daily challenges.

Aisi ⏸️

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