Why Allanism is True

 1. All religious philosophy says that the human being is imperfect, that he is at fault, that he owes something to existence.

 But not Allanism, Allanism believes in human perfection, the human being owes nothing, has no karma, sin, or nothing to be saved.

 Let's reflect on your belief that God is perfect and made everything perfect, how then is one of his most sublime creations human being, imperfect, sinful, and owing to Divinity?  Understood, it makes no sense.

 Of course there are mistakes, we can make mistakes, but Allanism is the fix of those mistakes, it's the way

 2. Every religious philosophy requires sacrifice, whether you want something from you, you have to donate money, donate your time, somehow serve some institution, and even give your life.

 Have you noticed how they all require sacrifices, whether financial, staying away from loved ones, having fun and even animal sacrifices?

 But in allanism you owe nothing to anyone, you are not required of yourself, nor your money, nor your time, nor to sweep any temple, you are indeed free.

 But what about donations?  Voluntary donations are welcome, but they will never be required, and so far Allanism is maintained by donations from some members spontaneously.

 3. Religious philosophies are based on fear, guilt, or rewards.

 But in allanism there is no fear of any kind, not even death, the alan faces the situations of existence without fear, there is no fear of hell, or of being reborn here in another life.

 There is no blame, no mistakes can be made but not to the point of living in fear of an imaginary sin, which causes many psychological problems.

 I know a lot of young people with psychological problems due to guilt for feeling sexual desire, something normal and healthy in their teens.

 Regarding fear many live in fear of spells, demons, haunts etc.

 But for an allan, all this has no effect, All~ is the Ultimate and Ultimate Consciousness of the universe, and no evil of a spiritual nature can strike an allan.

 4. Religious philosophies do not survive without money and temples.

 But Allanism has existed for 3 decades without any temple, without large sums of money and even without any preaching.

 5. The historical evidence.  Allanism is verified by many ancient civilizations through divine names, evidence of advanced civilizations, evidence in human DNA, and many symbols.  Also many things written in allanism are currently being recreated.

 6. The prophecies of other beliefs.  There is evidence that Allanism was prophesied even in other religions, for example, the first book on allanism was released in Mayan change prophecy, in Christianity. "Jesus said let the children come to me, and Allanism was reborn with a children group.  And when you talk about come in through the narrow door, you're talking about Allanism.

 Allanism's preaching also began strong this year due to the appearance of the blue star in New York, which is also an indigenous prophecy.

 Christianity also preaches that the world lies in the evil, so if Allanism were bad it would be loved by the world, which does not happen, Allanism is criticized by all, even having a liberal worldview regarding customs.

 7 And finally, the change of life.  Allanism helped poor young people from a small town in one of Brazil's poorest regions find meaning in life, get out of poverty, drugs, and brought art, philosophy, and poetry into the lives of hopeless people.

 As they say by the fruits you will know, and Allanism has always produced good fruits, so it is so boycotted by the system that it desires unhappy, fearful people, blindly following political leaders and internally destroyed, because it is easier to get them to give their resources,  make them kill and die for some cause and enslave them.

 Allanism does not want this, we want happy, intelligent, educated, creative, balanced and peaceful people.  Only in allanism is there real freedom and inner peace.

 Another issue is the very miracle of Allanism itself, as simple children from a poor place, many from illiterate or illiterate families out of nowhere began to philosophize, create art and even develop a rich culture as rich as Allanism.

 8. Allanism does not bring fanaticism or disrespect to other people.  If you notice what else is there are beliefs bothering others by the noise, unnecessary preaching everywhere and people shouting in your ear to convert.

 I once woke up scared of fireworks at 5 am because a church was giving off fireworks to honor a spirit.  Then I ask where is the love of neighbor, sometimes people who need to rest or who work all night and are prevented from sleeping because of fanatical people.

 But Allanism has a premise that "every God defend himself" so no one will ever see an allan committing barbarities or bothering people because of Allanism.  If someone does that, they will never be a true allan.

 That's why we require 22 years of training to be considered a completed allan. 

 9. It encourages divine creativity.  Once in a religious institution that I was part of, a friend and I wanted to set up a music group to perform in church with our own songs.  Needless to say, we were boycotted in every way and had to give up, there is no room for creativity in these institutions, they do not want to give up power and fear all that is new.  In another one could not ask spontaneous questions, the questions and answers came ready in some magazines.

 Once an evangelical friend of mine created a bible-based therapy, the pastor came to him and told him to stop because he was afraid of a new church leadership and a couple of friends who preferred to use condoms to avoid pregnancy were charged with using  contraceptive methods and then having children to please people who wanted to control even the sex they had.

 They want to control your entire life,  your money, the contraceptive method you use.

 But in allanism, people are free to be happy, to express their creativity and to transcend mediocrity.

 10. Only Allanism has true answers to many human problems.  Ask any religious leader if he knows how to fix the economy, politics, psychological problems?  Most will say some mystical superstition, but none of these philosophies have an orientation and plan for the new challenges of humanity.

 In addition, allanism has a psychological, economic science, 2 languages ​​and a musical genre, it is a rich philosophy and culture.  So much so that it has been called not a philosophy but a microcivilization.

 11. Allanism is divine.  As we said, in almost all religious philosophies, you are a nothing before God, an imperfect being in search of redemption .. In all you must worship a god, live prostrate .. But in Allanism worship does not exist, our God does not seek worshipers, you are a work of art from the creator, and you are one with him.  So the only thing he wants is your happiness and evolution, independent even of faith, rituals, so it is the only philosophy that even a convinced atheist can practice without any problem.  Because Allanism is All~ true word to all who wish... 

 Be all blessed by All~.  Aisi ⏸️


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