The importance of limitation


 In this current time we heard several messages about how important it is to break your own limits, to seek to be the best in everything, the richest, the most successful, the most beautiful, the most famous etc.

 But, in our philosophy we have a different concept about limitation, one of the most esteemed sayings we have is "the abundance comes from the need", being the need here a metaphor for what does not exist in the physical world, in the case, that everything  it comes from the eternal and spiritual source, from our Divinity.

 But, our philosophy also teaches us to transcend, to evolve and improve our reality, in other words, allanism teaches us to become better people, and more successful as well.

 How then to reconcile this with the concept of limitation?

 The limitation is to know that there is a limit and that we must not push beyond what is allowed.

 For example, you don't have to become the richest man in the world, if your only goal in life is this, you are going beyond what is reasonable.

 Your company does not have to be the largest in the world, you do not need to destroy your competitors and your country or empire does not need wars for more land.

 All of this will not bring you more happiness, nor more peace, you will die soon and all these achievements will do you no good.

 Limitation teaches us this, to focus on what is really important, but here we don't have a hippie or poverty romanticizing discourse, don't interpret it that way, you must fight for your dreams and your success, but always remembering that there must be a  limit, actually a self-limit.

 Let's take a simple example, you may have noticed that some people who practice bodybuilding or even people who do plastic surgery to become stronger or more attractive, and that some of these people end up losing the limit, and many of these people become real freaks or  even seriously damage health and some even die.

 This is because these people were not taught to impose limitations, which is easy to understand due to the advertisement that "You can do everything, break your limits, let's go to the extreme".  But any extreme has consequences.

 In our philosophy we learn to fight, to strive and win, but we also learn the limit, and the moment when it is necessary to stop, slow down and live in harmony.

 We don't even want to be the most enlightened or saints, we just want to have simple, honest and good lives, without harming anyone and being good citizens, so maybe we don't mind being a big religion or having the biggest temples, either.  these things are banal and mean nothing in the eyes of the Eternal.

 What really matters is to live in harmony following our evolutionary path, perfecting ourselves and teaching those who are willing to learn, this is our path, our limitation limits us in our material and existential life here in this reality, but it strengthens us in the spiritual dimensions of  Consciousness.

 Stay in harmony and wisdom.

 Aisi ~


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