I remembered you

 Hey, these have been difficult days, we are witnessing a great biological attack on our lives and our freedom.

 Occultists and corrupt are doing a great social, political experiment and even a great occult ritual, it is not for nothing that the western year is 2020 (20 + 20 = 40), we were forced to be quarantined (40 days), and we are  in the Catholic and Masonic period of Lent (40 days).

 All of this leads us to believe that there are hidden intentions with this disproportionate and exaggerated situation to keep us at home, in some places even martial law has been decreed by the flu.

 But what would be the goal?  We will soon know, perhaps the implementation of the New World Order, perhaps a new financial system or single currency, to impoverish the population while globalists become increasingly wealthy.  Anyway, this is never good for you, these people don't really care about you, always be suspicious and stay alert.

 The television media, the pharmaceutical industry, bankers, politicians, everyone is profiting a lot from this situation.  And as always treating the population like cattle ready for slaughter.

 But then, like all of you, we also feel the thud, it is difficult to see all this happening, to see people being deprived of their freedom, to see people dying of sadness, without being able to sunbathe that would strengthen the immune system and get fresh air, it is  difficult to see people losing their jobs, desperate for food, medicine, unable to exercise ..

 The media and politicians touching terror in the population, destroying small businessmen, the despair of our old people, and even religious leaders adhering to this great collective hysteria.  We also had losses and we have commitments that cannot be paid off now due to this globalist experiment.

 In the face of all this, we are also saddened by this attempt on our lives, dreams and freedom.  And we were also infected by discouragement ..

 But, when I sought the Eternal, all my strength was renewed, He showed me that I should have faith, strengthen myself and rejoice even in the face of all this chaos caused.  It is not time to be crestfallen, but to fight, so I woke up even stronger and fearless to change this situation.

 If I improved in my studies, I must study harder, if I exercised, I must continue to strive, and if I perfected and sought the Eternal, I must seek with more vigor and be even happier.

 The Eternal says: "I remembered you".

 So, it is not the time to live in fear, to live hopelessly, of course that despite everything we will still obey our authorities even in an erroneous situation like this, but within our spirits, we are free and happy.

 It is not time to follow the world in your despair, our lives have a high price, cheer up and fight to keep your mind and bodies healthy, but with the understanding that there is nothing wrong with getting sick or even dying, they are  only aspects of that nature, and that we must accept them when the time comes.

 We are here in passing, this is not our final destination or home.  So keep your spirits and faith.


 ~ 28 minutes for healing

 We are starting a contemplation campaign, we will start to say prayers and contemplate every day for 28 minutes so that this situation ends as soon as possible.

 ~ 28 represent the days of the months of our sacred calendar and their spiritual virtues, so let's start with this process of inner, outer and environmental healing as a whole.

 The world is contaminated by all this negativity that humanity worshiped by fear, it is necessary for the nobles to rise up and break this chain that the occultists threw on us.

 Then, prayer, contemplation, a positive view of reality, will make this curse end and the plans of the wicked fall to the ground.  Join us, choose a time, and every day meditate, pray, contemplate, sing, recite the good, the cure, the prosperity for all humanity.

 "I remembered you .."

 Aisi ~

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