Do the right thing for the right reasons

 Hello and "Do the right thing for the right reasons."  This phrase is an invitation to naturalness and sincerity within your soul.

 How often do we do something for the wrong reasons, out of selfishness, fear, to please other people or just to satisfy our ego.

 But this is not our truth, nor will it bring satisfaction, as we are not being honest with ourselves.

 An example, in the world of arts, music, social networks and even at work, we see many false things, people doing different things not for talent, not because they have something to say, but just because they want to be famous, for money or just to please  .

 But, this behavior is harmful to themselves and society as a whole, because it does not express the truth of their souls.

 Do the right thing for the right reasons.

 If you make music, make the music of your soul, if you make art, do it because that is your expression, if you do a job, do it because it benefits other people, even if you don't like that job, don't do it just for money,  see that your honest work in one way or another is good for other people, your client and society as a whole.

 Feel good about it, be grateful to be able to help people and society with your work.

 We live in a false and artificial world in social relationships because people do not live and do things for the right reasons, but try to seek what is right within yourself, understand what is right, the true eternal voice that is within you and  be happy.

 Aisi ~


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