Beat death with mind download?

 Hey, some time ago I had a dialogue with a materialist about overcoming death or being immortal by downloading the mind to a computer or even switching the mind to another body.  But, is this possible?  What does our religion say about it?

 Downloading the mind or conscience is the dream of almost every materialist, atheists and billionaires, and we see more and more films and lectures on the subject.

 But, we feel disappointed in saying that this will never be possible, at least not in a real and effective way.

 For a simple reason, the human being is much more than just a set of data in the brain, there is something more, a sacred part that some call spirit or soul.

 This sacred part is not material, it is the divine Consciousness itself that allows all of us and everything to exist.  Therefore, no science is capable of discovering and hacking this part, even because it is something immaterial and spiritual.

 But, noble, it is already possible to map someone's mind on a computer.  Are you sure it won't be possible?

 No, it will not be possible.  What will be on the computer is a copy of your mind, a virtual being that will think like you and even believe faithfully that it is you, but it will not be you, your true self will be in the spirit world subject to the natural laws of that reality.

 Even if there is someone copied here with your personality, or a robot or even a human body like in the movies, it will be just a copy, it is like a video recording of you, you watch yourself, you are frozen acting on the scene, but not  it is the real you, you are out of the video living the real life.

 And anyone who thinks they can find a way to cheat death will be frustrated, because the code of the human soul was very well encrypted by God. It is not His purpose for humanity and He will not allow it.

 But, there are several possible things for humanity through future technologies like never aging, living more than 200 years or more, just dying from accidents or murders, having a body almost entirely transhuman, all these technologies will be available, but saving the soul through  technology and downloading the soul, no, this is not allowed for humans.

 And you need to accept the change, before you were a child, today you are grown up .. and it will decline ...

 The only way for you to stop fearing this, is to have faith, seek our wisdom to dedicate yourself, and thus have the confidence that you will be well after death .. See how a transition from one stage to another ... remember-  if those words "anyone who wants saves his soul (ego), he will lose it ..

 Your ego is your personality, wills, memories, the vision you have of yourself, and it wants to survive forever, but this ego is an illusion, in a deeper sense your spirit comes from the Eternal and goes back to him.  .

 And your personality on a spiritual level does not exist.  It is an illusion .. So the only way is for you to discover who you really are spiritually, and to unite yourself even more with this Divine Spirit (Rall ~) that exists in you if you want to live forever.

 Only then is it possible for you not to have your conscience completely erased, because this, your conscience has joined with Eternal Consciousness, and thus can resist the forces of nature after death.

 Aisi ~


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