Who were the ancient gods?

  In all cultures and peoples, a rich mythology about gods was developed, beings evolved with advanced technology, and there are always many similarities between them all.  For example, the Norse god Thor is very similar to the Tupã god of the Brazilian Indians.  But, why did all cultures develop these myths?

  The truth is that they are not myths, all these beings existed on our planet and were people of advanced technology.  If they were spiritual beings, they would not need transport or magical objects, which will be closely analyzed, it will be seen that it is advanced technology, so a magic scepter, sword or hammer that can fly and throw rays, is nothing more than advanced tools.

  In these myths, the gods also make mistakes, have human passions and can die.  Everything leading to believe that these are beings like you and me, and not gods beyond human compression.

  We are not the first, nor the only humanity, before we have already inhabited the earth, other more advanced beings, you realize this in several incredible constructions that the current humanity has appropriated.

  You clearly see the human inability to create magnificent buildings like ancient cathedrals, pyramids, even with our advanced engineering, we are nowhere near these magnificent buildings.

  Still on top of these cathedrals, they were plants designed to produce free energy extracted from the air, the crosses being part of these catchment antennas, but today's humanity has appropriated these ancient monuments and symbols.

  It would be as if there was a cataclysm, humanity would lose all its knowledge and then a new tribe after years would find a hydroelectric plant and the lightning bolt that means energy, this new primitive being would certainly revere this place and this symbol, even without  knowing for sure what it means, he would know it was something important and it is likely that an entire religion was born from these places.

  We also work with technology to develop art, and we noticed something interesting, some drawings came out very similar to primitive drawings, using mirroring, flip techniques, etc.  This is yet another indication that much of the ancient art was created through technology.

  The more you dig, the more you research, including human DNA the more you realize that there were advanced beings before humanity here, this is called Forbidden Archeology.  And our rulers and religious go out of their way to hide our true origins and thus keep their structures intact.

  But we all know intuitively that something has happened, that we are not merely a product of evolution and that we are not here by chance.  There is a supreme truth prior to all this artificial existence that we are living in and we have the answer.

  Everyone be at peace!  Aisi ~


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