Religious and atheists facing our religion

Hœ ne cares*, we have recently seen two attitudes in the religious of some religions.

 The first is a friend who follows the Protestant, he got in touch with us to talk a little, in this conversation I soon realized that he was in trouble, had become unemployed, was in psychological trouble that caused a physical illness ...

 I realized that he was trying to vent, and when talking about ourselves, we realized that he was sad, making a comparison with our lives.

 As we are not quiet, we gave some practical advice that could change your life, how to improve health through food, practice meditation without a religious connotation, and we were going to give advice on how to solve your financial problems.

 But we were soon interrupted, and he made an excuse not to continue the conversation.  Do you know why?


 It is difficult for religious of this religion to admit that they need help, especially from people they consider pagan or impious.

 They have to demonstrate that they have almost perfect lives that are being blessed by their god at all times, and that we, the others, are wrong and need their teachings and advice.

 There they are suffering, for the pride of not recognizing that they need help, or to seek a philosophy that could help them have a better life, since we don't even preach or have our religion followed.  We only help with our wisdom without any personal interest or cost.

 The second type, in fact, are people who leave this religion and become atheists.  These people are completely disgusted for wasting so many years obeying their religious leaders, serving these people free of charge, and the worst by donating large sums of money throughout their lives.

 There, these people criticize all religions equally with phrases like "God does not exist", "religion only brings misfortune", "religion is the opium of the people", "religious people just want their money".

 We do not deny that this is the reality of worshiping this entity in Psalms 18: 8, but they do injustice, since they do not know all religions, nor religious.

 For example, in our religion no one makes money, quite the contrary, we support ourselves with the income from our hard work, and we maintain this space with our own resources, in addition to donating our time, all for free without exploring or demanding anything from anyone,  as you already know by reading this site, then it is unfair and ignorant to say that every religion exploits people.

 You can also read in our articles, the seriousness of our work, and you will realize that we do not encourage any harm or ignorance in this space, we just teach our religion and give good advice.

 These people also forget that religion motivated people to come together and create civilizations, art, music, architecture, social organization, education, literature and linguistic studies as the first grammar came from religious people, and even science started with  the studies of religious scholars, apart from astronomy through the study of the stars, the first universities and even the much praised medicine, began with the use of medicinal herbs by religious scholars.

 In other words, divine belief and inspiration has already helped humanity a lot and influenced the development of several civilizations, while atheistic societies did not flourish, nor did they make any contribution when humanity needed it most.

 This shows that despite the errors of many religions, there was a divine action that sometimes brought a principle, values ​​and insights of creativity and wisdom to help humanity.

 Therefore, the belief brought so many beautiful things like monumental architectural works, development of music, art, literature and even scientific and medical discoveries, because the Eternal was bringing knowledge and inspiration of its beauty to enlightened people, even if they were not yet ready  to know Him properly.

 So, these were the experiences we had with these two types of religious, those who believe in their religions and are too proud to learn useful things;  and those who have stopped believing, feel deceived and revolted not only with their religion, but with all the others they don't even know, and they judge them all in a wrong and unjust way.

 Both types are suffering because they believe in an erroneous religion with a very distorted view of the truth of the true God, and are too proud to ask for help, to recognize that they are in error, and to seek the Sublime Knowledge of Divine Wisdom.

 And so, they go about their lives with a narrow mind, in what they believe to be the truth, that their religion is the true and ready ending, or that no religion is good, and they don't even want to look closely and study the truth, even if out of curiosity,  or at least to recognize the role of some godly sages in the development of humanity.

 May Eternal Consciousness bless all of you and stay in peace and wisdom.

 Aisi ~

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