What is the role of Allans Mythology?

 Some people always question our religion because of our mythology, some even scoff and think that we are conspiracyists who wear aluminum hats, in the style portrayed in the media.

 And these are the points that are in our mythology:

 Existence of extraterrestrial beings on various planets, universes and dimensions.

 The existence of advanced civilizations on earth before mankind.  (Archeology prohibited).

 The hybridization process between aliens and humans in the past through genetic engineering.

 The gods of ancient religions actually existed, but they were not gods, but beings of advanced technology that were worshiped by humans.

 Receipt of knowledge by aliens and divine revelations.

 But then, do you really believe all of this?

 What we can say is that the question of believing or not is irrelevant.  Some people believe and know that all mythology is entirely possible, in fact many of these theories are believed by several people who have never heard of our religion.

 And many technologies represented in our mythology, are being rediscovered by humanity showing that the events of this mythology can become reality.

 But, it is important to turn to the fact of the word chosen to define these stories, and the chosen word was "mythology".

 That is, this word was not chosen by chance, but because intelligently, we knew that we would not be able to prove events that happened millions and billions of years ago.

 As well as, to seek what is really important in our religion which is our high philosophy.  If you look closely at this site, you are always teaching living straight through philosophy and not trying to convince people to believe in mythology, for example, because that is how we dedicate our lives, to the improvement and sharing of knowledge.

 So does that mean I should ignore mythology, not believe this?

 To believe or not is a personal decision, there are people who believe literally, others do not.  The important thing is to respect others and act in a healthy way in relation to knowledge.

 The role of our mythology is not to prove, which would be very unlikely at this point, but to understand the profound meaning of this mythology.

 Among these, we have the vision of the existence of a wonderful God who really has a plan for his creation.  Evolution as human beings, the struggle for a better world and several stories that express our philosophy in improving our lives.

 So, in this case, mythology is very useful, in addition to being fun.  To believe it literally or not is a personal choice, but learning the profound teachings of this literature is what really matters.

 And in relation to the critics and scoffers who try to use mythology to ridicule us, we must ignore them or at most remind them of the very mythologies they believe, which we agree with, are far worse and fantastic than our mythology, and the worst  they believe or are forced to believe literally most of them.

 So, in the end it's just spite.  In general, they feel threatened by the heightened knowledge of our philosophy.  But, we must still treat them with respect, respond to those who have sincere doubts and ignore discussions with problematic people in this regard.

 All stay in harmony with the Eternal.  Aisi ~


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