Is it possible to be happy?

 When it comes to happiness, the current view follows 2 trends.  The first is summarized in the phrase "there is no happiness, only happy moments", moments that are increasingly rare, since there is constant malaise everywhere.

 When you watch movies, series, the vision is mostly pessimistic, nihilistic happiness, it is not common for the characters to always show a melancholy and meaningless life in relation to existence.

 The second trend is the forced and false happiness of celebrities, digital influencers, and artists in general who deal with the people.  In this view, one cannot be sad, one must always appear to be happy, with perfect pictures, living in a caramel sky.

 But neither of these views exposes the truth, both are distorted views of true happiness.  Being happy is not the exception, nor is showing happiness all the time on social media with a broken heart is the correct thing.

 But in our philosophy there is only one happiness, which is harmony.  But what is harmony?

 Harmony is living for the purpose of why we are born.  It means being on the right path.  And whoever is in harmony is also perfect.

 Why are a tree, an animal, and a child happy and perfect?  Because they are living for the purpose for which they were made.

 Watch a dog, and a child closely, you will notice that when they are healthy, well fed, and in a healthy home without violence, they are happy all the time, and this should be normal for every human being.

 But, as we grow, we assimilate the world's pessimism, we are contaminated by negative images, to the point that rich, beautiful people in good health in developed countries, live depressed and even commit suicide.  How can this happen?

 A life without meaning, high values, without an uplifting culture, and above all without divine harmony, does this with people.  As well as, a life without gratitude based only on materialism.

 Wealth is a blessing.  Having a modest life is also a blessing, if your life is based on Harmony and Eternal Consciousness.

 So, start looking for gratitude for everything you have today, know that millions of people would like to have the life you always claim.  Be grateful, your problems you face are challenges for you to overcome.  A chance for you to exercise your patience, compassion and express true joy.

 Contemplate the skies too, this one is blue for a reason, look at the 3 main lines of your hands, the flowers, and notice the signs that the Eternal left for you to know that your life has a greater meaning, a path and a purpose.

 You were not born by chance, you were not born to be unhappy, nor to suffer for a lifetime.  Eternal Consciousness has a purpose for you, accept, be grateful, trust, assimilate the truth, and express all the happiness and infinite potential that you were born to have.

 Aisi ~


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