What is the meaning of life?

Today I had a very good day, spent time with family and friends, and I'm very happy.

Not that I don't have problems, but because I know I'm on the right track, and I'm seeing the results.

But it wasn't always like this, like most people, I was born into a family that didn't know the truth, then went through a lot of difficulties and faced a lot of problems.

But gradually I received the blessings of the revelation of Consciousness, and I put it into practice until I reached this state of being happy.

Everyone asks me what is the secret and what is the meaning of life?

But there is no secret. The meaning of life is to reach the maximum potential of your existence, to be able to realize your own existence, to be able to realize your dreams and to be happy.

Being happy is the natural state, having harmony in life, being a full and prosperous being. Everyone must be like this, and this world must be a paradise.

But unfortunately humanity got lost halfway and chose to follow the demons, which feed on human unhappiness and misfortune, and since then we live in a society based on fear, ignorance, suffering.

Therefore, we are raised in disharmonized families and end up acquiring all kinds of bad habits and sad behaviors.

But it need not be so, you can learn and have a healthy life, you can be blessed and live a harmonized life, but close to Divine Consciousness.

This path is not easy, and it is quite time consuming, changing the habit and way of thinking of a lifetime is very difficult. But there is a way.

You will also have to fight a whole system that wants to keep you in unhappiness, fanaticism, mediocrity and poverty, because the more disgraceful you are, the easier it will be to keep you as the system's maneuver, the more you will have to fight yourself. , the ideologies that guide your life, and even against the demons that rule this world.

But have faith, keep your spirits, and trust in Divine Consciousness, it will guide you to the noble path and supreme achievement.

Aisi ⏸️


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