How to get out of Plato's matrix or cave

 Hœ, how are you?  If you seek knowledge, you know that there is a well-organized system that dominates everyone as in the Matrix movie.

 In this film, human beings live sleeping and dreaming all the time about a virtual reality projected by robots and artificial intelligences while few awake ones try to free them.

 Our reality on this planet is very similar to the metaphor of the film, we live trapped in a system, often cruel to most human beings, but in this system what dominates us are powerful organizations and our own deceptive desires and ideologies.

 But in order for you to be free from the matrix, you need to learn to ask yourself about everything, about your actions, ask yourself why you act as you do?  Why do you like certain things?  Where do your tastes and thoughts come from?  At what point in life did you become as you are?  This is just the first step, after that you should ask yourself about the matrix below.

 1 the poverty matrix.

 Why do you live in an inferior or superior social condition?  Why is there so much poverty in this world?  Who profits from poverty?  Why can't you get rich?  Why not become rich and successful?

 The poverty matrix is ​​one of the most imprisoning ones, because it brings other ones together.  When you live in bad financial conditions, if you are easily enslaved by the powerful, by politicians and you hardly have the time and resources to seek evolution, to be able to study, buy books etc. sometimes you don't even have time to seek a higher spirituality and you live  in dependence on religious charlatans.

 Have you noticed that great philosophers and thinkers almost always came from an upper class and there are almost no people who actually came from a precarious condition?  Yes, poverty brings great suffering and worries, and we need to get out of this matrix of misfortunes, it is necessary to change our mentality in relation to financial resources, wealth is not an evil, wealth is a blessing for the enlightened and must be used wisely  to improve and for the sake of other people in need.  Study about financial education.

 2 The matrix of political ideologies and causes

 If you look closely, the world lives polarized between useless discussions that lead to nothing.  Recently I see some religious friends who are constantly on social media fighting about politics, who supports the government or not, and even ask to block it on social media if someone thinks differently than they believe.

 It is clear that they are dominated by emotion and hatred, and that they are immersed in some ideological matrix.  All of our reality is created by our ideas that is why ideologies are so dangerous and like any matrix these keep people in darkness.

 At all times there is always someone trying to drag you to some matrix.

 3 The matrix of racialism

 When they want to drag you into some kind of confrontation based on ethnicity or skin color, whether for the role of maintaining the purity of your ethnicity, or fighting all the time against racism, assuming a role often as a vigilante.

 I have acquaintances of the same ethnicity and it is interesting how racialism affects them, while one says that he suffers racism all the time, and lives complaining about it, the other that is the same color and the same social condition, says that he rarely felt discriminated against  , that nobody has ever treated him so badly in his life.

 Some people may argue, maybe he is not aware that he suffers, but the truth is that, yes, he does, he is a well-educated person, in fact both are, what happens is that one of them is dominated by the matrix of racialism  as an eternal victim and despite having a high standard, upper middle class, constantly feeds his mind with news about racism and anything bad or disrespectful treatment that a grumpy attendant does, he already interprets everything as racism.  And this type of ideology is dangerous because it generates hatred against the race that considers itself oppressive and hinders the focus on combating true racism.  If he questioned himself, he would have known he had come to a high position, so if there was an ultra racism against him, he would never have come to have that high standard of living.

 The other one also got there, but the difference is that free of the matrix of racialism, he lives much happier.  The more you mentalize racism, but it will appear in your life, positive mentalities bring a positive life, be careful because there is always someone trying to drag you to some cause.

 Another problem is the groups based on racial supremacism, these groups believe that their ethnicity is superior and act in a prejudiced manner against others.  This ideology ends up hampering important discussions like the problem of mass immigration, but these groups only hamper the discussion of the problem, because it ends up turning everything into hateful racist speeches.  Escape these groups.

 4 The gender and sexual orientation matrix

 There is currently a great deal of pressure on gender and sexual orientation.  You are almost obliged to define yourself in some way, to say what gender you identify with and whether you are straight or homosexual.  And all this pressure has a definite objective, if you choose to identify yourself with any of these patterns, you will soon be required to position yourself politically, but once throwing yourself into a matrix in which you will be used as the maneuver mass of some political party and causing more  division in society.

 But, for those who follow our religion, they know that respect for others is what should guide our actions and that no human being based on gender and sexual orientation should be treated unequally, our religion is also the only one that has  even a specific homosexual marriage ritual, showing that it is right to live your life without pressure from any group.

 So how should I position myself?  What we always advise is to live your life lightly and happily, always remember that every cause has a political motivation behind it, is not used by anyone and reflects whether or not you should participate in some events.

