The revelation of the Prophet Rammir MarrSall

 There was a very righteous prophet and king named * Rammir MarrSall, that * prophet lived in communion with the Eternal and always did what was good for his people by encouraging them to seek the truth, and to be honest in all their actions.

 But, a strange period was happening in the Council of Sages, many were having visions and receiving supposedly divine messages, it was when these sages began to attack the foreigners whom they called infidels.

 When Rammir learned of this he had them arrested but they took refuge in a temple, and begged Rammir to reconsider because they were doing only the divine will.

 Rammir prayed to the Eternal for wisdom, and that night a very strong light came down to him in his garden, within that light was a being that looked like a man dressed in white with fluorescent wings.

 Rammir was silent and just waited for the words of the mysterious being.

 _I am the angel of the Lord, your God! Why did you not do what the Lord commanded you, Rammir?

 Rammir prayed in silence, amazed at the sight and trembled very uneasily. Finally, he was filled with courage and said:

 _ How could I harm the lives of innocent people who are under my protection?

 The angel said:

 _ Enough!  Who do you think you are to question the will of the Eternal? Go and kill everyone who doesn't believe in my name!

 Rammir said:

 _ No, I will not do that!  I will not commit such a great injustice, if the Eternal is God, that he himself does what he wishes!  I will not smear my hands with innocent blood ..

 The angel said:

 _ How dare you?  You must do what the Eternal, your God desires.  Now go, do it!

 Rammir courageously said:

 _ I prefer to die or suffer the worst punishments than to commit such an injustice!  Do what you want with me, but I will not do .. The Eternal gave life to everyone, may He take it away .. He is God, he does not need me for anything .. Do whatever you want or kill me ..

 The angel continued:

 _ Your disobedience will not go unpunished before the Eternal, since you have refused his will.  But I have another order from the Eternal, he tells you that the old councils are not correct and that you must build a new temple with a new doctrine that I will tell you every day.

 Rammir replied:

 _ No, I will not do that!  The doctrine of the Eternal is already in my soul, my body is its sanctuary, and the world is its temple.  May the Eternal forgive me, but I will continue to follow the law of my spirit ..

 The angel became angry, started to offend, and left to hurt Rammir.  The prophet closed his eyes and was already waiting for his end, praising the Eternal for the gift of non-existence.

But at that moment, the veil of reality was torn, by Eternal Consciousness, the true face of the angel was revealed, and the demon was revealed.  It showed, however the protection of the true God covered Rammir and illuminated him ... the devil could not stand and left the presence of the prophet burned and amazed by the eternal light ..

 And a voice was heard ..

 _ Rammir, my beloved son!  You were very wise and faithful, and you did what is right, even if you disobeyed an order you thought was mine.

 And continued

 _Rammir, what is right, it is right, even if I wanted to annul it myself, not even my will could break this law, and you acted with prudence and sincerity ..

 Because of this, your kingdom will be even more prosperous and your name will be remembered by many of tomorrow.  For you heard my voice, even against what seemed to be my voice ..

 Rammir replied:

 _Thanks I give you, O Unparalleled, Immeasurable Wisdom, honored and blessed I feel for you are in His presence, and I hope to always judge fairly those who have entrusted to me, even those who do not believe, but follow the law written in their souls  and live in honesty. Praise your name forever.

 When the sages learned of this, they begged Rammir for forgiveness, still eager to live in his former glories and positions.  But, Rammir scolded them:

 _ Listen, ancient sages who acted like fools, you know the law, and you know that what you give, you must receive, you have profaned the vision and justice of the Eternal, wounded innocent people and deserve death!

 But, as today the Eternal has demonstrated His Goodness, today is a feast day throughout the kingdom, and you will receive something that will be like death for you, you will be stripped of everything, and you will wander in foreign lands, so you will know how foreigners suffer  in hostile places.  And so they will learn humility by having humble jobs.

 The ancient sages were then stripped and banished from wandering as foreigners, they deserved death for their crimes, but as Rammir prophesied, this punishment for them was worse than death itself.

 Many died of heartbreak and hatred, but a few truly repented by living in humility, and worked for the good of the people of that country to pay for their wickedness.

 However, they were never again accepted into the Kingdom of Rammir MarrSall, although they found the grace and forgiveness of the Eternal in their lives, even at a distance.

 Praise the Eternal Consciousness and its revelations.

 Aisi ~

 * Pronounced Hairbier Bairriseim
 * Prophet is a wise man who guides people to the path of righteousness


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