Are you really a fair person?

Hey, I’ve been watching discussions and opinions on a variety of subjects from both ordinary people and media outlets.

 And I have seen a lot of injustice in this information, in general people who see the world in a certain way try at all times to prove their point of view regardless of the sincere search for the truth.

 The truth has become only the personal opinion of the majority.

 It is not for nothing that our world is so lacking in good information, people close themselves in bubbles, many do not even have the courage to read and reflect on other worldviews, as well as analyze what they really believe.

 I'll give you a simple example, someone who is against a political view, will never praise someone or an attitude on the opposing side, will always insist on seeing only the negative side, this is very common in the current political environment, where instead of politicians coming together  to build a better world for everyone, they keep fighting to see who is the best and thus win votes.

 This is all a reflection of a sick civilization that was founded on conflict, including the beliefs of good and evil, and the poorly educated people end up imitating their troubled leaders.

 But, at that moment I want to invite you from that moment, to get out of this cycle of ignorance, to try to understand the other side, the dissenting opinions, and even the criticisms of your opinion and pet ideologies.

 Our religion, wants conscious beings, people capable of putting themselves in the other's place and who know how to dialogue, learn and even question themselves about our own beliefs.

 We do not want any kind of fanaticism here, our goal is to form a healthy society with intelligent, reflective people, capable of questioning themselves and even being able to praise even what is good in the ideas and achievements of other people who think differently.

 May we always walk on the path of right justice ..

 Aisi ~

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