 5 The matrix of war of the sexes

 This is also a matrix of the worst, feminism when it started was in fact a movement that sought a better life for women, but today in the Western world when women have all rights it has become irrelevant and has demonized masculinity.

 Campaigns for false accusations and virtual lynching have become frequent in addition to attacks on churches and assaults against religious, but if you are a woman or a man, your role is to avoid this type of group, stop feeding them, for example stop paying so much attention  positive as negative, how to discuss online.

 Another group that has grown are the masculinist groups, there are the serious ones that see that men are being treated unfairly under the laws, "for example we have serious cases of women accusing men like the player Neymar, while her accuser remains free, showing that almost  destroying a man's life doesn't matter under the law while many innocent poor people are jailed for the same reason "there are also groups that preach violence and online confrontations like so-called channers and incels.

 We must keep the mind always questioning and move away from these types of ideologies, whether neo-feminism or incelism, both harmful to society.

 6 The entertainment matrix

 This matrix imprisons people and wants to make them fanatical about someone, a football team, a type of events etc.

 The goal is always profit, to get out of this matrix, you must ask yourself why you should do bizarre things for this idol, for this team etc. and if you are not spending a lot of money or time in some useless as camping for days before a  show by this artist.

 In general, this matrix is ​​based on ignorance and low self-esteem, you need to stop being inspired by these celebrities and seek new standards, learn about other ways of living, become more cultured.  Is there anything more pathetic than football fans, who are even capable of fighting and killing over football?  But, the matrix shows this as something beautiful to see, deep down it's just to keep you busy with your ignorance.

 You can enjoy musical and sporting events without acting like an irrational being or spending all your time and money on it.  Also, ask yourself if the love of an idol who doesn't care about you is worth it, in general it isn't worth it, seek inspiration from other heroes of the past or in a personal relationship with our God.

 7 The consumption matrix

 Here there is a need to have a life away from consumerism, we advise you to have a simpler life, away from debt as much as possible, learn a little about the philosophy of minimalism.

 You don't need to have such a big house or a ferrari to be happy, sometimes simplicity can bring you a much more satisfying life.  If you see the lives of celebrities who are always sporting, many live deep dramas and depression, not that wealth is bad, but sometimes a life of ostentation is nothing more than want and emptiness.

 Within this matrix are also food and medicines.  So look carefully at the type of food you consume and everything the pharmaceutical industry tries to make you consume, you would be surprised at how much unnecessary advertising pushes us.

 8 The acceptance matrix

 This matrix is ​​based on conforming to one's own standards, for example, a fat and sedentary person who thinks it is cool to be like that, being sedentary is a good thing and is even proud of it.  No, it's not.

 This whole self-acceptance campaign is yet another matrix for consumption and the pharmaceutical industry.  If you think it's cool to be fat, why avoid food, better go to spend on fast food and then spend on expensive drugs.

 The big problem with this self-acceptance is that you don't evolve, you don't reach your true potential to have a healthy body.

 There is also the reverse that is the matrix of non-acceptance, which are people who never conform to their own appearance and end up deforming their own body with plastic and using anabolic steroids.

 9 The policy matrix

 Like all others, this matrix leads you to worship a country, leader, ideology and political party.  But, learn to question yourself and remain neutral, it is often better to keep your personal opinions to yourself, perhaps even avoid political events if possible, unless it is clear that you are the candidate and that you have a sincere desire to do so.  the good.

 Avoid all confrontations, discussions and political polarization, do not be a maneuver for any politician.  Just vote consciously and without illusions, have no heroes in politics, this current system has no good guys and bad guys and in general everyone is the same.  So don't fight other people's wars, just fight for your own causes.

 10 The matrix of religious superstitions

 Ask a sincere question about your religious beliefs, review the history of your religion, study and see if what you really believe is true.  We ask ourselves all the time about what we believe and whether we are acting rationally.

 I know it is complicated to analyze your own beliefs, but ask yourself if your belief leads to hatred, violence, prejudice and contempt for other people, perhaps that belief is not the right way.


 We have reached the end of the many matrix that exist in our reality, there are still others that we will not talk about here, but the important thing is that you know that the matrix will always exploit your inner weaknesses to make you act irrationally or make you an  follower of any person, institution or cause.  Every matrix wants to make you a fanatic, a tool for someone to generate some kind of profit.  Every matrix is ​​slavery and control, and a waste of time and its potential.

 All stay in the wisdom of Eternal Consciousness.

 Aisi ~ 


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