Persecutions against Allanism and our mission

When we started preaching a few years ago, many people were curious and wanted to know more.  But as soon as they learned it was a new doctrine, persecutions began to occur.


 The first were slander and defamation from everywhere, we were even compared to murderous political ideologies, others were even more violent from cursing to aggression.

 Challenges also occurred, like people from other religions appeared to assist in order to test, to feel if what we taught was of divine origin or not.

 Well, in these challenges, we were always winners, because the challengers were impressed, felt the divine presence, and in addition to praising our meetings, some even took part, but without totally abandoning their beliefs.

 Currently, with the advent of the web, persecutions have intensified, the first is defamation, we have received labels of schizophrenia, madness etc. in others they try to ridicule or accuse us of inventing, ah and mock our mythology also with some name calling.

 But, we stand firm, there was a time when we had to adopt "pious concealment", be quiet before our beliefs, but our God is over now and the time is now to proclaim His beautiful message that has real power  transformation and improvement.

 It doesn't matter, cursing, defamation and even violent attacks against us.  We will avoid as much as possible, respond with compassion and continue announcing to anyone who wants to hear the message of our God.

 But, why do they hate Allanism so much?

 The first is pride, our belief shows the truth of things, shows idolatry, shows the greatness of a wise and true God, and instead of embracing this true message, many people prefer to be trapped in human superstitions.

 This reason also affects some doctors of religions, how are they going to give up what they have believed their whole lives, how are they going to admit that they have been deceived or distant from the true God for so long?

 So pride and vanity keep them stuck in their religious systems, because they cannot admit that they are stuck in the error of worshiping a bad entity.

 And as a result, they bring hatred to those who are trying to warn them, it is easier to hate, curse, call it madness than to give up what they have cultivated for years, and it takes a lot of humility to recognize the mistake and start over humbly.

 Our beliefs take a 22-year period to complete training, and it also hurts the pride of young people who want to be fast food masters, our standards are also very high, and people prefer a simple faith with little physical effort just to relieve  conscience and hope for salvation.

 But, the true God is much more demanding than that, it takes a little more courage to face him and He demands that we strive to live up to his original plan for humanity.

 Anyway, we are honored to take His Name to all who want to hear it, to show His beautiful message, a simple message, but full of meaning, far from the mistakes and strange things that we see out there.

 We have nothing to be ashamed of, All ~ is the sole principle and reason for existence, come to Him all who desire to know the truth, and seek with open hearts the supreme enlightenment.

 Aisi ~


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