Some people have already said that "true religion is one that makes you a better human being, that makes a human being more compassionate to others." And philosophically, I also agree, and even have a text advocating that each one develop in their own beliefs, to avoid religious conflicts.

But, there is a catch, a sincere believer will surely come to a good place and the true God, regardless of beliefs, but some beliefs will take a long time and through a lot of suffering, it's like going from US to Europe, you can go from First-class aircraft, or you can go canoeing in the hot, danger-filled sun, and you can still get caught and exploited by false masters and bad entities, if you can get that way.

Because of this, we have created this list so that you can understand at a glance if what you follow is really true.

1. If the god you follow needs or has needed a sacrifice, food, he is not the true God.

A truly omnipotent God needs nothing, whether he has demanded food, blood, money, or anything else, he is or was a material being who has not detached himself from matter yet, that is, he is just an entity, a seno.*

Wait, my god is omnipotent, above all, now let me give him some food here, or sacrifice an animal because he likes it. Does that make sense to an omnipotent god?

2. If this god of yours says that there are more special, sacred places than others, it may be a land, a temple, etc. It is not true.

It is something that many people do not know but the spiritual world is organized, for example the entities have places that can act others, they are jurisdictions, and they obey hierarchies, each has a city, street, state and even countries and continents, and one cannot simply invade the space of the other, except in this condition, an American decided to worship an entity of ancient Mesopotamia, in this case as this human being decided to invoke this entity, so it has power and is authorized, actually attracted to life. , to this person's house going with him to almost everywhere he goes ..

This is the origin of Geographic Idolatry *. Some entities are thus strengthened by attracting people to worship them in their jurisdictions, so there is the entity of such country, such sea, such mountain.

The true God has no limits, is not God from anywhere in particular, he is omnipresent and loves all peoples, there is no chosen people, those who live in partisanship are entities, they are demons.

But there is a catch, whoever is with God can walk anywhere, tour the earth, even enter hell if need be, and no entity touches or influences him, because whoever actually has a Diplomatic Spiritual Passport Golden Plus (laughs) No demon can resist, has no spell, no evil eye. Consciousness is the ultimate power, the supreme authority of all existence.

3. If your god puts you in a trance, if you receive any kind of spirit or spirits, lose consciousness or have your body possessed by some entity, that God is not true.

The first thing you have to understand is that God has no human bodies. If the Almighty came down on you, you would be fulminated on the spot, it's a light and unimaginable power, imagine if you would survive with a sun inside you. If that happened, and if you lived, you can be sure that you would be erased from within, your personality would never exist, but what we have is the divine light, a divine consciousness that guides us to Consciousness.

It gives us courage, reason, truth, but never, I repeat, will never own your body, make you lose consciousness, change your voice or something. Who needs the human body, and incorporates in people, is the low entities or spirits who want to feel the sensation of being alive again.

And no, no high spirit takes anyone's body, because a high spirit is engaged in another dimension evolving or together with the Eternal. All who receive spirits, suggestions, voices are from low spirits who are here on earth and entities, the so-called senos and none of them are good.

4. If your god is bizarre or has macabre things, he is not the true God.

Here is referring to strange rituals, macabre temples, shouting clowns etc. The true God would never bring bizarre, ridiculous, disgusting or macabre things into your life, for example dead animal rituals, human bodies, simulate or practice cannibalism, hideous images or things with skulls and human bones. But once, these are animalistic things of demonic entities.

The true God is a god of light, beauty, beautiful things, life.

5. If your god demands clothes and a look that makes you ugly or ridiculous, he is not the true God.

Our God is the Creator of beauty, light, precious things. When you look at the natural landscapes or even a beautiful athletic body like the ancient statues of great sculpture geniuses or wonderful paintings, you realize how much God admires beauty, pure art.

But I see people wearing visuals, haircuts, ugly, weird and ridiculous clothes to please some god, you can be sure it's a mocking entity. The true God doesn't ugly you, on the contrary, whoever finds him becomes discover your true beauty, forget the patterns, the noble will discover the serenity of your divine beauty.

6. If your god allows idolatry he is not the true God.

Here it concerns all worship of an image, painting, place, object, person and even ritual. The true God would never accept idolatry, first because it is impossible to represent Him in an image, an image limits Him, would make Him an object and God is infinite. It cannot be reduced to the human world.

But those who like idols are the entities, are the symbols of their reigns, as well as the geographical issue, many entities come close to their representations to suck the energy of their devotees. It is important to remember that sculpture is not condemned, which is a beautiful art, but prostration and worship of any image. God cannot be limited to an object.

7. If your god has intermediate spirits to act on his behalf, he is not the true god.

The true God is omnipotent, omniscient, he is not a human being who needs employees to do something for him. But are there no angels, gods, beings in the eternal dimensions?

Yes there are, but they are each in their own processes, designs and even their own evolution, none of them are here on earth with humans, our God is indeed omnipotent, who believe in others are people who do not understand the greatness of God and think he can't handle it alone.

If your God needs emissaries, servants, he is not unlimited, not omnipresent, so not true. So it's once again the entities that want to be served and use you for their evil purposes.

8. If your god tells you to hate, discriminate, beat or kill people for him, that god is not true.

The logic here is simple if he is god, why doesn't he kill himself who he wants, why does he need you? He doesn't kill, because he's really just a powerless entity, so he needs you to do his dirty work for him.

Entities have no physical body, cannot do harm in the material world, the only thing they can do is influence the thoughts of weak people who are detached from Divine Consciousness. The very feeling of hatred already shows that your god is false and bad.

A true nobleman who is in fact, is totally free of hatred, is flooded with love .. Of course at some point you may be upset or even angry with someone, but not hate. Hatred is profound, and cultivating it and still giving orders to hate others comes from entities. The true God is love.

But don't you support the death penalty? Yes. We support, but it is under specific conditions with a fair trial within the laws of the country, only in case of repeat offenders or self-defense, but never based on hatred.

A nobleman neither hates nor curses anyone, and is in fact to pray and bless his enemies that even they may change their lives and that hatred will never penetrate their hearts.

If you feel hatred in your heart every time you remember someone, say "God bless..... ," and the Eternal will help you get rid of that feeling, and if it is someone dangerous who wants you badly, say "God bless...... , but keep him away from me ".. this is how a true noble should act. And if for some reason someone needs to act in self-defense, let him act rationally, but never with hatred or revenge.

9. If your god does not make your life better, he is not the true God.

In the reflections, I see how much my life has been improving over time since I knew the truth. It was not easy, there were several mistakes, but the improvement was coming naturally.

I have a question for you, we are in the month of 'rass ~' , month of fire or light, last month of the year and what has improved in your life?

Your god has brought peace of mind, a better life, are you better than you started this year in various areas of your life? Because here it has improved a lot, 99% improvement in several areas.

What's the secret? The secret is to live in Eternal Consciousness. Now if your life is always the same, nothing gets better, you end up trying to please a god, the teachings, the religious leaders, and nothing can even give up any addiction, and the year will end even fatter than it began, sad, depressing, with no prospects, is because this god you believe in is not the true god, it is some entity that is sucking and exploiting your life.

The true God brings good things, teaches, brings hope, but entities only suck your life energy, your resources, your peace, and always bring currents and suffering to your life.

So be very careful and be free of these spiritual parasites, the senos. Put your life in divine harmony, practice healthy habits, think the right way, and if you wish to contemplate the Truth in your life. May All ~ bless us today and always.

Aisi ⏸️

* Senos: Spirits of ancient beings who have been trapped in a neutral dimension are what can be called demons.

* Geographic idolatry: worship of places.


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